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    [–] ONE HOUR!!! ||-// joshua_james_m 6 points ago in twentyonepilots

    When does it release for central?

    [–] 9(ish) days until TRENCH joshua_james_m 25 points ago in twentyonepilots

    WhAt'S a BlUrRyFaCe???

    [–] How to invest one million dollars? joshua_james_m 1 points ago in passive_income

    Look into Robert kiyosaki cashflow quadrant and rich dad poor dad. Real estate is the way to go.

    [–] Link made me do it joshua_james_m 1 points ago in goodmythicalmorning

    How does it compare to almond milk?

    [–] No one is safe joshua_james_m 1 points ago in Unexpected


    [–] On the Road! joshua_james_m 70 points ago in Perfectfit

    It's amazing what photoshop can do.