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    [–] Neste rally 2017 crowd rushes to help rolled over drivers jon_mt 5 points ago in happycrowds

    Doesn't seem safe to me with the car flooring towards the people pulling it out.

    [–] The transfer window AC Milan never recovered from jon_mt 25 points ago in soccer

    I'm more of a Gas Central Heating fan myself, but I can understand the other perspective.

    [–] 6'4, an embarrassing 132lbs, help me please (Long post). jon_mt 1 points ago in gainit

    500 kcal surplus is recommended to folks who are at 2500-3000 maintenance levels. Even though you can't go wrong with it if you can manage it, see what works for you and maybe take it slower. For somebody at 1500 kcal it would make sense that it would seem like a proportionally bigger increase. Definitely don't be too hard on yourself.

    For me one of the biggest sources of calories is bread. It's not ideally healthy but I can't be a chooser. I cover it with sour cream (probably any spread, like melted cheese will work), which makes the bread multiple times more appetizing, and they both in turn make the meal more appetizing.

    [–] Match Thread: Leicester City vs Chelsea [English FA Cup] jon_mt 8 points ago in soccer

    Kante is legitimately one of the best dribblers and passers of the ball on our team.

    [–] Match Thread: Leicester City vs Chelsea [English FA Cup] jon_mt 1 points ago in soccer

    Over/under on at least one player going down with the cold within a week?

    [–] Dortmund 1-0 Hannover - Michy Batshuayi jon_mt 90 points ago in soccer

    We don't need him. He doesn't fit our philosophy of not scoring goals.

    [–] Planted my Model S in a light pole the other day... jon_mt 6 points ago in teslamotors

    Writing Prompt: it turns out the well-being of the English and Norwegians is a zero-sum game.

    [–] Julius Randle and Isaiah Thomas get into a heated kerfuffle on the bench jon_mt 8 points ago in nba

    It's Nike enforcing those City kits. We've been playing pretty much every game in them the last couple of months

    [–] Costa blurring out Conte’s name on his insta story jon_mt -7 points ago in chelseafc

    He didn't leave before Antonio set foot through the door.

    [–] [Post-Match Thread] Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea (4-1 agg.) - Champions League jon_mt 2 points ago in chelseafc

    I think Hazard is unsettled by Conte's tactics in regards to him to a degree. I might be wrong, but there's an argument that can be made for that.

    [–] [Post-Match Thread] Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea (4-1 agg.) - Champions League jon_mt 4 points ago in chelseafc

    Hot take, but I think if we'd played Cahill we wouldn't have conceded 4 goals over two legs.
    People on this sub seem to completely disregard experience. Cahill proved that he can keep a cool head in a big moment 6 years ago. These central defenders with the average age of less than 25 were visibly nervous.

    [–] Kanye West and Elon Musk jon_mt 12 points ago in HipHopImages

    Elon's twitter from 2011

    [–] Elon Musk Answers Your Questions! | SXSW 2018 (original video) jon_mt 1 points ago in teslamotors

    I wish in cases like these the mods would link to the previous discussion if there has been any.

    [–] Usher makes Laker legend Jack Nicholson show him his ticket jon_mt 9 points ago in nba

    How many games does he attend roughly in a season? I didn't know I could respect that man any more.