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    [–] One year progress (300 lbs to 188) just_saiyan24 1 points ago in loseit

    The before is literally me right now. Currently at 285. Great job! I hope I can follow in your footsteps.

    [–] “Frog birthday cake” just_saiyan24 9 points ago in NotMyJob

    Can I get a reality check in aisle 3 please?

    [–] not Facebook but still insane just_saiyan24 2 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    People like this have severe mental health issues. Yeah we call them "insane," but they really do need help. Of course they'll deny that and not get help.

    [–] Much sex appeal in macho man just_saiyan24 5 points ago in ihavesex

    This is D&D level writing. 0/7.

    [–] me_irl just_saiyan24 3 points ago in meirl

    I like working. Takes my mind off the existential dread.

    [–] 11/10. I too am extraorinarily humble just_saiyan24 22 points ago in memes

    Yeah there's def been medals added. However, they do have a shit ton of medals to make them look more important than they are.

    [–] Arya and Sansa just_saiyan24 -5 points ago in pics

    Now kith

    [–] My Game Room just_saiyan24 1 points ago in battlestations

    I'm aroused

    [–] What are my options after being found guilty after being sued by a credit card company? just_saiyan24 2 points ago in personalfinance

    Yeah I'll have to find out. Can I ask the court to send me another copy? Because I don't know that I still have it.

    [–] How did you discover her? just_saiyan24 6 points ago in AnnieClark

    Saw her on SNL. Thought she was weird. Checked out the self titled album and fell in love.

    [–] Meirl just_saiyan24 1 points ago in meirl

    I have smol pp pls downvote me I deserv

    [–] What a classic! just_saiyan24 4 points ago in snes

    Are you ok, friend?

    [–] Pass me a scoket wrench just_saiyan24 3 points ago in dogswithjobs

    That ain't a sploot, chief.

    [–] Spawned straight from hell just_saiyan24 19 points ago in Pareidolia

    Oh shit I'm the killer. I'm running. I'm running real quick.

    [–] Spawned straight from hell just_saiyan24 34 points ago in Pareidolia

    So I'm partneeering you up with regular legs...