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    [–] How are you really? joefus1o4 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I went through the same dilemma at 28. Literally... I was broke as a joke while slinging lattes as a barista and trying to make it big with my band. It was a really hard decision to come to, but I decided I needed a break from the music.

    What I was doing wasn’t working for me anymore, but more importantly, I wasn’t happy. What was the point of living my dream if that dream was making me miserable? I re-evaluated my dream. I realized that while I loved playing music, that I didn’t love the prospect of spending years on the road living in shitty hotels and vans surviving off of scraps like so many of my friends.

    So I walked away, and went back to school. I wrapped up an associates degree in graphic design, and then I got a certification in front end web development. Shortly after I snagged an awesome job at a very cool company. I’m (fingers crossed) about to get a significant raise, and now at 30 years old I finally feel in control of my future.

    The truth is, you don’t even have to give up music to do those things. Maybe take a break to re-evaluate things if you need to, but you can keep on playing and recording. Just place your efforts into building an internet presence. That’s how people hear music, and you don’t have to tour or constantly play shows to achieve that.

    In summary, if this music lifestyle is making you unhappy, then maybe it’s time for a change. If not and you decide to pursue it, then just know it’s going to be a life of struggle. These days even most famous bands still struggle. Unless you’re a rapper, a pop star, or a tremendously famous band, there just isn’t money in this business. If you’re cool with that, then that’s awesome, do what you love. Just don’t let yourself get stuck in a place you don’t want to be.

    [–] Relapse joefus1o4 2 points ago in kratom

    I can’t imagine how terrifying that must have been. Thank god you found him. It sounds like you saved his life. If you haven’t considered it already, you should think about finding a support group for people who have loved ones who are addicts. I’m sure all of this has taken a toll on you, and you deserve some support and help yourself.

    At this point, if he only used the once, he might be ok to continue off methadone without reversing the progress his brain has made. It’s something he might really want to consider. If he’s gone 10 months off the stuff, it might be just another 6 before his brain starts getting back to baseline.

    Obviously if methadone is the only thing keeping him from shooting up, then maybe that’s the route he needs to take. However, I’m assuming he’s not planning to be on methadone for the rest of his life. If that’s the case, then he’s going to go through these cravings the next time he quits. Basically now is his best shot for the fastest possible recovery time.

    If he isn’t exercising already, I would so strongly suggest he do this. I cannot stress enough how important exercise is for recovering addicts. You’re teaching your brain to make it own dopamine again. It’s even better if he can find a hobby that also involves exercise. Especially if that hobby has a community. Having something to focus on and work towards, and having a community of people in your life will make all of the difference in the world.

    [–] Relapse joefus1o4 1 points ago in kratom

    I think following the drs recommendation is probably best. Although, I’m hesitant to accept methadone as a better alternative. It’s equally addictive, and more dangerous to get off of. If he does want to go the kratom route, it’s going to be a while before his cravings stop. It sounds like he was using at pretty high doses. His brain needs at least a year to get back to baseline. Again, I’m not a Dr. so I would consider their advice first.

    I’m sorry you’re going through this. It’s an incredibly tough thing to watch a loved one go through addiction. You being there for him is super important at times like these. Obviously you have to look out for yourself at a certain point, but just know how powerful having someone’s love and support can be in times like this. I wish you strength and the best of luck.

    [–] What is something your partner has done during sex that completely ruined it for you? joefus1o4 10 points ago in AskReddit

    My drunk girlfriend had her night guard in on her bottom teeth and tried to bite my bottom lip while kissing. Her being hammered combined with the night guard throwing off her gauge of pressure turned into her biting into my fucking lip. Not just biting hard, actually sinking her upper teeth into my fucking lip. Her being drunk and having a slower reaction time meant that she didn’t immediately let go. And that’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to punching a girl.

    I had a pretty fucked bottom lip for a couple weeks. Every time I bite my lip or tongue it becomes a canker sore. So the bonus was that the wound turned into a set of horrifying canker sores.

    We are still together, and I love her to death. Although, I’m permanently traumatized. Even a playful nibble sets off the alarm bells.

    [–] Video Games Ruined My Relationship joefus1o4 4 points ago in webcomics

    Hey no problem. Thanks for creating hilariously dark comics!

    [–] Video Games Ruined My Relationship joefus1o4 3 points ago in webcomics

    I follow this guy on Instagram, and love his comics. Awesome to see him on the front page!

    [–] “Why don’t you just move to a legal state?” joefus1o4 29 points ago in kratom

    I think that makes a lot of sense. Sorry you’re stuck in such a crappy state.

    Another thing it’d like to point out, is that we need kratom proponents in these ridiculous states that have these nonsense bans. We can’t be expected to leave our homes and be bullied by those who would profit off of Kratom’s demise. We need people to stand their ground and fight for their right to live.

    [–] What Happened to a Dead Samurai’s Sword? joefus1o4 2 points ago in history

    Ah, that makes sense as to why the peasants collecting the items were considered thieves. They weren’t allowed to have them.

    [–] I know this is kind of a circlejerk topic but I seriously haven’t been sick since I started taking kratom joefus1o4 2 points ago in kratom

    Well sounds like that theory might be bunk then! Congrats on making the switch! If you don’t mind me asking, how did you manage the switch? Did you have to detox from the alcohol before starting kratom? I imagine a 20 year habit would lead to some dangerous withdrawals.

    [–] I know this is kind of a circlejerk topic but I seriously haven’t been sick since I started taking kratom joefus1o4 3 points ago in kratom

    I had heard that alcoholics don’t get sick often because being an alcoholic is basically like being sick all the time. Your immune system is heightened to deal with its daily poisoning. Therefore when some virus or bacteria jump in your body is already in overdrive and takes care of them quickly.

    I don’t know if that’s true, or if it’s what’s going on with kratom. I would love the “kratom boosts your immune system” theory to be the real reason.

    [–] What "you know what, just to be safe..." thing you did ended up saving your ass later? joefus1o4 5 points ago in AskReddit

    Wacom is a little sketchy I think. I had an intuos pro that kept on acting like the shift key was held down on everything I did. I would happen sporadically, and SOMETIMES a reboot would clear it up. Although, many times it wouldn’t or it would just happen immediately again. This thing was only a couple months old.

    I eventually flipped out and decided to try to return my Wacom and get a different tablet. Well as it turns out, trying to get ahold of anyone helpful at that company was nearly impossible. After hours of trying to get it sorted, they basically tell me they can’t do anything about it and won’t take it back. I have to yell at long line of miserable call representatives to finally wear them down enough that they agree to replace it.

    They say they will email me with the info to replace it. Three weeks later I get a sketchy email from them with my very common name spelled in a very wrong and bizarre way and simply a case number for my claim. That was it. In the meantime I basically deleted every driver and piece of software from it, and re-installed everything. It ended up working well enough so I just let it go.

    You win Wacom. I hope you’re happy.

    [–] Does the hair loss ever slow down? joefus1o4 1 points ago in kratom

    I've been taking kratom for about 3 years. It doesn't seem to affect my weight at all. I actually started to gain a lot of weight the first year I was taking it, but I'm fairly certain that had to do with my girlfriend working at a bakery and constantly bringing me home delicious sweets and treats. Last year I started eating really healthy and started intermittent fasting. I dropped about 30lbs in less than two months, and then continued to lose another 10lbs in the following months. My weight has stayed the same ever since then. So I don't think kratom had much to do with the weight loss.

    However, I've been exercising pretty heavily the past few months including weight lifting. I was hoping to gain some weight via muscle, and while I've gotten stronger and more defined I don't really seem to be gaining any mass. I wonder if it's because the kratom is stealing some of my protein intake.

    [–] Is There a Correlation Between Hydrolyzed Collagen and Nausea? joefus1o4 1 points ago in Supplements

    Thanks for the tip. Great Lakes is Bovine from what I understand. I hadn’t considered that the source would make a difference. Honestly, I wasn’t aware that marine collagen was a thing. Is there a brand you recommend?

    [–] Docking station help with macbook pro and multiple monitors joefus1o4 2 points ago in computer_help

    Zendock looks pretty cool, but it still doesn't have quite enough mini-display/thunderbolt ports. I think it I could get away with two mini display/thunderbolt ports, but I'd also need an hdmi.

    [–] What's the worst adult tantrum you've ever witnessed? joefus1o4 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I once witnessed an adult college aged man (dressed like a frat boy) yelling at the pharmacist because the pharmacist wouldn’t give him hydrocodone cough syrup without a prescription. He explained he was in state for school, and in his home state this was totally normal... He eventually started threatening to call his parents while cussing and yelling at the guy. It was some wild shit.

    “How dare you not break the law, jeopardize your job, and give me the drugs I like! Don’t you know who I am? I’m Fratty McJunkie Douche. Just you wait until my father finds out!”

    [–] What are good ideas for adult birthday parties? joefus1o4 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Sounds nice, but would be hard to share with my girlfriend and family. Plus, too expensive.