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    [–] Interplanetary Disco! jungle-boogie 5 points ago in comics

    Thanks, I'm happy you enjoy them :)

    [–] Interplanetary Disco! jungle-boogie 54 points ago in comics

    Hey dudes, thanks for reading! Here's a link to my comics and also this board game that I designed the artwork for (it launched on Kickstarter today!)

    [–] tasks jungle-boogie 19 points ago in comics

    You should encourage and reply to comments there because the community is really friendly! Also posting your comics in a vertical long form format seems to go down well

    [–] tasks jungle-boogie 7 points ago in comics


    [–] tasks jungle-boogie 186 points ago in comics

    bro i'm just the guy who draws comics

    [–] tasks jungle-boogie 898 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in comics

    Think I got away with that. (edit: click here to read more of my comics!)

    [–] tasks jungle-boogie 4206 points ago in comics

    his task was to "line up the other tasks in order of increasing difficulty" and therefore was not needed any more...

    [–] Wine Tasting jungle-boogie 31 points ago in comics

    I enjoyed making this one! More here, twitter, patreon.

    [–] rat jungle-boogie 2 points ago in comics

    Thanks for reading!