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    [–] Something I noticed about Bjerg k10john 3 points ago in TeamSolomid

    Yeah the DL comments they played right before the game aged well, didn't they?
    You could see it one his stunned smirky face after the loss, he was probably thinking... I just had to open my mouth again, didn't I? Also, then the PR piece that I see from him later asking other pros to be more controversial to drive up viewership (because of course that's all he was doing) I prefer Bjerg's way, by far.

    [–] TIFU (shoulda just left my neighbor alone) k10john 3 points ago in tifu

    yeah. One of the worst situations that I've ever been in was in a small town in southern Oklahoma, probably 10 or 11 years ago... I was walking out of the gas station and saw a man that was probably 275+ pounds backhand a woman so hard that she probably would have upended if she hadn't hit their car. I was walking out of the front doors and they were probably 2 parking spots away, my vehicle was at the gas pump. I shouted out HEY, DONT HIT HER!

    Well, it appears that I just suggested this large raging man hit me instead. He started after me, I retreated back into the gas station, and locked the door(very thankful that it had an actual lock instead of requiring a key, and then the weirdest part was the woman as well as the man came to the door and beat on it, threatening to kill me, threw a trashcan at it, etc... all the while the cashier had already called the police. I have always wondered why she would want to defend her abuser more than she would want to get away. Now that I'm older I know that it's common for an abused person to defend their abuser.

    To this day, that's one of the wildest situations I've ever been in.

    [–] Boosted Drops k10john 1 points ago in DanmachiMemoriaFreeze

    Just used Levi in the first part of this familia event... His good AoE helped a lot with the potato's even thought he wasn't the preferred element, he still made for solid scores..

    But yes, it feels like it's been a while since we've had a need for them before this. so they

    [–] Advice on '18 CR-V EX k10john 1 points ago in askcarsales

    Here we pay tax and tags on our own, not through the dealer.. I'm just talking about car price. I know the price before accessories is around invoice, I guess a more articulate question would be:

    Per cargurus $24,451 is a fair price.. I don't know where they come up with that data, so it may not be valid.. It says that on this page if you check the 2018 EX

    Then if you look at market price for my zip it says 25156.

    I just think that offering 25k on it and wanting to meet somewhere in the middle isn't that awful of a thing to do.

    Especially when looking at their accessories that are overpriced from retail.. a set of locking lug nuts I can get for about 125, and the floor mats for about 220 retail prices...

    So, like I said, I'm not trying to be an ass or waste anyone's time. I spent 15 minutes looking at 2 cars, test drove one, and then we looked around town for a couple of days. I later asked for the verbal offer he gave me on paper, and I went by and talked to the guy when I picked up their offer worksheet.

    Thanks for your opinion.

    [–] Advice on '18 CR-V EX k10john 0 points ago in askcarsales

    also, automod and anyone else.. I did look at the faq, in regards to general and dealer negotiations.. I do realize they have to make money but I thought I'd ask the question and see if anyone had any advice.

    [–] Nobody is coming to our son's 6th birthday party k10john 1 points ago in Parenting

    Nobody RSVPed to my son's birthday invites but people still showed up. It was pretty frustrating, the not knowing. I hope it all worked out well in the end.

    [–] Cutting 2018 soybeans with the 9500 k10john 1 points ago in farming

    Looks like they stood pretty well and didn't pop all that bad... They'd have been all over the ground here, plus it's still too muddy to get in the fields here.

    [–] Don't Blame Akaadian for missing the Baron k10john 1 points ago in TeamSolomid

    yeah in hindsight Zoe might have been a better pick there, I'd like to see Bjergsen play her again... but really Pobelter played exeptionally, and our bot lane game up a lot of momentum by giving up the double early after controlling the lane pretty well.

    They were pretty proactive though.. I like a ton of things that I'm seeing, they just need to put it all together and they've still got 7 weeks left.

    [–] Bf (25) locking bedroom door when I leave the house? k10john 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    You are trying to apply logic to an addiction. It doesn't work that way. If you want to help him, approach him with "I care deeply for you. I'm concerned that the amount of time that you're spending on pornography is unhealthy. It leaves me feeling like ______. Can we talk about this?"

    It may be that this is not a relationship that it's healthy for you to stay in. You have to make that decision. Best of luck.

    [–] UPDATE: My [30m] Wife [30f] lied to me about where she was. k10john 17 points ago in relationship_advice

    Also, make sure it's set on full silent or DND... You don't want it buzzing or ringing because it happens to be someone else's old #.

    [–] Sheep shot! k10john 11 points ago in farming

    I would guess you've never been around livestock then. There was a reason this was being recorded, it was definitely a setup with a problem animal.

    I may or may not have brought my friends into the pen to feed calves with me before the days of cell phone cameras... Yeah it was hilarious then, but this sheep looks like it hit like a truck, mutton to sneeze at.

    [–] Spring Split 2019 | W1 G2 | TSM vs CG k10john 7 points ago in TeamSolomid

    I admit I'm not that solid on macro strategy but wouldn't it have been more advantageous to use rift herald in mid to make it a long lane for akali? BB was going to take top turret anyway, the way the lane was going. I just feel like they could have expanded their map control more by trying to take mid there.

    [–] 1,000,000 subs giveaway! k10john 1 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    Pick me. Not anyone else. Thanks!

    [–] Does anybody knows what the item part means in the limit break k10john 1 points ago in DanmachiMemoriaFreeze

    A Star Bond gives one limit break for any for time limited units.
    A prism Bond and gives one limit break for any 4* non time limited unit.

    For each, there is a version for adventurers and assists.

    [–] Espn+ k10john 1 points ago in Roku

    Hijacking your topic a little bit but did anyone else have a lot of pauses and loading screens after the Blair fight?

    [–] TIFU by trying to give a highlighter to my girlfriend's brother. k10john 13 points ago in tifu

    You're not hearing what people are saying. Run! I have a feeling this girl must be off the charts hot using the crazy/hot graph...

    But really, this is a good one to let go.