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    [–] My(21M) girlfriend(22F) wants to take a “break” and I don’t get it k10john 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    My girlfriend in college wanted a break. Not much I could do about it to stop her but I assumed we were through..... She came back to me a couple weeks later. Turns out some guy she had been working with in class and was getting pretty close with and was flirting with her actually had a girlfriend... Pretty funny now that we've been married 14 years...

    Also she didn't tell me about what happened for quite a while. Like years.. I didn't ask, even if I wanted to.

    [–] [Discussion] Weird Observations using Casino k10john 0 points ago in DanmachiMemoriaFreeze

    You are insanely lucky compared to me. Playing the all or nothing way for pretty much a whole day this past weekend, I went down 2.1 million and never got past a 6th round. I gave up on it. It's just not working for me.

    [–] Hello, Cards fans. I have just been traded to you from the Blue Jays k10john 6 points ago in Cardinals

    I guess I don't see how what I said is different than you. I wish Matheny the best, not really sad here's gone... Think he was trying the best he could.. would never say F*** him, personally... The guy was a Card and loves the Cardinals and St Louis. I hope I'm not in the minority.

    [–] Hello, Cards fans. I have just been traded to you from the Blue Jays k10john 9 points ago in Cardinals

    Just a heads up...many of us love Mike. I'm not sad that we've got a new voice in the dugout, but I sincerely wish Matheny the best. Maybe I'm in the minority but I don't think so.

    [–] This is actually the worst TSM roster ever put to date k10john 12 points ago in TeamSolomid

    They wanted to stop losing 10k gold leads.... Solution: stop getting them, them you can't lose them anymore!

    [–] Casino Megathread k10john 0 points ago in DanmachiMemoriaFreeze

    It seems to me that the winrate and double up rate has drastically decreased.... I was making decent progress building up my chips conservatively, but now it's a struggle to build at all.. I was making between one to two million chips in an hour... now it's about 1/3 that. Doubles... I'm lucky to double 3x, and I've never made it past 4x in the past couple days of casino... I don't know if I'm just super unlucky or what but it's making it really frustrating.

    [–] After months of repair requests, my storage unit is now covered in mold k10john 1 points ago in legaladvice

    IANAL but I have dealt with similar situation and had to destroy my molded damaged property.. I documented everything with pictures and had before pictures from our old house right before we moved it and put our belongings in storage. I had purchased the storage units insurance, and I dealt with them for months, and they were jerks and did not pay my claim even after I provided everything they asked, but it was still not to their satisfaction.

    I would make sure you have pictures of where the water entered... This was why they ultimately kept denying my claim. They said our damage was from mold, not from water egress. I didn't have a picture proving where the water came from, just pictures of it on my stuff and pooled on the floor... they even differentiated between water from a leak in my unit or water leaking into another unit and then spilling under the walls to mine... water shown to be leaking in "could" have gotten my claim paid but if it backed over from another unit, no dice according to their policy. Really what I learned is that their policy was written where it would probably ly never pay out for anything. It became a situation where I would have had to spend more on a lawyer than I stood to make, and I still could lose if I sued, so I let it go. I do wish you the best in getting your stuff paid for though.

    [–] Girlfriend ignores me at social gatherings k10john 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    if your girlfriend only acts like your girlfriend when it's just the two of you, then maybe she's not actually your girlfriend.

    [–] Spray day. k10john 2 points ago in farming

    Where do you get the spring loaded wheel for the boom? I've been looking for some.. those look pretty heavy but I need to find something...

    [–] Son was made fun of for still being in a diaper k10john 6 points ago in Parenting

    It always hurts the worst when people could just as easily be kind, but they're not. I'm sorry that those other kids suck. The good thing is that it sounds like your son is happy, loved and well cared for...

    I still remember a time when I was that age and I was mean to another kid. I was one of those kids that sucked that day. It was in the fifth grade and it often haunts me to this day, almost 30 years later. My perspective became so different once I had a kid that was on the spectrum.

    Hang in there.

    [–] spoiler info on extra quest behemoth k10john 1 points ago in DanmachiMemoriaFreeze

    After he does the big aoe air spell, he gets a negative 300% fire resist. It usually kills most of my party so I keep Bell in the reserved slots along with Ouka who can keep him alive with Fair and Square.

    [–] spoiler info on extra quest behemoth k10john 1 points ago in DanmachiMemoriaFreeze

    Turn 6 or 7 after he does the wind AoE..

    [–] spoiler info on extra quest behemoth k10john 2 points ago in DanmachiMemoriaFreeze

    Yeah I took first turn for sharpness and then second SA... Biggest chunks that way for me.

    [–] spoiler info on extra quest behemoth k10john 1 points ago in DanmachiMemoriaFreeze

    yeah after I figured out that Bell's special is actually fire.. no problems.

    19616 xp, 109286 valis,

    24 claws

    1 fang,

    24 bones,

    1hero falna.

    [–] spoiler info on extra quest behemoth k10john 1 points ago in DanmachiMemoriaFreeze

    Bell's SA is really good when he's weak to fire... ~100k crits for me. I'm almost done after 5 tries, probably going to take a couple more.

    [–] Daily Question Megathread -- July 01, 2018 k10john 5 points ago in DanmachiMemoriaFreeze

    I'm just that guy in King I that gets close to Hero 3 but never makes it. Anyone else feel my pain? 3565 is the highest I've made it this time around...

    [–] Farm Girl Friday #69 How to ease lower back pain when Farming in the Tra... k10john 4 points ago in farming

    Must.... not.... make ..... inappropriate jokes about post title.

    Whew, ok I made it.

    [–] So what's the general consensus on buying extra wargame passes? k10john 1 points ago in DanmachiMemoriaFreeze

    You don't just have to get to the top 50... You have to get over 3,600 points...

    I've been ranked as high as 42 but still just king I...

    [–] Danmachi x SAO Collaboration!!!! k10john 3 points ago in DanMachi

    My heart says yes but my wallet screams Noooooooooo!