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    [–] Why do some mid tier schools have such great clerkship numbers? johnrich1080 2 points ago in lawschooladmissions

    I forget but it would be pretty easy to figure out by looking at ASU’s faculty list.

    [–] Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg undergoes more cancer treatment johnrich1080 18 points ago in law

    Which is why there are two chambers in Congress. Don’t worry, high school civics is hard.

    [–] Don’t Use These Free Speech Arguments Ever Again johnrich1080 -10 points ago in law

    I’ve never heard the president state he wants to expand libel to cover true things, but I know lots of liberals, to include the ACLU, who think “hate speech” should be illegal.

    [–] The Justice Department Sent Immigration Judges A White Nationalist Blog Post With Anti-Semitic Attacks johnrich1080 30 points ago in law

    Unpopular opinion of someone who actually read the article, this really isn’t that big a deal. The DOJ pays a vendor to send out relevant immigration news to its judges, Likely to keep them abreast of developing changes in their field of law, and the algorithm accidentally sucked up a racist blog post talking about immigration. Frankly this just looks like BuzzFeed and their standard Clickbait bullshit trying To give the impression that the federal government is promoting a white nationalist website.

    [–] Why do some mid tier schools have such great clerkship numbers? johnrich1080 1 points ago in lawschooladmissions

    AFAIK state clerkships aren't especially prestigious or really competitive.

    They might not be as competitive as federal appellate clerkships but most are about as competitive (or more so) as federal district courts. It does depend on the state.

    [–] Why do some mid tier schools have such great clerkship numbers? johnrich1080 5 points ago in lawschooladmissions

    Clerkships can be self feeding. If the school has graduates clerking for a judge the graduates will often relay tips and inside knowledge about the judge back to their school. Likewise, they can pass along recommendations to the judge.

    Also, a lot of those schools are the only school in that state so the judge has probably built a closer relationship with it and it’s alumni network. For example, there’s a ninth circuit judge on Phoenix who usually hires an ASU student every year and he usually meets said student while teaching a class there.

    [–] No More Corporate Lawyers on the Federal Bench johnrich1080 9 points ago in law

    You know there’s a line of cases going back to the late 19th century that this is based upon? Citizens United was only a shock to people who don’t know the facts or the law.

    [–] Man Accused Of Shooting 6 Philadelphia Police Officers Was Federal Snitch johnrich1080 -2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in law

    Unsurprisingly, the headline is somewhat misleading as The shooter was not working as an informant at the time of the shooting. Furthermore, all the cases where he cut deals occurred under the Bush and Obama administrations, so trying to trip up the current district attorney with this really just shows the partisan slant of “The Appeal”

    [–] Dear Professors of Reddit: Please don't wait until there's 48 hours left to give me 50 pages of reading johnrich1080 0 points ago in LawSchool

    That’s definitely old school lawyer thinking, in today’s saturated legal market you need to make the client’s emergency your emergency or they’ll go somewhere else.

    [–] Insurance Companies Are Paying Cops To Investigate Their Own Customers johnrich1080 3 points ago in law

    Insurance companies process thousands of claims every year. Is there proof that there’s a systematic attempt to not pay insurance claims as the article alleges or is this a case of being able to find a handful of mistakes or bad adjusters as the evidence presented seems to indicate?

    [–] Insurance Companies Are Paying Cops To Investigate Their Own Customers johnrich1080 15 points ago in law

    News flash: when your insurer thinks you’ve been defrauding them, they’ll call the police and provide the police with the evidence they have.

    There are some questions raised about the insurance company paying the salaries of prosecutors but buzzfeed seems to be ok with environmental groups paying the salary of assistant NY attorneys general to go after corporations they don’t like.

    [–] Philadelphia police officers respond to a shooting and barricade situation. Aug. 14, 2019 by Mark Makela [3500 X 2333] johnrich1080 0 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in policeporn

    Clean rifles.

    Yes, I too am sick of police officers using optics and tac lights to shoot more accurately. In a shoot out in an urban environment with the potential for significant civilian casualties nothing is better than “clean rifles”.

    [–] The Other Oberlin College Case – Expelled "John Doe" Appeal Involving 100 Percent Conviction Rate johnrich1080 20 points ago in law

    If you could get major news sources to cover these issues people could post those articles, but, for some unknown reason, they’re not interested in covering issues like this.

    [–] Gender Studies Career johnrich1080 3 points ago in pussypassdenied


    Just because the UN is hiring some people like that doesn’t mean they’re hiring a lot of people like that. There’s a job for every degree, doesn’t mean you’re likely to get to get that job. Especially if there’s a ton of people with that degree but only a few openings.

    [–] dude I totally forgot that I was waitlisted at harvard johnrich1080 1 points ago in lawschooladmissions

    There’s actually some reasoning to that. Law schools sometimes have people who don’t show up, quit, or leave within the first week of school. My wife’s class had some guy leave after the first day because his dream school offered him a spot last minute, so my wife’s school went down their waitlist until the found someone who was willing to start the next day.

    Although, I imagine not a lot of people leave or quit Harvard.

    [–] Can someone explain the legality of denying an elected official from touring a prison facility? johnrich1080 3 points ago in law

    And there are individuals in the federal government who can do that, but they’ve been vetted to insure they won’t be a security risk when they enter a secured facility. As opposed to a politician who is just as likely to compromise the safety of inmates and guards in order to score political points.

    [–] Cheeky Nazi at Bellagio fountains johnrich1080 1 points ago in vegas

    My grandfather joined the army to murder communists and to this day he’s called a hero. So does this meant I can start punching all the wannabe communists?