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    [–] Fever when they are new? kacypup 1 points ago in braces

    Normal speed I suppose, he needed a palate expanded

    [–] What is the most recent thing you cooked in your pressure cooker? kacypup 1 points ago in PressureCooking

    Oh yeah. I have no idea what that is and forgot that it even said that. I used regular.

    [–] Question for those who have had a palate expander kacypup 2 points ago in braces

    My son got one last week. He’s talking ok. Not as well as usual, but it takes practice.

    [–] My kitchen door — double perfect fit kacypup 2 points ago in Perfectfit

    Has to be the app.... I’m seeing it right side up on the Reddit app

    [–] I don't know where to start kacypup 2 points ago in Debt

    Yes, same here on the cash only thing. If I can’t afford it with cash, I don’t need it.

    I’ve also reached a point where I’m putting what I can away for fun events in the future. Trips and so on. It may take me years, but it’s a goal and we will get there.

    [–] Students at Booker T Washington High in Atlanta were not allowed to walk out today so they took a knee kacypup 0 points ago in pics

    Took it as a picture of just a portion of the whole school doing this, but it appears that it was just them. That is kinda weird ..... I could totally see it being very moving if the whole school was locked in and decided to have a sit in / kneel in / stand in, instead of a walk out..... but just these few ? I retract my original comment. Yes, weird

    [–] I don't know where to start kacypup 1 points ago in Debt

    This right here. I started doing a modified Ramsey method and paid down my debt quite a bit. It works. A good friend paid down over $90k in debt in 3 years on a low salary. Sacrifice, throw everything at your debt and you’ll get there. Every card paid is a victory !

    [–] Yellow Bucket kacypup 1 points ago in raleigh

    A ladder flew off a pickup on 40 one day and scared me half to death. It landed right in front of me, I ran it over - tires luckily were fine, but I kept thinking how close it was to coming through my windshield.
    Guy kept driving - had no idea it flew out.

    [–] Help, is this pork raw :( kacypup 3 points ago in answers

    Looks raw. Stick a meat thermometer into one if you are home. Otherwise I would contact the restaurant and get them remade.

    [–] [Parent Question] - What is something you'd love to receive for Teacher Appreciation Week? kacypup 2 points ago in Teachers

    Card from kiddo, and something to pamper herself with (wine, chocolate, gift card for a place where she can buy something for herself)

    [–] Practicing his swing with his dog kacypup 1 points ago in BetterEveryLoop

    This kid is going to the majors !

    [–] Average students fall through the cracks kacypup 27 points ago in Teachers

    This is exactly it in so many schools. And admin is fighting to give the special needs kids a fair and appropriate education, but what about the kids that want to learn and get pushed to the side because they can behave and are capable of independent work? How is that fair or appropriate for them?

    [–] What is the most recent thing you cooked in your pressure cooker? kacypup 2 points ago in PressureCooking

    Oh man,,, what I made last night was great. Here’s the link to the recipe:

    Buttery Lemon Chicken

    I served it over jasmine rice

    [–] Undermine My Parenting, pay more to fuel your car! kacypup 62 points ago in pettyrevenge

    Or that they are excited after spending the afternoon with grandma. But the caffeine will do it.

    [–] "Apply to be a sub, you'll work everyday." I've worked 1.5 days in almost 3 weeks. kacypup 1 points ago in Teachers

    Get your name on a list at some schools you’ve worked in to call if someone leaves early sick.