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    [–] OMGcosplay jonessinger 20 points ago in cosplaygirls

    The title is her IG name. Very good cosplays.

    [–] "Welcome to Gamestop" jonessinger 1 points ago in funny

    Don't understand why but ok?

    [–] "Welcome to Gamestop" jonessinger -17 points ago in funny

    You sir, have my upvote!

    [–] "Welcome to Gamestop" jonessinger 15 points ago in funny

    Wow this blew up more than I thought!

    [–] [Spoilers] A little theory I have come up with for Spider-Man Homecoming would not recommend reading unless you have seen the movie jonessinger 1 points ago in Spiderman

    Well like I said, we probably won't be seeing him again any time soon (if at all) but I think Oscorp could be buying the tower and personally I think it could really help shape the MCU for faze 4

    [–] What is your good advice for new Redditors? jonessinger 1 points ago in AskReddit

    This is probably going to get lost in the flood of comments but, Reddit to me is a community that is different than other parts of the internet, Reddit is like one big giant cluster of family and friends of whom you can share secrets with or just talk in general I don't have a lot of karma on Reddit but I have been on for a decent bit of time and I can tell you Reddit has some of the nicest people on the internet. I guess what I'm saying is my good advice is treat fellow redditors like you would family and friends.

    [–] Do you know what scene i'm talking about? jonessinger -2 points ago in Spiderman

    Bro put a spoiler warning for stuff like this, I've personally already seen this but others might not have.

    [–] Do you know what scene i'm talking about? jonessinger 2 points ago in Spiderman

    I feel like the whole movie was like that but I think for huge marvel fans it was


    The iron spider suit that tony showed peter that shit was pretty damn cool


    [–] Don't mess with me jonessinger 24 points ago in Spiderman

    In the trailers it shows him saying this to peter so not really.

    [–] The Walgreens in my neighborhood used to be a bank and they used its vault as their vitamin section jonessinger 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    This picture and pictures of this Walgreens have been on the internet for years, I'm sure they've surfaced on Reddit before. The pictures have been featured on ifunny with the same caption. I'm surprised no one knows about this pic.

    [–] Life of a cop jonessinger 1 points ago in gaming

    Thank you kind sir.

    [–] Life of a cop jonessinger 3 points ago in gaming

    Wait so is a 3rd party app required for this mod? I've never downloaded mods in GTA V and sadly might not be able to.

    [–] What screams "I have a small penis" ? jonessinger 1 points ago in AskReddit

    When I see someone I'm the road purposefully going fast to make their engine extremely loud, my response is "ay, I see millimeter peter for a new car!"

    [–] What weird thing turns you on? jonessinger 1 points ago in AskReddit

    So in other words gamers who don't come out for summer break lmao