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    [–] Told you guys to buy $DOCU at the beginning of the week. Buy before tomorrow’s ER jnuAK907 2 points ago in wallstreetbets

    My first option trades. 5 contracts @ 60 and 5 contracts @ 65. Bought at the low today. Now it's back on its way up.

    Hope listening to advice on WSB pays off.

    Do I have autism?

    [–] The tragedy of r/PrequelMemes jnuAK907 11 points ago in PrequelMemes

    This is my meme. General Shendyyy, you are a bold one.

    [–] He's not stopping any time soon it seems jnuAK907 1 points ago in sadcringe

    browsing the top posts of sadcringe today and this just made me crack up. 90% spring water....that killed me.

    [–] Thinking about getting a LG 34UC88, but need advice jnuAK907 1 points ago in ultrawidemasterrace

    get the LG 34UC80-B and save yourself 45 bucks. It is the exact same monitor, but some people say the 88 has speakers. Thats the only difference. I just checked the spec sheets at LG and they are exactly the same.

    I ordered the 34UC80-B and just got it two days ago. It's awesome.

    [–] If these two went to college, they would major in shedding with a double minor in barking and pooping. jnuAK907 5 points ago in dogpictures

    These are my Norwegian Elkhounds, Chopin and Tuula. They have the same mother, different fathers. Chopin, on the left, is a male and turned 3 in October and Tuula is a female and she turned 2 today.

    [–] My Battlestation now, and then (2007) jnuAK907 2 points ago in ultrawidemasterrace

    I'm more interested in the Space Needle.

    [–] How good is the LG 34UC89G-B? jnuAK907 1 points ago in ultrawidemasterrace

    I've read a few reviews and people are getting 75hz with Nvidia cards.

    For me, 75 hz is more than adequate for any games. Some people may sneer at that, but I don't notice any difference. You will notice a difference between resolutions with a 34 inch monitor though. That was the main deciding factor when I was comparing monitors. I wouldn't want to using 1080p with anything past 28inches. You are going to start seeing pixels and that will compromise your viewing experience more than a difference in fps past 60.

    At this price point, wide screen monitors are going to compromise something. I wouldn't want to compromise with resolution with that large of screen. I was about to buy the 89 last week but came to the conclusion that I just wouldn't be happy with a 34 in monitor at 1080p. 60-75 hz I can live with.

    [–] How good is the LG 34UC89G-B? jnuAK907 1 points ago in ultrawidemasterrace

    I just bought my monitor yesterday, can't review it because it hasn't arrived yet, but it was between the one you linked and this one:

    The difference is a in refresh rate vs resolution. The 80 is 3440x1440 at 60hz (75 with sync) vs the 89 at 2560x1080 at 144 hz. The 80 is also $50 cheaper.

    I opted for the 80 at a higher res because I don't play too much fps, mostly strategy games and RPGS and I don't see a big need to push past 60 fps. The higher res will definitely shine with that large of screen and with your current card, you probably wont be taking advantage of the 144hz refresh rate anyways.

    BTW, I'll be driving this monitor with the 1070 TI.

    [–] Just pulled the trigger, joining the UWMR, hope my rig can handle it jnuAK907 1 points ago in ultrawidemasterrace

    Good to hear, thanks for the reply. From what I gather from your post and other forums I have browsed, it seems like I should be OK getting up to 60-75 fps in most games, which is fine for me, and the max this monitor will handle anyways. Nice to know the 2500k is still knocking this stuff out 6 years later and I should be able to get at least another year or two out of it without compromising rendering quality too much.

    [–] Cooking in cold, to do or not to do. I need someone to do the maths. jnuAK907 1 points ago in RimWorld

    True, I just started this colony last night and I'm only up to 6 pawns. I did expand my growing fields before I logged off last night and my 2nd year spring had just arrived so we'll see how it goes. I'll probably try to maintain my plan and just add another stove and cook to keep up with the demand.

    [–] Advice for not getting destroyed (New-ish) jnuAK907 1 points ago in RimWorld

    Kite them with two groups.

    Or use corners and engage their melee out of LOS with their ranged while you keep their ranged occupied with a lone gunman with good cover.

    [–] Cooking in cold, to do or not to do. I need someone to do the maths. jnuAK907 1 points ago in RimWorld

    Not really, I usually only cook during harvesting of crops, just bang out food forever if and when it is available. I hardly ever see crops in the freezer. With 5 places to store food around the stove, the cook can prep meals faster then they can haul it in.

    [–] Cooking in cold, to do or not to do. I need someone to do the maths. jnuAK907 1 points ago in RimWorld

    I've only had the game for about a week and I was always having issues making food. I tried this last night on my new game (last one got wiped out by my first bug infestation) and its crazy fast. I put a stool down where they craft and then 5 tiles all around the stool I made critical storage for raw food. Cook now just pumps out a crazy amount of food.

    I also found that putting 1 tile of critical storage for prepared meals right next to my table works well too. It is used fast enough that is never spoils and saves the pawns from having to access the freezer.

    [–] I will not fail. jnuAK907 2 points ago in PrequelMemes

    It's MSpaint then