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    [–] Jussie Smollet staged attack because he wanted a raise. jlitwinka 2 points ago in news

    CPD says he paid the "attackers" by check.

    Why on Earth would you ever leave a paper trail in this situation? Well at the end of the day it's for the best he was so grossly incompetent that he's basically handed the prosecution an iron clad case.

    [–] THQ Nordic raises $225m for further acquisitions jlitwinka 292 points ago * (lasted edited 5 hours ago) in Games

    Man they're buying up a ton of studios and IPs. I do think the market is in need of a AA publisher that gives more attention to indies and smaller IPs.

    edit: I'd also count Devolver as another AA publisher who's doing things right.

    [–] The Latest: 'Empire' actor turns self in to face charge jlitwinka 32 points ago in news

    The fact that he was perfectly willing to let 2 randos take the fall until he found out they had actually found his 2 real accomplices proves without a shadow of a doubt that he's a complete sociopath. He was going to ruin 2 perfectly innocent lives just to stroke his own ego and further his career.

    [–] Jussie Smollett attack: Smollett charged with disorderly conduct for filing false police report, prosecutors say jlitwinka 32 points ago in news

    It's bizarre, because even if the media was right about their actions, it never should have made national headlines. We're in such a messed up political climate that somehow kids standing there smirking is national news.

    [–] [DISC] Mahoutsukai no Yome - Ch. 54 jlitwinka 11 points ago in manga

    I think it shows a lot of growth in her character. Old Chise would lock herself away under these circumstances.

    [–] [DISC] 5Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 74 jlitwinka 2 points ago in manga

    I've had the theory for a while that they're all capable of great yandere feata

    [–] Bethesda Now Bans A Fallout 76 Player For Having Too Much Ammo jlitwinka 0 points ago in pcgaming

    I want to say it was Gamestop Australia was bundling a copy of Fallout 76 when you purchased one of the X-Box One Fallout 76 bundles that already had Fallout 76 bundled with it. So you got 2 copies of the game.

    [–] Lady Gets Called 'Fatty McFat-Fat' by a CEO After a Bad Review jlitwinka 1 points ago in videos

    1 Not really, hence the balcony

    2 no, hence the need to change it out every other week or so

    3 you toss the shit out when you toss out the sod

    4 the method I'm talking about doesn't have the pellets.

    [–] Lady Gets Called 'Fatty McFat-Fat' by a CEO After a Bad Review jlitwinka 1 points ago in videos

    Sure, but not everyone living in the city has that luxury, or like my neighbor is too old to take the stares the multiple times a day it's needed.

    [–] Lady Gets Called 'Fatty McFat-Fat' by a CEO After a Bad Review jlitwinka 2 points ago in videos

    oh that's a massive ripoff then. Yeah you can build this thing yourself for around $5 and refilling it with either real or fake grass will cost a few more bucks a month. The only difficult part is whether you have a good place to get real grass in square foot sizes nearby, otherwise Home Depot or Lowes sells astroturf you can use.

    [–] Fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy before the movies, how do you feel about them? jlitwinka 18 points ago in comicbooks

    I enjoy the movies, but I really dislike what has been done to Drax and Gamora specifically. They're completely unrecognizable from their old selves.

    Starlord has his issues, but you can still sort of see his character in parts of the MCU, although they made him too stupid imo. He was much more intelligent.

    My issue isn't even with the movies themselves, its how they bleed over into the comics. It's really hurt my enjoyment of the characters.

    [–] [DISC] If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord Ch. 25 jlitwinka 4 points ago in manga

    Oh man I can hardly handle the fluff. Fantastic series, really excited about the anime.

    [–] [Disc] Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To Ch.139 jlitwinka 12 points ago in manga

    her constantly cheating at games has really hurt Kaguya's trust.

    [–] Lady Gets Called 'Fatty McFat-Fat' by a CEO After a Bad Review jlitwinka 4 points ago in videos

    where'd you get $70? A square foot of astroturf by me is a couple of cents.

    [–] Subreddit Rules - Update 20/02/2019 jlitwinka 2 points ago in FGOcomics

    Happy to hear that sfw comics and art are allowed now. It felt too limiting to have such a huge collection of servants completely closed off. Especially since the main FGO subreddit still allowed that content.

    [–] Anime where the Dub is superior to the Sub? jlitwinka 3 points ago in anime

    This is my go to answer whenever this gets brought up. It's a perfect dub.

    [–] Lady Gets Called 'Fatty McFat-Fat' by a CEO After a Bad Review jlitwinka 2 points ago in videos

    oh for sure, you've got to change out the turf every 2 weeks or so, maybe once a month if you're doing the artificial so the smell doesn't seep in.

    It's not really a good solution if you've got a normal place to walk a dog. But when you're in the city, or like my neighbor are too old to be taking out the dog multiple times a day, it works just fine. Think of it like getting a litter box for your dog.

    [–] Justice League #23 Variant Cover by Jerome Opena jlitwinka 5 points ago in comicbooks

    Man Cyborg on Justice League is such a wasted opportunity. None of the arcs really focused on him. His personal issues were always in the background. Batman and Flash were always doing Science stuff alongside him or more than him.

    [–] Anyone who has been a live witness to a Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares episode, what was it like? Is it all staged? jlitwinka 1 points ago in AskReddit

    This is exactly the issue i have with the show. Ramsay is treating the symptoms not the cause a lot of the time.

    The issues a lot of the restaurants face is just people not knowing how to run a business, let a lone a restaurant. If the kitchen is a mess, I can guarantee you so are their books.

    [–] NES Switch Holder jlitwinka 1 points ago in nintendo

    anywhere to buy these or is it a custom build? I'd love to see your build method if it is.