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    [–] If i do mall gymnastics jonker5101 6 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    His name is Kyle

    Well that was pretty obvious.

    [–] CD Projekt plans Witcher 3-style expansions for Cyberpunk 2077 jonker5101 7 points ago in Games

    I believe there were actual graphical upgrades for that expansion.

    [–] CD Projekt plans Witcher 3-style expansions for Cyberpunk 2077 jonker5101 37 points ago in Games

    I think Hearts of Stone had the better story, by far.

    Blood and Wine was awesome, going to untraveled and completely different landscapes. But I wasn't a big fan of the Detlaff/Syanna storyline.

    [–] Fish trap jonker5101 2 points ago in gifs

    Good chicken fingers always cost $8. Ever notice that? I smell a conspiracy.

    [–] Galaxy Note 10 will reportedly launch Aug. 7 in New York jonker5101 16 points ago in gadgets

    Switching your phone's font to Comic Sans undoubtedly adds 30% processing power, extending the lifespan of the phone.

    [–] [COOLER] NZXT RL-KRX62-02 Kraken X62 280mm All-in-one Water/Liquid CPU Cooling - $119.98 ($159.99-$40.01) jonker5101 1 points ago in buildapcsales

    I've heard this has some trouble fitting into an NZXT S340 (not Elite) because of the IO in the top front of the case? Can anyone confirm?

    [–] Local kids' metal group absolutely shreds it. jonker5101 3 points ago in videos

    and the people walking by. I laughed at how bad I felt

    Oh God that is awful but yeah it's definitely funny. Poor kid will never be playing those blast beats.

    [–] We've all been there jonker5101 5 points ago in witcher

    Have the game installed on an SSD, loads in no time at all.

    [–] nasty jonker5101 2 points ago in trashy

    Nope not really. I'm not the person you were replying to, but I'm in the same boat. Have had every medical digestive test under the sun, drinking every day just causes nasty shits.

    [–] Realtor recommendations jonker5101 0 points ago in lehighvalley

    Barb Filaseta, she's great! Helped us buy our first home in Easton last year. Very friendly and made the process very easy.

    [–] How Practical is a Cast Iron Skillet for An Amateur Home Cook? jonker5101 1 points ago in Cooking

    Every time I do this, the oil comes out super sticky. What am I doing wrong?

    [–] Doggo's polite and subtle implication that he is interested in going for a walk jonker5101 4 points ago in aww

    I've done the same, which is when my wife realized I'm a big dummy when I spelled it "O W T."

    OK she probably knew before that but I've never lived it down.

    [–] At some point, Subway convinced us all it's healthy to eat a whole loaf of bread in one sitting. jonker5101 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Probably the worst part of Subway isn't the bread, it's the soda you get if you make it a combo.

    I've literally never gotten a combo at Subway. It feels weird to me? Something about Subway just makes me want only the sandwich. Any other fast food place I'll get the combo, but getting a soda and bag of chips with my sub doesn't feel the same? Am I just weird or do other people feel this way?

    [–] TIFU by giving my 19 year old Puggle the fat off my t-bone steak jonker5101 9 points ago in tifu

    I'm so sorry to hear about your dog but I read that as "splattered heart" and got very concerned as to what happened.

    [–] Thieves run right to the police waiting outside jonker5101 2 points ago in instant_regret

    Yeah, you really don't want to fuck with Costco. They take everything seriously.

    [–] What is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime? jonker5101 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Grand Theft Auto 5

    Final Fantasy IX and X

    Dead Space 3

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    The Witcher 3

    My only I'm getting old and can't dedicate much time anymore. :(

    [–] Let's celebrate Father's day by not letting him pick his own dinner jonker5101 3 points ago in trashy

    If you're eating it by yourself there's a reason you feel like's meant to be split by like 4 people. It's about 800 calories.

    [–] Let's celebrate Father's day by not letting him pick his own dinner jonker5101 3 points ago in trashy

    I've always wondered the same thing. It looks like a fully stocked grocery store, but doesn't seem like a real store. I've wondered where all that food goes. That's very cool. Good guy Guy.

    [–] Houston pastor who backed bill criminalizing abortion arrested for alleged child sex abuse jonker5101 24 points ago in news

    Let us not forget.

    Now I'm not saying I'm 100% on this, but signs are pointing in a serious direction of "someone's life got threatened if they didn't stop going after Mr. Trump." The fact that Epstein was mentioned, combined with your quote about him liking girls on the "young side" isn't something to ignore.

    Also you don't have 23 allegations of sexual misconduct if you've never done anything wrong, sorry, it just doesn't happen.