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    [–] Men of Reddit, what creepy things have women done to you? joefus1o4 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I got sexually assaulted by a girl once too. My roommate and I went to a party and got wasted. He brought his friend home with us. We smoked some weed and they go off to his room and start loudly having sex. I'm getting the spins so I go and fall into a borderline blackout sleep. I vaguely remember having a dream about someone doing stuff to me. I woke up the next morning with the same girl that was banging my roommate in my bed naked. I don't really know entirely the extent to what transpired. I saw her a couple weeks later out at a bar and confronted her about it. I asked her what happened that night. She replied, "We can get out of here and remember together." I declined and decided to forget about it. In the end it was kind of an icky experience, but it didn't leave me messed up at all.

    [–] Can't remember episode when Michael talks about honesty. joefus1o4 1 points ago in DunderMifflin

    Yes! Thank you. That was on my shortlist of possibilities. I figured it was one where everyone was being "honest" with Michael. I just hadn't committed to scanning through episodes yet. Thanks again!

    [–] My new rule for taking kratom to reduce usage,costs,and tolerance joefus1o4 1 points ago in kratom

    That's weird man. People have a pretty wild variance when it comes to how kratom and other substances affects them. Hope it works for you the second time round man.

    [–] My new rule for taking kratom to reduce usage,costs,and tolerance joefus1o4 1 points ago in kratom

    I started taking agmatine. Did that for about two weeks and it dropped me down pretty quickly. It wasn't great taking it. It kind of robs some of the effects kratom gives you. Plus while figuring it out you deal with some nausea. That's primarily because your lower tolerance will sneak up on you and all of the sudden your regular dose is so strong it gives you the spins.

    [–] My new rule for taking kratom to reduce usage,costs,and tolerance joefus1o4 1 points ago in kratom

    Nice, man. I cut my tolerance way down about 6 months ago. I was in the 30g per day range. Now I'm in the 6-8g a day range. I've noticed I feel a lot less sluggish when I take in lower doses. You notice that? I also feel like I've been able to maintain this level of T no problem.

    [–] My new rule for taking kratom to reduce usage,costs,and tolerance joefus1o4 2 points ago in kratom

    That is pretty foul way to dose. However, I think I know what might be happening here. You letting it sit in your mouth so long is letting the alkaloids absorb into the membrane in your mouth, especially under your tongue. That, plus the saliva, is speeding up the digestion process.

    [–] What is the worst thing you've ever seen happen at a wedding? joefus1o4 2 points ago in AskReddit

    At my cousins wedding, a guest brought a date with her whom my brothers knew to be bad news. At the reception the guy was clearly on some kind of drugs and was making passes at the bridesmaids, and he ended up pissing on the side of the barn the reception was in (think rustic farmhouse reception).

    My brothers asked him to leave which prompted him taking an exaggerated swing at my brother which he promptly missed. He was met with a stout counter punch which landed quite solidly. I not wanting any more of a ruckus at the wedding, grabbed my brother and took him discretely inside to calm down while my other brother and his friend tried to handle this super inebriated asshole.

    Well a few minutes later my brother comes in all flustered. Apparently they stood him up and tried to find him a ride when he yet again started swinging on my second brother. Yet again he was knocked on his ass. My brother came inside to calm down while some other people tried to deal with dickhead jones. I then went outside to check on that progress. This is where shit really got crazy.

    As I come outside a buddy goes sprinting past me. I then hear loud pops. Honestly it didn't really register with me immediately what was happening. What I though were fireworks or a car backfiring was in fact this lunatic shooting at us. He apparently pretended to be leaving but actually went and grabbed a pistol out of his glove box and started shooting at us. Thankfully he was so whacked out of his mind on xanax and booze he somehow miraculously missed everyone. Another friend (a champ of a human being) literally ran up behind him, tackled him, and was wrestling the gun out of his hand. I immediately ran over and pulled the gun from them and put it in my tux pocket.

    That guy got the ever living shit beat out of him for that. He had a broken jaw, broken eye socket, broken ribs, and a nice concussion. When the cops showed up they basically told us that we should have killed him because, for reasons I still don't comprehend, there wasn't much they could do. I was a little appalled by the cops suggesting we should have murdered someone at my cousins wedding, but they were right about doing nothing... The guy spent the night in jail and that was it. We could have pressed charges but we were advised against it. Cops said he would get out of jail in a year or so and have a vendetta against us. Said it would be best just to let him go. I'm still kind of mad about this.

    Somehow it didn't ruin the night though. We were able to move past it and have a great night still in spite of that piece of shit.

    [–] What's the most ridiculous rule in your place of work? joefus1o4 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Sadly it's a place that is very understaffed. So unless you puke on the floor, you probably won't be going home.

    [–] What's the most ridiculous rule in your place of work? joefus1o4 2 points ago in AskReddit

    We need a Dr's note to return to work. Basically, it's a way to force anyone who is out for an illness to go to the dr. This discourages people from faking. However, it also makes life way more difficult. Having a cold, the flu, or a dash of food poisoning isn't usually worth spending money to see a dr over. Usually they are like, "yep, get rest and fluids." Not really worth the time and money to be told that. We are provided health insurance, but it's not super great. So we still end up paying through the nose on our deductible.

    [–] Agencies advise on possible 'Lizard Man,' 'Bigfoot' sightings in South Carolina during eclipse joefus1o4 6 points ago in nottheonion

    Holy shit, my friend wrote this! Mad props to Brooks for getting on the front page with that hard hitting journalism!

    [–] Kratom and your Liver joefus1o4 1 points ago in kratom

    Thanks, that was very informative.

    [–] What was the closest you have ever been to death? joefus1o4 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I was helping my cousin work on his transmission. He was up top messing with something and I was underneath the car with my head directly beneath the transmission. He says something I don't quite hear, so I slide my head over to hear better. As I'm moving, the 200lbs transmission drops and slams into the garage floor exactly where my head was literally seconds ago. I gave a few "holy shits!" and we got back to work.

    [–] Coinbase to GDAX to Kraken? joefus1o4 1 points ago in ethtrader

    It is. Which is why i believe using gdax is recommended when buying with coinbase since there isn't a charge to move your coin into it.

    [–] Coinbase to GDAX to Kraken? joefus1o4 1 points ago in ethtrader

    Can you elaborate? I'm still kinda new to this.

    [–] Russian man charged with 729 counts of rape against his five foster daughters joefus1o4 4 points ago in news

    Pedos are wired differently and they can't help their attraction that's true. It is unfair hand to be dealt. Most of them are the way they are because they themselves were molested as children. However, life is really unfair sometimes. So no matter the circumstances, if you are molesting children you are an absolute monster and should be punished and chastised to the fullest extent.

    [–] WebMD's take on Kratom is not very flattering joefus1o4 3 points ago in kratom

    Big pharma has it's hand so far up WebMD's ass it's basically a muppet. You can't even get on their page without getting bombarded with "ask your doctor" ads.

    Side note: I recently found out that advertisements for pharmaceuticals are illegal in most countries. It's kind of messed up that it's a thing here, and that we are all totally used to it.