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    [–] Son sentenced for killing, dismembering mom in Hawaii jimmyolsenblues 7 points ago in news

    Wong sentenced Gong to 20 years for manslaughter and 10 years for identity theft, to be served separately. A one-year sentence for abuse of a corpse is to be served at the same time. Gong will receive credit for time he's already served.

    I don’t understand the law. He killed his mom. There is no doubt. Put him away for life.

    [–] Anger over 'naked men' at unisex changing rooms in Bath jimmyolsenblues 2 points ago in news

    Mrs Drew said: "For some women this is extremely uncomfortable. It's a safety issue. Women are far more likely to be sexually assaulted in unisex facilities.

    Is this true?

    [–] I'm like at the third episode with blonde bitch... jimmyolsenblues 2 points ago in thegooddoctor

    Remember this show has similar show runners to house. So selfish narcissistic doctors will always be a part of the show.

    I like good doctor a lot and I recommend every episode.

    I can’t say that for 95% of all the other shows on tv.

    [–] Episode Discussion - S2 E11 "Quarantine Part Two" jimmyolsenblues 13 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in thegooddoctor

    This virus story is the best thing they have done on the show. I almost want this to be a 3rd episode.

    On another note. Can we merge /r/gooddoctor and the /r/thegooddoctor?

    edit the blood moving the baby scene confirmed what I already knew decades ago. I cannot be a Doctor. Peace.

    [–] Preview for episode 3 jimmyolsenblues 2 points ago in TrueDetective

    YES!!!! I selected especially for during smallville discussion

    [–] Preview for episode 3 jimmyolsenblues 2 points ago in TrueDetective

    I appreciate all your hard work.

    [–] The twins and the city jimmyolsenblues 1 points ago in Counterpart

    We are all not created equal. Jesus their pretty.

    [–] Question of S03x01 - Very minor spoiler jimmyolsenblues 1 points ago in TrueDetective

    Prints are left by children all over their house. Every window , glass door etc. the first thing they would have done is get her prints.

    [–] Preview for episode 3 jimmyolsenblues 3 points ago in TrueDetective

    Great post. Getting flat tire and oil change. This post helped my life.

    [–] True Detective - 3x01 "The Great War and Modern Memory" & 3x02 "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" - Post-Episode Discussion jimmyolsenblues 69 points ago in TrueDetective

    Not as strong as the dialog of season 1. So far better than season 2. It’s hard to capture the magic of season 1

    I think the twist that the daughter is alive 10 years later is a nice twist.

    So far these two episodes are better than 90% of other shows on tv.

    I am extremely happy we are back to speculating what the hell is going on.

    I love the week to week discussions and theories.

    [–] True Detective - 3x02 "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" - Live Episode Discussion jimmyolsenblues 2 points ago in TrueDetective

    there is no connection from season 1 and 2 , so far other than shreveport mention, there is not a connection between season 3 and season 1.