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    [–] Is my significant other cheating? k10john 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    Sometimes people do this because they are so used to being lied to and/or gaslighted, they just need to have someone tell them that they're not crazy.

    Some people will even cover for their own SO that's been cheating on them and abusing them. They don't want anyone else to see what they're going through because they've been convinced that what is happening is their fault by their unfaithful partner. It's a bad situation.. sometimes people are just coming here to confirm what they know but can't bring themselves to say.

    [–] Posing for his adoption photo. k10john 2 points ago in funny

    Just like my kids school photos...

    [–] From “awwww” to “man, this is not normal" in 30 sec k10john 1 points ago in funny

    Oklahoma too. They're destroying farmland in my area and they are freaking smart and reproduce at ridiculous rates.

    [–] Daily Question Megathread -- October 22, 2018 k10john 2 points ago in DanmachiMemoriaFreeze

    you can also get them from the highest difficulty of crafting quest in random encounters, just like in rampage...

    [–] Another year, another finished harvest. k10john 1 points ago in farming

    I'm sorry for your family's loss.

    [–] Another year, another finished harvest. k10john 2 points ago in farming

    I haven't even started. Still too wet...

    [–] [Serious] Reddit: What is your age and what problem are you currently facing in your life? k10john 4 points ago in AskReddit

    I'm 38, and my dad doesn't remember that I'm his son anymore. Trying to get my mom to try to find help... The Alzheimer's website has meetings but around here they are not really helpful for resources or knowing how to ask the right questions to get hello from a doctor.. mom feels like asking for help is being a failure/giving up on him.

    [–] Best gacha result so far :)) k10john 1 points ago in DanmachiMemoriaFreeze

    Yeah I went through 7 pulls on that banner and only got the 3 guaranteed. 1 hestia and 2 loki. Wish I could have gotten a little luck..

    [–] 100 Thieves Disappreciation Thread k10john 36 points ago in leagueoflegends our merch because we're getting ready to demolish the org and the it'll be even more worthless...

    [–] I got a +10 from a win in Wargames, is that right? k10john 1 points ago in DanmachiMemoriaFreeze

    It's even more fun when you match against someone 400 points ahead of you, they stomp you and you still lose 20 points...

    [–] Daily Question Megathread -- October 10, 2018 k10john 1 points ago in DanmachiMemoriaFreeze

    I feel like with Chigusas strength buff and his self damage buff he will be pretty strong.......

    [–] Daily Question Megathread -- October 10, 2018 k10john 2 points ago in DanmachiMemoriaFreeze

    Is the new Bete going to dominate wargames? I feel like he's going to be a force...

    [–] I'm losing my (F18) virginity this weekend and my boyfriend (M19) refuses to wear a condom. k10john 1 points ago in sex

    If you aren't sure that you're ready, then you're not ready. There's no reason that you have to rush into anything like that. Also, your partner not respecting your wishes is not a good thing.

    [–] The Gauntlet may be one of the best things to happen for TSM k10john 1 points ago in TeamSolomid

    All the practice time and boot camping hasn't worked out well anyway,let's try it this way with more competition and less scrimming...

    [–] FINALLY SUCCEEDED IN DIFFICULTY 3 IM SO PROUD!!!! k10john 7 points ago in DanmachiMemoriaFreeze

    If you're having trouble surviving to the end, then use assists that buff survival. (Physical resist like Artless Hephaistos, Filmic Goddess Hestia), or HP regen assists, and strength debuffers for Ottarl like Paradise mood Hestia or Seaside Goddess Hestia.

    If you're surviving to the end, you want to increase damage or try a higher difficulty.. Try to keep your units strength buffs up, keep Ottarl with strength debuffed (units like Kino, Honor Princess Ais, or Disguised Ryu). if you get to a turn that is a multiple of 4, and your strength debuffs have only one turn left, re-apply them, because the Ottarl Special will occur before you can debuff the strength again on the next turn. Exlosive Ti assist is the best for Patk.. Also the Casino Syr unit that helps your Special Gauge charge up makes it easier to get a 3X special off before Ottarls third special, meaning your remaining units that come in after can just try to survive to turn 15 with most of the damage already done.

    Making sure to equip the right armors, and best weapons that you can make or rehammer (trying to get +30% crit is a must) is also important.

    Synergy between your units is also key for maxing out your damage. (IE all Patk or all Matk to get the most out of your corresponding buffs)

    That's just some of the strategy that I use, I hope maybe it can help you out a little.

    [–] Dispatch Quest - Special Board Guide k10john 1 points ago in DanmachiMemoriaFreeze

    That's pretty frustrating. It makes it so that only the strongest (read $$$) get stronger. I've got a pretty good amount of the units and have spent too much on the game already imo and I probably won't be able to do this because I don't have Feline Lancer Anya..

    [–] Regi's Master Plan k10john 2 points ago in TeamSolomid

    I agree, I'd rather not see 100T make it to worlds with the way they look... it's just bonus that TSM wouldn't have to beat c9 to make it...

    [–] NA LCS Third-Place: TSM Vs. 100 Thieves - Live Discussion k10john 1 points ago in TeamSolomid

    Prolly guessed the ryze top and gragas support... banning irelia and sejuani.... really threw the draft off.

    But then the plays were bad.

    [–] TIFU by throwing out 18 pounds of meat in the Texas sun. k10john 1 points ago in tifu

    "I’ve pulled maggots out of a baby skunk’s leg wound before"

    Uh... ok.

    [–] Daily Question Megathread -- September 04, 2018 k10john 1 points ago in DanmachiMemoriaFreeze

    I think using a different assist on Bell would be better.. preferably one with agility/strength. Amid is better suited on a magic user.. I think if you're wanting regen, Naza would be better on Bell, especially MLB.. If you just want these units, I'd switch Ceremonial Flame Hestia to bell..

    I think you might want Ryu to debuff instead of ailment.. Ailment will apply poison first I think.. Debuff is the str/mag down.

    Maybe that will help, try it out and then do some practice battles and see