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    [–] Relying solely on WGU material for studying? jouleheretolearn 2 points ago in WGU

    I use WGU materials, Quizlet, Google Scholar for research along with our library, and occasionally watch YouTube videos to supplement knowledge.

    [–] Update (ish) on keeping my mom out of the delivery room! jouleheretolearn 1 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    Is there someone you trust and wouldn't tell your mom that you'd feel comfortable having with you, or you could do what I did and get a doula.

    We were in similar circumstances with my husband's work, so we lined up a doula, and it was awesome. She was such a help for both my husband and I, and if I had been alone then it would have been even more important that she was there.

    [–] What would you have done? - MIL walks away when i give her the baby jouleheretolearn 7 points ago in Mildlynomil

    It definitely feels like she is trying to play mommy, and it creeps me out. Honestly, I'd start saying no to her. When asked why, simply put, if she cant follow directions that you give including not walking off with your kid then she just won't get to hold your kid.

    [–] Fishing time with (spoiler) in the morning jouleheretolearn 0 points ago in TsukiAdventure

    I think the sheriff shows up around 9am. I've fished before then with no issue, but Inu isn't always there.

    [–] My blue girl is the best babysitter! jouleheretolearn 1 points ago in AustralianCattleDog

    Mine has been awesome. She got scared when he started crawling, but now they're best friends! I'm sure once he can throw sticks they'll be inseparable. :)

    Only big downsides, she is protective so she went from super quiet to barking when startled or concerned and when we first brought him home she woke up with every noise he made which woke me up so that was rough. Once she realized she didn't need to freak at each noise, I got to sleep a whole lot better,lol.

    [–] Cloth diapers and boys jouleheretolearn 4 points ago in clothdiaps

    Ok, so we are cloth diapering my baby boy, and he frankly does more damage tugging on his parts than we ever do cleaning and diapering.

    [–] Is it realistic to work 70 hours/week, every week for a year? jouleheretolearn 1 points ago in productivity

    My mom did that for 9 years until she had a stroke a year ago. There were other factors like toxic work environment, varying shift schedule, and lack of a fridge on site so she and coworkers could eat healthier.

    Hours worked is one factor, what are the other factors? What kind of a support system do you have, is the schedule consistent, are you taking care of yourself, and how are you under pressure like that?

    [–] It's that day again jouleheretolearn 2 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    Lol, more like 45 days to go, and realizing life would be easier if I get more performance assessments done this week than the next. Turnaround on a task yesterday from submission to evaluation completed was under an hour. :)

    [–] I AM her manager, but... jouleheretolearn 3 points ago in IDontWorkHereLady

    True story! I know the nicest Karen, but unfortunately she and you are the standalone examples of nice Karen's I know . :(

    [–] What single life change did you make that drastically increased your productivity? jouleheretolearn 1 points ago in productivity

    Lol, thanks, stubborn and determined is more like. I didn't realize how hard being a mom would be or what reserves I'd find within me until I had no other choice.

    You can do it. Really, really. I've spent most of my life an ADHD, anxiety ridden procrastinating mess, but having someone worth fighting for and setting up these systems has made all the difference.

    [–] What single life change did you make that drastically increased your productivity? jouleheretolearn 2 points ago in productivity

    An 8.5 x 11" whiteboard, and a system.

    So when my baby was born last year, I knew with everything on my plate, and being a procrastinator especially when sleep deprived, I'd need help.

    Motivation is for crap. Systems are my lifesaver. My kid is on a routine, I have a morning and evening and nap routines. I complete on average 15-17 credits a semester while being primary caregiver and doing 90% of household, pet, meal prep stuff since SO is in the military on a weird/difficult schedule. In this past year, I have also had surgery, taken care of my mom after surgery, and all of life's other stuff, along with the above. I'd get sleep, real sleep most nights. How?

    I choose 1-2 tasks that will take a lot of time or mental effort, I choose what needs to get done for family, house, myself, etc on the whiteboard, and I plan it out.

    For instance, before baby wakes at approx. 7am, I walk/feed dog, shower (etc), make coffee, practice spanish and math, and work on a class assignment, then wake SO if he isn't already.

    I do as much household and meal prep stuff as I can with baby in tow, he won't learn even he never sees it done, right?

    Naptime - this is primetime study time. Baby asleep, dog likely asleep, SO at work, I slog or blitz but either way I study for half an hour then tidy ( stuff like clean tubs, vacuum, argue with insurance companies - stuff hard to do with baby), then back to studying until baby wakes. If I'm lucky whatever I needed to do is complete and I can read or workout.

    Evening - Prep for the next day including make sure everyone's breaksfast is set up, apartment is mostly tidied, pick out clothes especially if it's a gym day tomorrow, defrost dinner, pack diaper bag and anything else that needs to be, get in comfy pajamas ( shower if time will limited in morning), fill out my whiteboard for the next day along with check calendar.

    Go to sleep. Rinse. Repeat.

    I'm productive, because anything less than is less than the mother my son deserves.

    [–] How do you teach others about BLW? jouleheretolearn 2 points ago in BabyLedWeaning

    Lol, exactly! That's what sold my husband on it, that and pointing out that we just adjust the salt in recipes, and he can eat what we eat since the other big thing to avoid is added sugar and we want to avoid it too.

    It took time introducing foods both making sure he wasnt allergic ( was told by dr 1 new food every 2-3 days so that you know what they're reacting to), and helping him figure stuff out.

    It saves money, he is happy and more independent, and I'm happy because when he is eating meals and snacks I can eat or clean the kitchen or prep food, etc.

    [–] How do you teach others about BLW? jouleheretolearn 1 points ago in BabyLedWeaning

    You can send them some videos from Youtube of babies going to town on food.

    Also, you can let them know if they complain about the mess in the videos, that it's good for kids development. They learn more that way.

    We started BLW at about 7 months, and my original plan was do a bit of purees and BLW so we could find out potential allergies without worrying about textural problems at the same time. My kid HATES being fed after about 2 months of doing both, we are solidly only BLW, and we both love it. He just turned 1.

    I can eat with him or work on school stuff while talking and sitting with him while he eats, it's awesome.

    [–] [UPDATE] My fiancee and I are having drama caused by my family about what we name our son... jouleheretolearn 1 points ago in JUSTNOFAMILY

    Congratulations on the birth of Peter! ( Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe? Did I guess right?)

    Also, congrats you are already some awesome parents because those spines are SHINY. Part of being a good parent is setting and enforcing healthy boundaries, you knocked that out of the park!

    I hope everyone is recovering well from labor and delivery, and that your Peter is healthy and strong and let's you get sleep soon. I was very happy to read this update, and know you guys are well. :)

    [–] Diaper changes turning into wrestling matches - Advice please! jouleheretolearn 1 points ago in AttachmentParenting

    We are doing cloth diapers, and if we did pull ups right now I think he'd take them off during bed and nap times.. . .

    [–] Diaper changes turning into wrestling matches - Advice please! jouleheretolearn 1 points ago in AttachmentParenting

    Right?!? Like I'm glad he has our constitution and strength except when he uses it against us,lol.

    Any suggestions are helpful, even if they are something I have tried, maybe someone else who is afraid to ask will see the advice and have it help them. :)

    [–] How to Study Long Hours Without Losing (Much) Concentration jouleheretolearn 2 points ago in GetStudying

    This article isn't helpful for say a working adult with a 1 year old, and a spouse that travels. . . .

    Heck, even the first time I was in college this wouldn't be realistic, between other obligations, work schedule, etc I can't recall a single day I had this open for studying.

    [–] Diaper changes turning into wrestling matches - Advice please! jouleheretolearn 2 points ago in AttachmentParenting

    Thanks! We do standing up for any wet only diaper changes, if there's poop, no way,lol.

    I'm glad I'm not alone. I've been feeling horrible about it.

    [–] $2.40 a day for the next 10 days jouleheretolearn 2 points ago in povertyfinance

    Eggs, ramen, bag of frozen mixed veggies, and oatmeal. That'll cost in my area for more than 10 days worth, about 10 dollars. If you have spices and butter along with the above, you're golden!

    Been there, you got this.

    [–] Mom has been upping the No, but I am a grey rock-star jouleheretolearn 15 points ago in Mildlynomil

    Keep doing you, and keep holding that baby :)

    My LO is 1 year old now, and he is moving so much so I miss the snuggles. He likes to snuggle before naps and bedtime, and I just eat it up. They grow up so fast so I'm with you.

    Good on you for grey rocking and for moving farther away. I can't even with her. Smdh

    [–] Motivational fun fact jouleheretolearn 2 points ago in fitpregnancy

    My only comparison is knowing my mom and aunt both took about 24 hours with their first, I took 8.5 hours.

    While they both were active at the time, they didn't work out especially while pregnant.

    I worked full time as a massage therapist on the 2nd floor of a Victorian house (laundry in the basement) until 30 ish weeks. I went on maternity leave early then since I kept feeling like I'd give birth early and I wanted time to meal prep and nest. Good call, he came at 35 weeks,lol. I also worked out consistently before pregnancy, and while I didn't lift weights I took our dog on hour walk daily and did some physical therapy exercises at home and yoga.

    I'm both happy and terrified with the prospect of labor shorter than 8.5 hours. I'd be more happy with an easier recovery.

    [–] MIL asks her first question about a grandchild in years, and more! jouleheretolearn 8 points ago in Mildlynomil

    I love how much you both are there for your kids, it means a lot. I'm at this interesting point in my life where I'm about to become a special ed teacher and I'm a first time mom, and seeing people not get how awesome people are who are on the spectrum, not have patience for children, baffles and pisses me off. Kids who are neurotypical or not, have little to no impulse control, as in their brains don't have the ability yet so the idea of not having patience with kids is absurd.

    So I hope that if they can't learn to love your family as you are, that they piss off and go away, leaving you to thrive with a whole lot less stress.