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    [–] The Pittsburgh Penguins and the Arizona Coyotes are currently tied for the longest active winning streak just_saiyan24 5 points ago in hockey

    Honestly I was never really worried. We’d played a ton of hockey and had a grueling opening schedule. Plus, we had the absolute worst puck luck. We were bound to start getting bounces. And yes now the team is just playing the way that got them 2 Cups.

    [–] I got 98 points on that Koopa thing everyone complains about... On my second try just_saiyan24 10 points ago in SuperMarioOdyssey

    The later ones are definitely more challenging. The area you have to trace gets bigger and they’re not all flat.

    [–] I put the names of the NHL teams from Chinese Wikipedia into an online translator and got these just_saiyan24 37 points ago in hockey

    Rob Schneider is Edward Washington and he has everything going for him. But he’s about to become....oil! He’s going to find out being an oil man isn’t as easy as it looks! Da derpie der ta teetley derpie dum!

    [–] 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' (2013) is a severely overlooked movie just_saiyan24 1 points ago in movies

    Completely agree. Ben Stiller is great in it and the story is just feel good. Can’t help but have wanderlust every time I watch it.

    [–] [Feb 17-22] ACC Basketball Predictions just_saiyan24 3 points ago in ACC

    Always a bad idea to pick Pitt to win

    [–] 30 years old and want to go back to school for ECE just_saiyan24 3 points ago in ECE

    I so much more mature now than I was a decade ago. I know that should be obvious, but I’m a completely different person. 20 year old me had no direction and didn’t know what he wanted to do. I think now that I’ve found something I love doing I’ll be able to kill it in school.

    [–] 30 years old and want to go back to school for ECE just_saiyan24 1 points ago in ECE

    Thanks that’s really awesome. Congrats on your success! I hope I can emulate it.

    [–] 30 years old and want to go back to school for ECE just_saiyan24 1 points ago in ECE

    That makes me feel better. I never understood how anyone knew exactly what they wanted to do when they graduated high school. I went from a horribly boring business major to an interesting biology major that I enjoyed, but wasn’t passionate about. Then I started learning programming and I built a small robot with my friend and realized I loved working with both software and hardware. Only took me 30 years to figure it out lol.

    [–] Looking for a co-host for a podcast on movies just_saiyan24 2 points ago in podcasts

    I have a friend who is a stand up comic and a ridiculously knowledgeable movie-buff

    [–] A Pitt of Despair – ACC BASKETBALL REPORT just_saiyan24 2 points ago in ACC

    Nah it was time to part ways. I’m not a fan of Stallings though.

    [–] Los Angeles Kings (30-21-5) at Pittsburgh Penguins (32-22-4) - 15 Feb 2018 - 7:00PM EST just_saiyan24 12 points ago in penguins

    First we get elite sniper Ron Hainsey last year. Now we have another sniper in Reaves. Gods this city is spoiled!