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    [–] Happy Friday Everyone. justkeptfading 1 points ago in steak

    It was fantastic for a Meijer bought ribeye lol.

    [–] Happy Friday Everyone. justkeptfading 1 points ago in steak

    I know right, it was delicious, Kerrygold just works..

    [–] Happy Friday Everyone. justkeptfading 1 points ago in steak

    I've tried a few, have a nice Lodge cast iron that works decent but it has issues with hot spots, could be defective. This copper one seems to sear the best out of anything I've tried so I stick with it. Anymore sear on that and the bark would be burnt black, which I don't really care for.

    [–] Just experienced the glory of Pineapple IPA justkeptfading 4 points ago in KnightsOfPineapple

    Whoa, two of my absolute favorite things combined? Sign me up.

    [–] Wednesday at Bernies | Ask the /r/formula1 community anything! - 04/17/2019 justkeptfading 2 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in formula1

    So, as a newer fan of this amazing sport, what are some must-see documentaries or movies about Formula 1 that I have to watch.

    I watched Senna a few years back and was obviously incredibly moved, even from a nonmotorsport fan(at the time), and am trying to fully envelope myself in the F1 experience. I finished Drive to Survive before the Bahrain GP and am currently watching Williams.

    Thank you in advance for your recommendations!

    Edit: Welp, I'm in tears now, geeze.

    [–] Darkened, obviously marked up an image from /r/<Ghosts> , what tf is this? Sorry about the quality justkeptfading 2 points ago in UnexplainedPhotos

    Just once, I'd like to see "evidence" of the supernatural in a picture that wasn't extremely blurry. Seems to be a prereq for that sort of thing.

    [–] Ken M Face Reveal justkeptfading 7 points ago in KenM

    Thanks Doc.

    [–] Debraided my G502 Proteus Spectrum justkeptfading 2 points ago in G502MasterRace

    Is there an easy, or recommended, way to do this?

    [–] VHS Magic justkeptfading 42 points ago in outrun

    I went to my local Blockbuster so much that when any of the workers saw me in public, they'd say Hi. Kinda miss those days.

    [–] Fucking why? justkeptfading 3 points ago in ShittyGifRecipes

    I'm so sold on this.