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    [–] I got my new nametags for October ready. jpotter0 1 points ago in cricut

    Not mine. I teach first grade. Maybe Santa’s a student, maybe it’s a joke, but I’m just showcasing the cut and layering for anyone on the sub’s enjoyment.

    [–] The First Episode Of S37 Is Called “Appearances Are Deceiving,” which clearly sets... jpotter0 1 points ago in survivor

    My guess is that Goliaths go to tribal with you, Mike, John, Jeremy, and Alec having formed a tight men’s alliance. You band together with Natalia to vote out Natalie, but Alec that sneaky snake flips his and Natalia’s vote and helps the women vote out John.

    You say the quote in the dark opening scene of episode 2 as Goliaths return from tribal, referencing Alec (the chicken) flying the coop (alliance).

    [–] How do I turn down a 10-year-old's invitation to hang out? jpotter0 1 points ago in AskParents

    That does make it a little more difficult. I’m not sure. If I think of something I’ll let you know.

    [–] How do I turn down a 10-year-old's invitation to hang out? jpotter0 2 points ago in AskParents

    I’d definitely have a chat with her parents who can break the news to her. But why is she hanging out in the hallway all day waiting for you? Does she need a role model? I’d consider the full story before anything else.

    [–] Do you think TIU avoided the dreaded “sophomore slump?” jpotter0 12 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in thisisus

    I think this season will be the slump now that the whole “how did jack die” mystery is solved.

    ETA: y’all I’m not saying that that’s the whole point of the show. I’m saying that the singular event that was teased in commercials from basically the second or third episode when Rebecca showed up with Miguel has finally happened. I remember the commercial...”everyone’s asking: where is Jack?”

    The family, their struggles, and coping is all important but when the commercials and several teasing flashbacks from both S1 and S2 (such as the kids as teens standing at the casket, so we know it was in the high school storyline) was a MAJOR event and mystery that is over. They tried to throw in the Jack’s brother thing toward the end of S2 but it seemed to me that it had more to do with writers wondering how they could get a new story/mystery instead of just continuing dwelling on the Jack death.

    [–] Here’s an extremely low effort post that I thought would be funny jpotter0 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in antiMLM

    Of course it’s worthless, it expired April of 2015! /s

    [–] Tornado knocked out power to my end of the city, may not be restored for a few days. I got this, right? jpotter0 1 points ago in daddit

    Everyone bashing you for not giving room temp water but what you’re doing isn’t bad. Neither of my kids would drink anything less than 100 degree (Fahrenheit, before anyone gets confused) formula. Keep on doing what you gotta do. Just don’t melt the fucking bottle on the grill please.

    [–] High school teaching of foreign language jpotter0 3 points ago in SpanishTeachers

    You’re probably gonna need a degree in Education as well

    [–] Random app at the top of screen time list. jpotter0 1 points ago in apple

    I thought it might be the Safari shortcuts I have saved to my home screen but I have no basis for this thought other than I had several weird number-name apps and also several safari shortcuts saved.

    (Not to be confused with the Shortcuts app).

    [–] Not sure if what im trying to do is possible jpotter0 2 points ago in cricut

    Why not just take some scissors or a rotary blade to cut the rectangle either before or after cutting on the machine? I’d understand if it were a circle or oval but a rectangle should be easy to cut with scissors.

    [–] ______ Curse Over jpotter0 48 points ago in BigBrother

    I remember everyone was so high on Tyler (pun intended) preseason and when Julie called his name in the first group, he looked immediately shook, knowing about the curse. He took an extra second to meander meanwhile Bayleigh bolted. It was hilarious to watch.

    [–] I have found the precise borders of Seattle's "liberal bubble" jpotter0 1 points ago in SeattleWA

    Bremerton used to have another that would’ve thrown the circle off. It was right under the first e in queen.

    [–] Honestly all season I wasn't a fan but this was TOO CUTE 😭 jpotter0 4 points ago in BigBrother

    Yeah, I came here to say the same thing. Why didn’t the spoiler tag make it look like the grey “pixel” boxes we normally see?

    [–] What do you know about your workplace that you are not supposed to know? jpotter0 11 points ago in AskReddit

    The key to get in the front door also opens the storage room. The front desk acts like it requires the master key to keep control over supplies.

    [–] Tell me one amazing thing that happened in your classroom today. jpotter0 2 points ago in teaching

    We called it the scrapbook project. They glued/taped then to a card stock I provided for them to take home. We learned just how many kids love soccer, and that two kids visited Yellowstone last summer (which is surprising not living in Wyoming).

    Full transparency: I stole this from another teacher, too.

    [–] Tell me one amazing thing that happened in your classroom today. jpotter0 5 points ago in teaching

    My students got to share pictures they brought in from home with the class under the document camera. A get-to-know-you activity. It was the only time all kids were engaged positively today.

    Also, no absences on picture day!

    [–] [Aus] screenshot from new trailer for next episode. This really makes me think we're about to see a _____ jpotter0 5 points ago in survivor

    Someone says “no no no, you didn’t play it” which makes me think we may need an audible (or Troyzan) to interpret the rules of how long you can hold off before standing up. Does JLP take a vote out but Benji stands up with his idol right before it’s unfolded? That’s what I’m thinking and Benji goes out on that hesitation.

    [–] Pretty sure I haven't cried this hard for any character death (SPOILERS) jpotter0 3 points ago in lost

    When Sawyer, Jack and Kate realize that Jin and Sun aren’t with them, I agree. That’s when it really got sad.