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    [–] LPT: Want to cancel service with your cable company? Just say you're moving and they don't serve your new address jlbw78 2 points ago in LifeProTips

    Actually I was honest that I'm going all streaming. And I got a huge discount on fiber optic internet bc of the convo I had with them. However this was with AT&T. I have faster internet than my work and I only pay $65. Happy camper.

    Edit: they also waived the cancellation fee.

    [–] Wassup... people jlbw78 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Bc you ain't packing son. Make use of the useless.

    [–] Sunroom in the rain jlbw78 1 points ago in raining

    My dream!

    [–] To the guy who’s friend left six years ago idk if your asleep but here’s to her. jlbw78 9 points ago in drunk

    Best post ever! I salute you and her! Awesomeness. Great follow through and landed at the pass! Battles are won and lost in the darkness. Only those who have traveled and survived would understand.

    [–] Am i the only one who wants to lose weight to get β€˜hot’? jlbw78 0 points ago in loseit

    Listen I've always been hot, now I'm not. Tried just accepting it. Didnt work. Motivation is whatever compared to results!

    [–] TIFU (UPDATE) By knocking up a girl on the first night, but wait (there's more!) jlbw78 -8 points ago in tifu

    So maybe dont fuck skanks without a rubber. Every man has a skank lesson in their past. This is yours.

    [–] Mad lad jlbw78 2 points ago in madlads

    Literally is something my ex , ( narcissistic abusive semi cook, in his head thee only chef left undiscovered) has done several times in our catering company.(ex company, I left) drove me nuts. (Unless your allergic to nuts, then it drove me apples)

    [–] Those two idiots seen dumping trash in wildlife preserve jlbw78 1 points ago in trashy

    I hate dumping and littering in general is a trigger. Somehow I feel bad for them, so poor that you rob mother nature. That's a fucked life.

    [–] Hmmmmmmmmm jlbw78 1 points ago in mildlypenis

    Take my money!

    [–] Building that Mother-Son Bond! jlbw78 1 points ago in trashy

    I just read that on fb too. Trash.

    [–] This is the cutest cosplay in the world jlbw78 1 points ago in pics

    I love when grandpa gets into drag!

    [–] Told mom i can never forgive her for staying with Nfather.. jlbw78 0 points ago in raisedbynarcissists

    Well, I'm not sure that is fair of you. If you father is a narc then your mother is a victim. It's easier to think leaving one is easy, trust me it is not and they make it seem impossible. I left 5 years ago, he still comes at me and makes life miserable. Also, after decades they break you down where you dont have original thoughts.

    And it is my understanding of NPD that you either are one or you are not. It's not something you can avoid 'in time' and thereby not being one.

    Blaming your mother is a little selfish and frankly a distraction from the actual issue. Curios how you found out he had NPD?