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    [–] Awaken (ft. Valerie Broussard) | League of Legends Cinematic - Season 2019 jmxd 1 points ago in Games

    I still seriously respect the game for being so good while being free to play

    Why? "Free to play" is where the big bucks are to be made

    [–] New Nilfgaard leader Ardal aep Dahy's ability is revealed! jmxd 5 points ago in gwent

    Unfortunately the game does not ship with the model and textures in this resolution, would be great as a Civ mod

    [–] Probably the best sleep ive hit as ana jmxd 7 points ago in Overwatch

    and then you died by running into the rein

    [–] Metro Exodus - 30 Minutes of Caspian Desert 4K Gameplay jmxd 3 points ago in Games

    Anyone else think the first person pose is a bit weird? Like the gun extends too much forward like his arms are fully extended?

    [–] State of Bug Fix Updates jmxd 1 points ago in apolloapp

    And many people seem to agree

    Don't mistake reddit upvotes with being right or to bolster your argument. I can make a thread on reddit about many things and have people "agree" with me, but oftentimes this is extremely shortsighted. People don't think about what it actually takes.

    People just see "more updates" and click upvote. Because yeah, more updates is better than less updates. If only it was as simple as that.

    [–] State of Bug Fix Updates jmxd 1 points ago in apolloapp

    I'll tell you from experience it is.

    Everything takes time, having to go through testing phase, creating builds of the app, submitting and going through approval with Apple. And not just tangible things like that but also mental capacity. Developers are not robots, having to occupy your mind with this whole process of releasing an update hurts productivity a lot. It is not as simple as "just release every bugfix separately".

    [–] State of Bug Fix Updates jmxd 1 points ago in apolloapp

    This type of update schedule is unrealistic to expect from a single developer.

    [–] Did the show have a proper ending or was it cancelled , was wondering if i should watch it jmxd 175 points ago in TheLeftovers

    One of the best and most satisfying ending to a show ever

    and also one of the best shows ever, especially season 2 and 3. U will look forever for something like this show after it ends

    [–] "For users, we completed and delivered the long-awaited desktop redesign." LMAO jmxd 1 points ago in redesign

    He's the new VP of Ads Product and that is the part that they focused on the most and already completed months ago. Doubt he cares about anything else

    [–] Ex-Infinity Ward developers open new studio Winterborn jmxd 8 points ago in Games

    Fair enough. And i don't mean your position is useless, but it seemed a bit premature for a studio that doesn't yet have anything made and is so small. :p good luck

    [–] Ex-Infinity Ward developers open new studio Winterborn jmxd -26 points ago in Games

    Sure, but not really for a company with 5 employees and no community or product to sell

    [–] Ex-Infinity Ward developers open new studio Winterborn jmxd 21 points ago in Games

    Why does a studio of 5 that has just been formed have a "social media and community manager" lol.

    So, guys, Trevor wants to join but he can't really do anything but since he's our good friend lets hire him anyway.

    [–] Explosion in library of University Lyon 1, Villeurbanne, France jmxd 29 points ago in CatastrophicFailure

    i mean, anyone with a phone that happens to be at the location where something happens can instantly post it on the internet, so it's not that crazy that you see things first on social media

    [–] #10YearsChallenge ? jmxd 14 points ago in nvidia

    Please point me in the direction of those $30 SSD's ;)

    But yeah, i have a pretty good PC with SSD and this thing is still slow af

    [–] #10YearsChallenge ? jmxd 77 points ago in nvidia

    And why does it takes so long for this window to open/load?

    [–] My uncle with down syndrome likes to collect dvd's, he is allowed to buy 3 new ones each week. This is his living room collection jmxd 1 points ago in pics

    There are some duplicates but he -mostly- remember what he has, he is quite obsessed with it. I'm not sure if he has a specific way of organizing them, i doubt it since he is not a very organized person haha. He does usually know where to grab a specific one if you ask for it, but i think its more that he just remembers.

    Thanks for your comment!

    [–] My uncle with down syndrome likes to collect dvd's, he is allowed to buy 3 new ones each week. This is his living room collection jmxd 0 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in pics

    Some more information:

    This is not nearly his entire collection, he has at least another times the same amount stored in his bedroom. He also used to do the same before DVD's were a thing with VHS tapes and as you can imagine those took up an even larger amount of space. Those are all stored somewhere else now though. (i don't know where, but he lives in an assisted living apartment together with other people with disabilities)

    Also full disclosure, he does not have down syndrome but some other unspecified disability, his capacity is around the level of an 8 year old but this was too long for the title to write all of this. We celebrated his 70th birthday today

    Also, he does not really buy the expensive full priced ones but usually just ones from the "budget box". The store where he gets them from also know him really well because he has been doing this for the last 30 years at least. I think they give him some good deals :D

    And he does not usually watch full movies, but he will put in one of them, watch a few minutes and then put in a different one. Collecting them is mostly about getting "as much as possible". It's definitely an addiction but it's being managed to an 'acceptable" degree, and everyone needs something in their life - this is his thing.

    And better don't ask if you can borrow one, he won't allow it :D

    [–] [OC] Google trends data for 'iPhone slow' Vs. new iOS release dates jmxd 693 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    The frontpage does not go by pure upvote count, otherwise only posts from the most popular subreddits will ever hit the frontpage.

    Upvote count matters but what is also important is upvotes vs downvotes and time between upvotes. A post that gets a lot of likes in a short period of time will hit the frontpage

    [–] Assassin's Creed writers use fan wikis to learn the franchise's lore (interview). jmxd 4 points ago in Games

    It's so stupid that they had this great way to connect all these otherwise not-really-connected games together and they totally fucked it up.

    I personally still get excited when these modern day / precursor areas appear in the game, and i don't think it would have the same excitement if they necessarily put in more of it, but the problem is that it's just not going anywhere at all.

    imagine if the modern day story was actually a continuing real storyline across all these games, that would be so amazing.