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    [–] Everyday, REAL people...Lets talk about the little things we do to save $$$$ johnconnors88 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in Frugal

    You stated earlier your current provider works with you, starting service in April and cutting service in October. With you having DirecTv, how were you able to accomplish this?? I got rid of them, in 2010, due to their 2 year contracts. I tried to get them to offer me service without one, to no avail. Is there a way around this?

    [–] Everyday, REAL people...Lets talk about the little things we do to save $$$$ johnconnors88 5 points ago in Frugal

    The Old French definition of "mortgage" translates to Death Pledge! Congrats on ending yours.

    [–] Everyday, REAL people...Lets talk about the little things we do to save $$$$ johnconnors88 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in Frugal

    When I hear baseball. I hear a possible cable TV account. A TV antenna or a streaming device (ie, Roku, Fire TV) with an MLB.TV subscription. I watch Free game of the day on MLB.TV or on live TV with OTA antenna. When it comes to sports Pay TV blackouts for the local team in your area keep people paying for Pay TV. I choose to follow teams outside my viewing area. MLB.TV is $129 for the season, in market games can be watched 2 hours after the game has finished. I pay when MLB.TV has a sale, $17.99 after the all-star break and $9.99 mid August for the rest of the season. Remember you need a home internet connection for all this to work. We have an OTA antenna (39.99), a 2TB TIVO with Lifetime sub to record shows ($388). My internet is DSL with Centurylink @ 20mbps for $35/month with a 10 year price lock. Netflix is our movie channel $10.99, Home phone is FREE with Google Voice + $15/year for E911 with an Obihai 202. We bought our TiVo back in 2010 and never looked back. TV/Netflix + GV home phone + internet, out Triple play for our home is $47.24/month or $566.88/year. Consider the average household spends 3x-5x as much per year. Our cell phones are with Red Pocket mobile and the 2 of us average $11/month each. Edit: Our kids pay for their own cell phones and service. My motto: I survived as a kid without one, so can you.

    [–] Everyday, REAL people...Lets talk about the little things we do to save $$$$ johnconnors88 23 points ago in Frugal

    Make a budget, and stick to it. We are a nation of people in HEAVY debt! Many people do not watch their bottom line. Somebody watches it for them, by pitching them a lifestyle, to impress people they don't even like. They need Cable, internet, and cell phone to distract them from the pain of their financial reality. They feel trapped, and they justify it by finding comfort in the fact that their neighbor is just like them. Do Not be average financially. Educate yourself. Delay gratification. Get the big picture. You will crawl, then walk, and finally run your way out of the American debt trap. Credit is the enemy. Only when I saw the ugly truth of my own financial mess was I able to become cash positive and not be swayed by mass marketing that preached what I deserved, not what I could afford. Be the people that see the big picture and get IT! Good Luck JC.

    [–] So I use Plenti to buy/save money on gas. Plenti said its shutting down its program and App in July 2018. Does anyone have another way to save money on fuel? Is there another fuel rewards program that you would recommend? johnconnors88 3 points ago in Frugal

    I combine all my trips to only one or two days per week. Hypermile my vehicle and get an extra 120 miles per tank. I try to save on gas by timing my trips to Costco gas. My Costco Citi Visa saves 4% on gas fill ups. I use my "Ultra gauge" (real time mpg readings) to master gas petal control. Tires pressures are always checked.

    [–] Got a new car battery with a 3 year warranty ($160) for the price of a 3 month warranty ($80) johnconnors88 1 points ago in Frugal

    No, that is not how a car battery warranty works. Usually the first 1-2 years free replacement, if battery completely fails within that time period. Otherwise after that the manufacturer will give you a prorated portion of your money. If you have a 5 year warranty, five years from the date of purchase you will get SOME of your money back. 5 years and 1 day you get zilch.

    [–] Got a new car battery with a 3 year warranty ($160) for the price of a 3 month warranty ($80) johnconnors88 -1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in Frugal

    Warranties on a batteries are a scam to get more money out of the customer, and to get that battery core back to the manufacturer back for rebuild and quick turn around. Batteries die due to improper maintenance, period. Electrical drain, poor charging system, or terminal corrosion. Buy a brand with a good track record for dependability, and maintain the crap out of it. Costco sells Interstate batteries with 4 year warranties for $80-$100 on average. Install it yourself and save the markup, and extended sales pitch. I bought a battery load tester for $19.95, and Battery Tender Plus for $29.95. I will never get stranded on the road, holding jumper cables every again! Bye Bye AAA roadside.

    [–] What are some frugal alternatives to AAA Roadside Assistance? johnconnors88 1 points ago in Frugal

    DO NOT PAY FOR ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE ON YOUR INSURANCE!!! Its a scam to raise your premiums $$$$. Chip in your windshield, renting a car, towing, etc. These go against your hidden insurance score. X0-X997. Your rate will increase without a claim. Wiki insurance score. Get AAA if you have a beater. I'd avoid it totally, if I were you. Your insurance agent loves you when you make these claims.

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    I keep my VoIP adapter by my router so it is hardwired. They sell a WiFi dongle for the Obi. Audio quality is great. Better when hardwired, IMHO.

    [–] How to lower landline phone bill johnconnors88 1 points ago in Frugal

    We have 2-Google Voice numbers for home phone, which are essentially free. We use the OBI202 Voip adapter. We give one GV number to Family and Friends. The other Google Voice number goes to Business contacts. We never have give out our Cell numbers, and have the ability to block unwanted callers. All of our GV numbers get forwarded to our cells, so we never have to wait home for an important call. How much does all this cost? The Obi202 Voip adapter was $49.99 on sale at New Egg. All this for $1.25/month, or $15/year for E911 service on the OBI. I plug the OBI in my office phone jack and my OBI rings all over my home's phone jacks. We tried just cell phone only, but we always was returning missed calls, or chasing our phone down wherever it was charging around the house. Just some food for thought. Good Luck JC. Edit: You need a monthly internet connection for this to all work.

    [–] Anyone lower than 50 has AARP membership? johnconnors88 1 points ago in Frugal

    AARP= American Association of Retired Persons

    [–] Anyone lower than 50 has AARP membership? johnconnors88 14 points ago in Frugal

    I believe the earliest you can apply for membership is 49.5 years. AARP sells your information to pitch you alot of stuff from many companies, alot of which for me, I have found better deals else where. The standard 5%-10% discount just saves me the tax I would have paid without AARP. The companies who offer this 5-10 percentage, usually write this discount off to lessen their tax burden. AARP is a big marketing firm, to pitch other people products and services to their members. Some of these companies pitch to an age specfic demographic. Like Consumer Cellular, or Jitterbug. Nothing wrong with this. It has been my experience there are better deals out there. People aren't stupid, just lazy. If you know your price, you can negotiate better terms on price without said membership.

    [–] Columbo is da bomb johnconnors88 6 points ago in television

    I am a Columbo fanatic. Got all 69 episodes on my 4TB NAS. Every Sunday I play at least one episode. You tube has a few full episodes. My favorites are episodes are: Any old Port in storm, Try and Catch me, and anything with Jack Cassidy. You can find some great deals on box sets. Great stars and directors. Start with seasons 1-7 is a good start. Great TV, great acting, great plots when today's TV is too political and politically correct.

    [–] Curious, does anyone know if the lack of sports on free TV in the US is affecting the overall franchises? johnconnors88 1 points ago * (lasted edited 25 days ago) in sports

    There are very few teams in sports with a following as large or as dedicated as LA Dodger's fans. Times have changed. People don't want to watch sit through a 4+ hour sporting event. Times are tight. People are picky watching their favorite sport rivalries or playoffs. General sports attendance is down except for cities like LA and New York. You wonder why Florida even has some of their teams with their sad fan followings.

    [–] Curious, does anyone know if the lack of sports on free TV in the US is affecting the overall franchises? johnconnors88 2 points ago in sports

    The only way to watch sports without a traditional pay TV provider, and that includes Sling, PSVue, You Tube TV, Hulu TV, which are cable, is to not be a sports fanatic. I take what I can get with an OTA antenna, MLBTV free game of the day, etc. If you choose to follow a team get ready to pay, or be cute with the piracy options like Kodi, or a shared pay TV password. The sports blackouts are ridiculous. There are many ways to get sports, but if you choose to follow, it's either pay or pirate. Simple.

    [–] Any cheaper service than magicjack johnconnors88 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in Frugal

    Stay with Magic Jack especially if they provide E911 service. That alone will cost you between $15-$21 a year with other VoIP services. So you can subtract E911 service and you have $18/year if you go with a Google Voice option and an Obihai device. Google offers GV service to collect voice patterns to teach there Google home device Voice recognition. Ooma and Magic Jack are plug-n- play VoIP. If you are willing to own and configure your own ATA VoIP module you could save alittle more, but not a hell of a lot more. If you are happy with Magic Jack stay with them. Between cell phones and VoIP you should be plenty covered.

    [–] How do you avoid feeling hopeless? johnconnors88 2 points ago in personalfinance

    When I read your reply to the OP, I can help but agree with everything you stated here. I hate DEBT that much! Money makes a great slave, but a terrible Master. I lived above my means, for many years. And to see so many doing it, I found comfortable in my own dedt. Comfort is the enemy people. It is my hope the OP and his family, kill all his debt, buy his own building to live in, and collect rent from their tenants. Screw this survival mentality. I like seeing people thriving!

    [–] How do you avoid feeling hopeless? johnconnors88 2 points ago in personalfinance

    Goals, Goals, Goals. Start with a budget. Your choices to go into debt yesterday for a brighter future tomorrow. If you do not want to live like everyone else tomorrow, you have to live like nobody else today. A frugal, goal driven lifestyle, where you know where every dollar is going. That also includes where all your extra money is going to go when you become debt free. If dollars do not have an intended purpose that's where people return to being in debt. Not like some budgets I see where the miscellaneous column is exploding. Sounds like you and your wife need to get on the same page and hit your debt hard. If your friends and family start calling you and your wife "wierd" due to your frugal ways, you know you're on the right path. Good luck. JC

    [–] Cheapest mobile phone options with a little data? johnconnors88 1 points ago in Frugal

    I use Red Pocket $55 annual plan when on the go. When home I text and talk unlimited on home Wifi for free with Google Voice. This combo I find unbeatable for my needs at least. Go Red Pocket!