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    [–] For those who played it the past few years at Gencon jouleheretolearn 3 points ago in gencon

    It really does. It's great for short episodic campaigns at a con, or longer more intense hone campaigns. I've gotten to play it for 4 years, and so that we could test it out for GMs, my husband and I got to run some one nighters. I have found on both ends it to be an easy, fun game system.

    I would say a little more complex or different than 5E D&D and a lot easier to start players in than Shadowrun. Mind you I love both of those systems, this is just more role play and Monster of the Week, and less dice rolling to it than your average game system. Also, a lot of the spelling, readability, lack of clarity, etc issues that indie and some bigger RPGs have this one doesn't (at least it has been beta read by a dozen experienced gamers who went looking for those sort of issues).

    Check it out, it's worth a look or two! Also, I think there are still some backer slots at $35 that until there is 50 at that level will get the book in hardcover along with the previous tiers.

    [–] I really love and have nothing but praise for WGU...but there is 1 thing that bothers me... jouleheretolearn 2 points ago in WGU

    My favorite course like US History have the study guides right on the main page, and even organized by Task. Then, in them, they recommend what to read. If every course was more like that, I'd love it, and repeatedly say it in surveys. Btw, they really do pay attention to students' opinions on courses.

    [–] Was almost withdrawn for non-payment jouleheretolearn 1 points ago in WGU

    Ask your enrollment counselor and student advisor, they sometimes have options we miss or don't have access to yet.

    [–] This had me rolling jouleheretolearn 1 points ago in Mommit

    Except with whooping cough and infants it is an entirely different situation. Measles isnt the only vaccine people aren't getting. So sure, if you attach measles to the image I can see your point, but not all other vaccines.

    [–] MIL cant accept thay my baby is lactose... jouleheretolearn 1 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    Have her show them this.

    Then, to them and other people who are not listening to her, I recommend telling them her toddler has a casein and whey allergy. That might do the trick. My kid had this problem, and it is not fun fo say the least to deal with people who don't just listen and follow parents' rules for kid's diet.

    [–] Was almost withdrawn for non-payment jouleheretolearn 1 points ago in WGU

    You could apply to scholarships, and talk with both financial aid office and your student advisor about this. You aren't the first nor the last student to deal with financial difficulties. They may have more personalized advice for you. Good luck!

    [–] Was almost withdrawn for non-payment jouleheretolearn 3 points ago in WGU

    I'm sorry for those who have a difficult situation, here's the thing. Check your email. I repeat, check it. You should be checking it either every few days or whenever you log in.

    You can add it to your gmail app if you have gmail on your phone. It is the work of a minute, and yes you can turn off notifications if you need to for work or whatever.

    Part of orientation, part of warnings posted here by previous students has repeatedly said that not checking and maintaining appropriate communication with school will be an issue. If you are at the beginning of a term, doubly so.

    So LPT: When in college, check your school email regularly.

    [–] I'm so gullible jouleheretolearn 21 points ago in beyondthebump

    Do you nurse? If so, do you pump or have formula around? It sounds like you need a day and a night away, and take the PS4 with so you can get your gaming in. Go to a friend or family's, or stay in a hotel. Sleep, eat, game, and let him learn what it is you do.

    Do not bargain, do not set anything up outside of minimum to keep little one alive and well.

    You may come back to a trashed home, but hopefully you'll come back to someone who has an inkling of what you do.

    What worked for us: I woke up my husband n kicked him out of bed saying your turn and moved the dog to his spot. I wrote down all I do in a day between college, house, baby, and dog, and asked when exactly I eat bonbons? Then, when stuff started to improve ish but there were still arguments and lack of house help (baby and not whining about being stuck alone with baby while I had a class webinar to attend etc was what improved) we started counseling. I highly recommend it. So does my husband who was worried it meant something worse. For me, it was simple, we either fix crap now, or when in there when it's too late to fix things, and it means divorce.

    Also, I recommend before he calls you, check basic note you left on routine if baby has one (we did because otherwise pumping and coursework would never have happend), and if the answer isn't there, Google it, or figure it out. He isn't babysitting, he is parenting.

    [–] My pretentious AF go-to Keto lunch: A spicy Smoked Salmon, Avocado & Serrano Salad with Wild Violets jouleheretolearn 3 points ago in ketorecipes

    That is just pretty. Next time someone asks why I eat keto, doesn't that mean I'm not eating veggies or fruits I'm going to show them this. Just so pretty, and thanks for the recipe and whomever mentioned going to middle eastern market for olive oil.

    [–] Anyone else going crazy for berries? jouleheretolearn 3 points ago in xxketo

    Berries are my treat these days. I even take the keto chocolate sauce recipe from a keto mug cake recipe, and have chocolate and strawberries while gaming and everyone is eating junk. It's my happy place.

    [–] I told my parents our wishes for the birth of our twins and my dad made a scene. jouleheretolearn 2 points ago in JUSTNOFAMILY

    Here are some return comments if they bring this up again.

    Cool, Dad, so we are all going to be there for your next colonoscopy, right? Everyone in the room, right?

    Hey brother, should we be there for the conception of your next kid? You mean, no? Why? It's the same as wanting to be in the room when I'm having surgery. Or we could wait outside the door, if you prefer, I mean that's what you want to do to me.

    Ok now that I've released the snark, because I am beyond pissed for you as a mom myself, oh heck no to this crap from them.

    This is your hospital stay, you make the calls. When they are going through a medical procedure, they can make the calls. If they want to behave like anything other than adults who respect your decisions, then for every BS comment and blowup like this, they will not see the babies for a week. Two reasons, sets a clear boundary. Your kids, your body, your rules. Period, no discussion needed. Two, if they are going to be this violently rude, screaming and caterwauling like pieces of crud instead of being supportive, then you and your family deserve the peace that their absence will provide.

    Please reach out to your hospital, and make sure that your information and stay is all locked down. No one is to know when you are there, etc without your approval.

    I'm sorry that this their behavior. Even my mildlyjustno mil knew better than to try to be there, although she and I had to explain to my husband that only those who are medical professionals or have already seen the whole show were allowed in my delivery room until I was ready to receive visitors, and that was going to post shower and post poop, thank you very much. He didn't get it until I explained how his mom and I don't want memories of her seeing everything, and with her arthritis and Parkinson's how would she help? Followed by, my procedure, my rules, he has surgery, she can be there if he wants it.Worked out really well since baby came at nearly midnight so we didn't even call anyone outside of my mom to cancel dinner plans. We had grandparents, and godparents there the next night for a few hours total, then back to rest for me.

    Congrats on your babies, and your much healthier marriage for them to be coming into the world to. I'm so glad that you have more support now, and I only hope that you and your little ones are healthy, stay healthy, and have a blessed bonding time post delivery.

    [–] Do people really not get it? Or do they not care? jouleheretolearn 1 points ago in beyondthebump

    Nothing gives them the right. I'm sorry she did this. It's not okay, and right now all that matters is your 4 month old baby is healthy, and that you are working on healing and being healthy. Not because her or anyone's opinion matters, but because your health matters so you can do what you need like take care of your sweet little one, and do what you want.

    [–] Sweat Shop Environment? jouleheretolearn 2 points ago in massage

    I have been a contractor, and did that, even scheduled workouts and appointments between clients, but that's because my boss was lowkey and awesome.

    I really hope she finds a much better work environment.

    [–] Sweat Shop Environment? jouleheretolearn 2 points ago in massage

    It means that if she isn't paid, that time is her, and she should not be working when she isn't paid unless it's tasks described in her contract and agreed upon.

    [–] Sweat Shop Environment? jouleheretolearn 3 points ago in massage

    This is illegal. Check to see how they are labeled job wise, employee or independent contractor. Have her write down exact incidents that you find break labor laws in Australia, and contact your labor law authorities.

    Her crap boss is doing this because he has gotten away with it, it's time he didnt. Also,idk how to set up travel massage in Australia versus US, but she could easily leave and make a good living that way depending on laws and your area.

    [–] My son is 4 and in a private school with 2 amazing teachers. Today I get a text from his teacher he had been on time out 3 times (screaming and crying) put his hand on 3 kids. He’s shall I a good kid. I think he needs extra consequences when he gets home. Any advice? jouleheretolearn 1 points ago in Teachers

    Has he had a new stressors, good or bad added to his life recently? Is he not feeling well? Is he having a hard time expressing himself, and then gets angry and acts out?

    Is he tired? How has he slept the past week? Plenty of adults have a short fuse when tired or upset, and we usually have more impulse control and tools to communicate that, little ones are still growing the part of their brain that gives them impulse control.

    Definitely talk with his teachers on how to reinforce what they're doing, find the root of it, and work as a team. That's they would love to do with you because it just makes everyone's lives easier including your son's. He gets consistent, empathetic care that's unified in helping him.

    I'm glad you are up for asking for help, and want to work to help reinforce, and aren't just randomly punishing, etc. It really helps.

    [–] Do you take your kids to daycare on your days off? jouleheretolearn 2 points ago in Mommit

    No prob, it's what we're here for. Repeatedly, my friend who is an early interventionist says that routines that still allow for independent play and exploration are the best of both worlds for our littles, that it reinforces their feeling of safety and trust while giving them chances to grow and stay curious. You are giving him that by honoring what you both need.

    I had to learn the hard way that less time with me, but healthier, happier version of me is better for my loved ones, and helps us have better relationships.

    [–] DH is taking his mother on the weekend getaway we planned. jouleheretolearn 3 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    If it's a 5 hour drive, then, wouldn't it be better for her to fly? She could go early, and spend extra time with relatives. If it's a possibility, maybe your DH could suggest it?

    Don't give up your romantic getaway. Please.

    [–] Do you take your kids to daycare on your days off? jouleheretolearn 1 points ago in Mommit

    Awww, see it's his routine and a happy place. Never feel guilty for giving him that while you are able to get more done and recharge. Then, you have more to give when with him.

    [–] Do you take your kids to daycare on your days off? jouleheretolearn 1 points ago in Mommit

    Heck yeah, my kid gets excited whenever he sees other littles, and we try to be social as much as possible. I cant wait until he starts daycare, I think he will love it, and it means I'm student teaching!

    [–] Do you take your kids to daycare on your days off? jouleheretolearn 1 points ago in Mommit

    Nope, not a bad mom at all. I'm a SAHM with a 1 year old, and he goes to a sitter for 8 to 10 hours a week so I can get college coursework done and meal prep and go to the gym. That way even if he doesn't nap, and especially when my SO is out of town, I still have time to do this stuff. It's been a lifesaver. He likes it because he gets to see his friends. Win win.

    [–] Finally showing my 7 year old. He is mesmerized!! jouleheretolearn 12 points ago in Stargate

    Lol, I rewatched all of SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis and the movies while pregnant, and then during the first few months of postpartum. My mom thought it was adorable.

    Because of my job(massage therapist) spa music puts my kid to sleep, and since I would change my music during lunch to soundtrack music, so does Star wars and SG-1. 👍🤣🤣

    [–] I have a PB&J problem. Help me find alternatives? jouleheretolearn 1 points ago in EatCheapAndHealthy

    Does lunch have to be sandwich? Do you have access to a microwave or fridge or both, or even just a cooler?