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    [–] Downwards send joestorm4 37 points ago in SweatyPalms

    Damn ass rocks will fuck your day.

    [–] Letting the horses out in the snow. (xpost /r/gifs) joestorm4 9 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in instant_regret

    Break it down

    Edit: i fucked up

    Rake it up

    [–] Neverending shampoo joestorm4 30 points ago in MadeMeSmile

    The fact you had to state this makes me think otherwise.

    [–] Nintendo’s blockbuster 2017 comeback, in one chart joestorm4 2 points ago in nintendo

    That's exactly it, though. It's a system seller and they didn't mention it at all.

    [–] Nintendo’s blockbuster 2017 comeback, in one chart joestorm4 16 points ago in nintendo

    Doesn't even mention BotW. Pretty crazy since the own rate for both the Switch and Zelda are almost equal.

    [–] [OC] A pier in Oistins, Barbados joestorm4 1 points ago in pic

    Yeah the right side thing is pretty different but it isn't that bad. Everything is the complete opposite so it still feels right and isn't hard to get used to. The tight roads and traffic can suck though.

    [–] [OC] A pier in Oistins, Barbados joestorm4 1 points ago in pic

    You should be, absolutely amazing country. If you haven't been to another Carribean island just be prepared for crazy driving and everything other than booze being expensive.

    [–] Isn't it funny that no posts from this sub EVER reach /r/all? joestorm4 0 points ago in conspiracy

    You're completely correct except there are also the GOP shills, and the main reason for that is because there isn't any actual separate parties. It's all one big act, a complete joke of politics.

    [–] The sad reality of our world joestorm4 11 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in conspiracy

    This is an extreme hyporbole but I think it still hits the point home. I fucking hate smartphones and how they have become an integral part of humanity. We were doing just fine with communicating before them so why do we need them?

    Well to of course keep an eye on people at all times but no one cares for that because Instagram, twitter and snapchat are so great at knowing what hundreds of people are up to without truly caring about whatever they're doing.

    Really pisses me off how I missed the teenage life without smartphones, I feel like it woulda been so much better but maybe not. Got my first one in the first year of high school and wish it could of at least been 4 years later.

    [–] Isn't it funny that no posts from this sub EVER reach /r/all? joestorm4 2 points ago in conspiracy

    Yeah that rating system change was all kinds of stupid. Ruined top posts of subs and definitely screwed a bunch of subs that they didn't want people seeing.

    [–] Isn't it funny that no posts from this sub EVER reach /r/all? joestorm4 -1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in conspiracy

    Front page for us maybe but it still doesnt have enough upvotes to really reach the general front page, /r/all.

    Edit: okay yeah I scrolled down and eventually found it, maybe it was higher earlier. But still I feel like way more posts should reach /r/all from here but don't.

    [–] What was your school's 'incident'? joestorm4 1 points ago in AskReddit

    This was the year after I graduated but a kid who was in grade 12 was in a car with 2 buddies and they got into an accident. This accident involved the car being wrapped around a tree. The driver and the other kid ended up find. The one that i'm talking about ended up being paralyzed from the neck down and pretty much lost his ability to speak.. He wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

    Wear your god damn seatbelt.

    [–] Wtf youtube... joestorm4 6 points ago in conspiracy

    Yup me too.

    [–] We are dealing with dark forces that are not 'Human' and here is the proof. joestorm4 2 points ago in conspiracy

    I have a somewhat similar story.

    I accidentaly got blackout drunk before a highschool semi-formal and all was well as I was being a complete idiot at the dance. I then got caught for being drunk and when I did I did not react well. I told everyone to fuck right off and no one could control me. Not even the cops that are always at the dances. The staff then called my mom and I did the same thing to her and even she couldn't calm me down. She said my eyes did not look right, like they weren't human. Then called my older brother to come help and he eventually got me into his truck and he saw my eyes and knew I didn't look right when looking into them. He said I just didnt look human. He told me the score of the Leaf's game and for a brief second he said I looked right, and I said "Really?" And seemed happy as they were winning and it was a playoff game. Eventually they got me home and I ended up running outside my house to go back to the dance and the cops who followed us home put me into their car and took me to the tank. They put me into own drunk tank as I was acting too crazy. Which was understandable. The first thing i i remember after I began sobering up is screaming at the cop telling how fucked the system and the world is, right from my cell. My mom picked me up in the morning and she wasn't mad. She was legitamitely concerned for me. I was not human in this state, not even close. I consider myself a respectful person and this is how I would never react. I know alcohol is a personality changing drug but this was more than personality changing. I was in a demonic state.

    The point i'm getting to here is that very recently before this I began to be 'woke' due to my brother explaining the reasons of the terrors of the world. It seemed I was not human during this blackout state that I do not remember at all. It has really made me scared of losing control while drinking since I had been blackout drunk before that but had never acted in that way when someone told me something I need to do when I didn't want to do it. I also had my onset of depression a few months before this too which makes me even more concerned and curious on what the true causes of the outburst I had. I know I was excited for the dance as it was my last one but I would have never expected myself to act like that.

    The most concerning part of this story is that both my brother and my mom told me my eyes did not look human or right at all.

    I looked demonic. Scary shit.

    [–] This is so true.. joestorm4 3 points ago in conspiracy

    I'm only 18 so I don't think basing my friends off of what they think of conspiracies is that important at the moment. Especially because we're a damn good friend group. Luckily a few find them interesting but dont take them that seriously.