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    [–] I can't talk to people who grew up wealthy jsully245 1 points ago in TrueOffMyChest

    I had a friend who was mad her parents got her a used Cadillac for her 16th birthday instead of a new Mercedes. She didn’t even get her license for another year. I think she figured out her privilege and chilled a bit in college though

    [–] Why do adults stop having sleepovers/slumber parties? jsully245 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    I think it’s because it’s actually feasible to hang out until 4 AM without sleeping over. Having a car and no parents to tell you when to go to bed, you can get all the social enjoyment of a sleepover without having to awkwardly ask someone if you can sleep on their floor for a few hours

    [–] Calcium supplements? jsully245 2 points ago in lactoseintolerant

    I do. I’m vegetarian, so I already have to plan meals around protein. If I had to plan around calcium too, there’s a good chance I’d miss one or the other fairly often, so this makes sure I get what I need

    [–] I’m I the only one freaking out when I see 10-14 year old Redditors? jsully245 2 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    This is exactly the reason I decided to quit internet arguments entirely. I’m willing to have a conversation with someone of unknown age, but I’m not about to let a 13 year old draw me into an argument, and I never know who’s 13

    [–] Straight people, what burning questions do you have about the LGBTQ Community? jsully245 1 points ago in AskReddit

    It’s absolutely a thing, though I have no clue how it works. Most of the people I’m into also happen to be queer. It’s nice that way

    [–] gay irl jsully245 38 points ago in gay

    The “why is being gay ur whole personality” thing annoys me for a lot of reasons, but one of the less-discussed ones is how presumptive it is. Like do you really think you know my whole personality? You’re just seeing what I show outwardly around you. A more accurate way of them saying it would be, “You make being gay a bigger part of your personality than I think is reasonable,” but they would never say that because that would make it obvious how it’s none of their business

    [–] Ariarne Titmus’s coach after she beat Katie Ledecky in the 400m free jsully245 1 points ago in sports

    In case you needed more proof that the Olympics ban on sex is unenforceable, here’s a guy fucking a railing

    [–] So.... I got earrings and they aren't dress code at work. jsully245 2 points ago in asktransgender

    The right for trans people to dress as their gender at work was recently confirmed by the Supreme Court. I’m not a lawyer, but if you’re in the US, this does not sound legal

    [–] Grocery shopping jsully245 7 points ago in uofm

    This exactly except I’m an undergrad

    [–] Rivian is building a second U.S. plant jsully245 8 points ago in Rivian

    If Lordstown Motors closes any time soon, the Lordstown plant would be a really nice solution

    [–] Yup jsully245 3 points ago in thedavidpakmanshow

    Hi, nice to meet you Australia

    [–] Bad days are hard jsully245 19 points ago in mypartneristrans

    I had a partner who would ask me what I needed, between listening, comfort, or time alone, and I really appreciated that. Personally, I tend to prefer either to be alone or maybe to cuddle silently, so there’s only so much someone else can offer me after the initial listening part

    [–] My sexuality seems to have shifted since starting HRT. Is that weird? jsully245 3 points ago in TransyTalk

    Nope! I was bi, leaning far towards women, and probably demi before HRT. Now I lean towards men and I’m allo. It’s wild but it’s pretty common

    [–] Whats your biggest problem while in college? jsully245 8 points ago in college

    Mental health. I can handle classes fine as long as I’m not in the midst of a suicidal crisis. One crisis can start a domino effect that fucks up an entire semester

    [–] [OT] Ferrari Confirms 4WD Hybrid for Prototype-Based LMH Car. jsully245 1 points ago in formula1

    Pole at Monaco, now Le Mans, is there a new triple crown on the horizon?

    [–] What is your unpopular opinion on Breaking Bad jsully245 1 points ago in breakingbad

    The fact he wasn’t willing to pay off the guys in prison diminished how much of a true kingpin he could be to me. He couldn’t do what Gus did bc he stopped being careful