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    [–] Steve Harvey's roast about Tom Brady at the NFL Honors show julianfoolian 6 points ago in Patriots

    Lol I wouldn't really call it a roast of Tom - more like the feelings of anyone who is not a Patriots fan.

    [–] Time Lapse - Super Bowl LI from Above julianfoolian 4 points ago in nfl

    This was absolutely pointless. I was at least waiting for the confetti at the end which would be a change of pace from the clusters of dots scrambling across the screen.

    [–] Unpopular Opinion Thread: Post Conference Championship julianfoolian 17 points ago in nfl

    If you’re praising him for just making the SB, how can you ignore that Brady has been to 9...?

    [–] Someone posted this moment with no sound & I just added something a little extra 😎 julianfoolian 7 points ago in Patriots

    Where do you live? An away game could be easier and less expensive. I live in Jersey, the @Jets game is always a blast, mostly because the Pats fans outnumber the Jets fans a lot of the time lol

    [–] Tom Brady Tears Up When Talking About His Dad At Super Bowl Media Day (2017) julianfoolian 18 points ago in nfl

    The first game she was able to attend that season was the SB against the Falcons. Pretty special game on all accounts.

    [–] Inside the NFL Patriots Chiefs AFCCG julianfoolian 5 points ago in Patriots

    Tom looks like a little kid grinning at the end lol

    [–] Most confident I’ve felt out of last four Super Bowls julianfoolian 1 points ago in Patriots

    This is 100% hindsight. Undefeated, MVP season, records broken, Brady to Moss? You’re kidding me.