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    [–] How do you argue with irrational people? jorgeblake73 1 points ago in AskReddit

    You can't. don't waste your time with them

    [–] What is the most sadistic and screwed up stories of someone you have heard? What crime or gruesome act did they commit that goes beyond a persons imagination of mentally unwell? jorgeblake73 3 points ago in AskReddit

    In the 1890s serial killer Albert Fish met the Budd family, he kidnapped their 10 year old daughter Grace under the pretense of taking her to a birthday party, rather she was brought to an abandoned house where Albert strangled, dismembered, cooked and ate her body. He later wrote a letter to Grace's family detailing how he killed and butchered her. excerpt from the letter; "First I stripped her naked. How she did kick – bite and scratch. I choked her to death then cut her in small pieces so I could take my meat to my rooms, cook and eat it. How sweet and tender her little ass was roasted in the oven. It took me 9 days to eat her entire body. I did not fuck her, though, I could of had I wished. She died a virgin."