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    [–] Russian bro helps a stuck baby horse! jon_mt 45 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    It actually seems to be an Armenian guy in Kazakhstan. Speaks Russian though

    [–] Russian bro helps a stuck baby horse! jon_mt 176 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    Yeah, one of them said to the other not to come close cause it may kick out. He was getting close there.

    [–] [TMZ] Richard Jefferson's Father Killed In Drive-By Shooting In Compton jon_mt 5 points ago in nba

    Did you feel different from other kids or anything? Was there stuff your dad couldn't do ever?

    Considering that for 25% of kids the dad doesn't exist in their life, a dad who can't play a whole game of football can't be a big standout. Probably infinitely better in comparison

    [–] Anyone know any “screw you” rap songs? jon_mt 0 points ago in hiphop101

    Taylor Swift - Bad Blood feat. Kendrick Lamar

    [–] BFR Manned Moon Mission thread (Livestream at 6:00pm PDT) jon_mt 9 points ago in spacex

    Now I'm thinking about going on a cruise to Mars - just a cruise, I don't want to leave Earth. And it might actually happen in our lifetimes.

    [–] BFR Manned Moon Mission thread (Livestream at 6:00pm PDT) jon_mt 45 points ago in spacex

    Manned Moon Mission time (automatically converted to your device timezone).
    Should be mandatory on this sub to use this website or an analog.
    To create an event just type into google "create an event time and date".

    [–] How do I know whether my shooting woes are due to bad form, or to not enough practice? jon_mt 2 points ago in Basketball

    index finger follows through the center of the ball like it should

    There's plenty of great shooters who shoot with the middle finger though. So it's not key, just a preference I think.

    [–] Crazy how dumb these 2 can make each other look depending on which ball is used jon_mt 3 points ago in lakers

    He is still incredibly fast and agile while being two times bigger than Mbappe, but being one of the best attackers in football I think Mpabbe exploits the difference in centers it gravity easily.
    Though it would be interesting to see how LeBron would adopt to football. You're right in that he still has elite level qualities, which at that height haven't been tried in football before.

    [–] Crazy how dumb these 2 can make each other look depending on which ball is used jon_mt 14 points ago in lakers

    Come on bro, football is all about center of gravity. LeBron has no chance at 2.03m after the first change of direction by Mbappe.
    I was thinking LeBron might have a chance on offense, cause in football attackers don't really defend. But that's not that relevant because Mbappe wouldn't be a defender and football doesn't have 1-on-1s.

    [–] Basketball with pops jon_mt 1 points ago in Basketball

    In general, play skill-based game rather than an athleticism-based one, if you want to have quality time.
    I didn't understand why would my uncle need knee support when playing and didn't put much thought into "What can possibly keep older people from playing at my intensity?". Then I damaged my meniscus, not anything serious even, and I definitely understood that age will get to all of us (not feeling stability in the knee, needing bandages just to walk).
    So I imagine if I played someone young who would blow by me on every play it would tell that I'm way past it, but if we played more skilled-based we could have some damn damn good time.

    The one play you had is just basketball though. It will keep him honest next time.