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    [–] Told mom i can never forgive her for staying with Nfather.. jlbw78 0 points ago in raisedbynarcissists

    Well, I'm not sure that is fair of you. If you father is a narc then your mother is a victim. It's easier to think leaving one is easy, trust me it is not and they make it seem impossible. I left 5 years ago, he still comes at me and makes life miserable. Also, after decades they break you down where you dont have original thoughts.

    And it is my understanding of NPD that you either are one or you are not. It's not something you can avoid 'in time' and thereby not being one.

    Blaming your mother is a little selfish and frankly a distraction from the actual issue. Curios how you found out he had NPD?

    [–] The desperation and sheer tragedy of it all. jlbw78 1 points ago in MadeMeCry

    Apparently it was deleted. I think because the family was finding out or something. In another post someone asked about it.

    [–] What exactly is a “taint”? jlbw78 1 points ago in TooAfraidToAsk

    Well that escalated quickly

    [–] Is it normal to cry 2-3 times a week at night? jlbw78 1 points ago in TooAfraidToAsk

    No it's not really 'normal'. It really sounds like anxiety is running your life. Tell a doctor and try a light med. Maybe ask reddit about some meds too. They tend to over prescribe. You are totally ok, just need a boost. Also wondering if ever tried weed. Oh! And there is a song on YouTube scientists says eases anxiety! A friend is all about it suddenly.

    [–] Why are birthday parties for 1 year old infants such a big deal? jlbw78 1 points ago in TooAfraidToAsk

    After my first son I never did parties again. I did do, highchair, cupcake, gift, and pictures to prove it. Then I moved on with my day. It could be 7 am! Lol done; on to laundry. Dont tell my kids.

    [–] The desperation and sheer tragedy of it all. jlbw78 24 points ago in MadeMeCry

    Yes! And apparently the best friend found out by reading the comments. Smh

    [–] The desperation and sheer tragedy of it all. jlbw78 13 points ago in MadeMeCry

    I also thought maybe she was trying to run away and didn't mean to get hit.

    [–] Would I be an asshole if I ask to be moved out of a class because a kid has Tourette’s? jlbw78 1 points ago in TooAfraidToAsk

    It may help build your tolerance. Maybe talk to the teacher so they know you may need a breather at times. And work out a way it doesn't hurt their feelings. Good luck!

    [–] The desperation and sheer tragedy of it all. jlbw78 6 points ago in MadeMeCry

    The word horrific keeps playing in my head.

    [–] Before the 90 Days - Season 2 Episode 2 - Live Discussion jlbw78 2 points ago in 90DayFiance

    Narcissistic abuser for sure! Life wrecker! She needs to run fast! After 8 years with one, I couldn't even tell you what I like to eat without looking at him. Took 3 years to recover myself and 2 more years to get his control completely out of my life. 5 years later he still tries to bait me. I hope this show stops this when it gets real ugly.

    [–] A Year Went By So Quickly jlbw78 1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    To one degree or another , this is true

    [–] I'm (30F) getting sexts from an acquaintance's boyfriend (35M). What do I do? jlbw78 0 points ago in relationships

    I get the feeling that you are really asking if you engaging him is against girl code here. You are 30, you know exactly how to ignore a message from a taken man. Kinda take 2 to sext. So.... if that's the case, yes it's wrong. And you should have more self esteem than to accept seconded hand attention from slimy men.

    [–] A Year Went By So Quickly jlbw78 3 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    The people in the top represent the majority of our governing bodies which has led us into the racially biased criminal justice system. The people on the bottom are apart of the slim margin of black men that has amazingly avoided be criminalized by the people on the tops system.

    [–] A Year Went By So Quickly jlbw78 1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Been arguing this all day on fb .... how am I supposed to be friends with you when you out yourself as a fucking racist???? Ughhhh the problems.