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    [–] Razer says software, not hardware, is holding back mobile gaming jmxd 1 points ago in Games

    Yeah no one is going to spend 60 bucks on a mobile game whereas people easily pay that amount on a re-released 5 year old game for the Switch

    [–] DX12 support incoming, starting tomorrow, March 26 jmxd 2 points ago in HiTMAN

    Wish i could get excited about DX12 support. Theoretically it's a big improvement over DX11 if utilized well but every single game that supports DX12 so far (that i've played) has had tons off issues with crashing, stutters or some other bad performance compared to 11. Most recent example being the Division 2

    [–] The name NOAH in the stars at night jmxd 8 points ago in thedivision

    Probably the son of one of the devs would be my guess

    [–] The progression was great to WT4, BUT HOLY HELL ! jmxd 1 points ago in thedivision

    Level 3 control points are Challenging difficulty and level 4 control points are Heroic difficulty, which will only unlock as a difficulty for missions in WT5 intended as the hardest content, which will probably require pretty good gear including actual gear set bonusses to clear effectively (without dying 100 times)

    It's possible to do level 4 CP right now but it's not a very great experience

    [–] Idea for the Clan Area in the White House. jmxd 1 points ago in thedivision

    The problem with the clan area is that its completely out of the way of everything else you actually need in the white house

    [–] Massive.. please bring the old Pulse back. jmxd 6 points ago in thedivision

    You unlock every skill and perk anyway if you get all the SHD on the map

    [–] Where are the other exotics? jmxd 1 points ago in thedivision

    Theres prob exotic gear pieces coming with WT5 as well

    [–] The balance of Russian figure skater Alexandra Trusova. jmxd 38 points ago in interestingasfuck

    What she did is pretty much only possible with a childs body and weight

    [–] Does anyone have more than 62/77 weapon mods? jmxd 1 points ago in thedivision

    Yeah i'm currently also at 65/77 i started getting some more but then it stopped again

    [–] There are Blueprints to upgrade your Exotic Weapons to the next World Tier. jmxd 1 points ago in thedivision

    I found it to be kinda bad honestly but the holstered talent is great for my main weapon

    [–] So they don't see my grenade. But they see me? jmxd -1 points ago in thedivision

    What is the dumb part? That it’s unrealistic? Because then i’ve got news for you…

    [–] So they don't see my grenade. But they see me? jmxd -1 points ago in thedivision

    No it's a compromise they made for gameplay purposes

    [–] It shouldn't be possible to get duplicates from apparel caches jmxd 7 points ago in thedivision

    Nope everything free and the season pass only give 1 week early access

    [–] It shouldn't be possible to get duplicates from apparel caches jmxd 24 points ago in thedivision

    With the rate that it's possible to open the boxes for free it would take a super short time for people to get literally everything currently in the store. I already have one full set (kinda lucky) and the game has only been out for little over a week.

    If these boxes were some super greedy MTX in a game lacking content with dozens of planned DLC i might've gotten upset but as it stands i really don't care with all future content being free.

    [–] Why not jmxd 14 points ago in redesign

    It will come eventually, normal reddit already has it so just a matter of time i guess

    [–] Skills in the endgame are pretty useless, especially offensive skills. jmxd 1 points ago in thedivision

    Offensive skills definitely aren't good enough to be worth taking over healing and revive. Especially not with those shotgunners that delete your entire armor and health from across the map

    [–] We want tacticool gear for our agents ! jmxd 2 points ago in thedivision

    The gear sets (not brand sets) that are coming in WT5 will probably have cool designs just like in Division 1

    [–] So what is this game's Lexington Center? jmxd 2 points ago in thedivision

    I've been grinding out level 3's for the past few days and honestly it's not that much faster than running a mission with a competent group.

    You can save time by splitting a group in two and each doing an activity to get the CP to level 3 but it still takes time fast traveling to the closest location then running to it and doing them.

    But to answer OP's question, i think Jefferson Plaza is the shortest main mission

    [–] Anyone else find the Survivalist Crossbow super clunky ? jmxd 1 points ago in thedivision

    Hmm sounds good but then you cant shoot it anymore or?