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    [–] First picture taken from my porch, after years of apartment living. Super happy in this moment kamuilyn 1 points ago in pics

    Its the small things in life, definitely. Like just being able to enjoy a little place that's all your own. Congrats!

    [–] What kpop-related culture shock have you experienced? kamuilyn 0 points ago in kpop

    Connections with personality and blood types have never been strange to me, personally, but that's probably due to being exposed to several asian cultures for the majority of my life.

    Its basically the same as the info you'd find about characters in fighting games or manga. In that case they make the character with personalities matching specific blood types; so you know a good bit about the character just by glancing at a character sheet stating their name, race, favorite food, blood type, etc. And in the case of irl, well, its the same thing. Some people believe that your blood type means specific things about your personality, so of course they'd share that- why wouldn't they?

    [–] Sister sous chefs kamuilyn 9 points ago in aww

    Aw, they're beautiful! What breed are they?

    [–] This cat I found outside a local diner kamuilyn 3 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    If you cant personally do anything to help the cat you could always contact others who do this stuff all the time. HopeForPaws travels to save cats and dogs all the time.

    [–] It took him a few tries but Connolly finally made this girl’s week! kamuilyn 373 points ago in sports

    aww, that sad look on her face! D:

    Its so annoying seeing him obviously trying over and over to get it to her and the parents just keep snatching them up and handing them to their sons.

    [–] Who do you think are the artists to watch in 2019? kamuilyn 8 points ago in kpop

    NCT. They're one reason why I think 2018 was the best year for kpop since 2015. THEY WERE ON FIRE

    [–] Love this wallpaper! kamuilyn 1 points ago in fireemblem

    That's beautiful

    [–] I think I just realized a minor but legit plot hole regarding Shulk's visions. kamuilyn 2 points ago in Xenoblade_Chronicles

    Yeah, I was just pointing out that the future did change; even to a small degree.

    And who knows what else the initial vision were to show if it were longer? We don't ever figure out exactly what was happening in that vision; just the fact that Otharon was falling into the ether river. Shulk even wondered why he said both Gadolt and Juju. His change in dialogue suggests that in the vision Juju probably died and something the team did changed that aspect without them even knowing.

    [–] Metal face is THE ultimate Legendary spirit in smash ultimate! kamuilyn 1 points ago in Xenoblade_Chronicles

    Nah man. I don't think no one would play it just because its old. I only just recently finished it after binging on it for two weeks straight and Im on my new game plus right as we speak. I got into it late due to my ignorance of its existence and then due to simply not being able to get the game for quite a while.

    I totally understand both sides of either 1)keeping everything under a spoiler tag years after it was released and 2)freely talking about spoilers years after the game is released. Its definitely a bit of a grey area for me on that subject.

    But I do know that if any of it was spoiled for me it would've definitely ruined an aspect of the experience- it is a very story-driven and plot twist heavy game and I think it relies a lot on those aspects, especially since the creator did say that having many twists in the story was what he was aiming for.

    but yeah, just because its really old doesnt mean people will skip out just because there is no HD remaster.

    [–] I think I just realized a minor but legit plot hole regarding Shulk's visions. kamuilyn 8 points ago in Xenoblade_Chronicles

    Technically, when Shulk was trying to save Otharon he did change the future. Even though his actions could not save him, telling Reyn about the ether river did, as Reyn's actions did save him.

    Not to mention when Otharon was about to die, instead of saying "Juju! Gadolt! This is for you!" as he's falling, he drops any mention of Juju and he still hasn't yet fallen at all. So even by that time Shulk already changed the future in some way.

    [–] Okay, so I'm new to the XC series... kamuilyn 1 points ago in Xenoblade_Chronicles

    Alright, nice! You've restored its spot near the top of my list of games to buy. If it blew you away just as much as XC1 then I definitely want that kind of experience again.

    Thanks for the great input!

    [–] Okay, so I'm new to the XC series... kamuilyn 1 points ago in Xenoblade_Chronicles

    Alright, I'll keep that in mind. I love it when games nail the character interaction. That makes for some of the best aspects of a good JRPG.

    Thanks for the input!

    [–] Okay, so I'm new to the XC series... kamuilyn 1 points ago * (lasted edited 21 days ago) in Xenoblade_Chronicles

    Oof. Okay then; not looking good there for me I guess lol

    Yeah, I was expecting downvotes from fans of the sequel- even though Im not shitting on it at all- just that what I consider over-the-top cringe-y anime is not my cuppa tea.

    I honestly don't know if I could look past cringe-y fanservice as the story and characters are two of the biggest factors in my enjoyment in games. Great gameplay can only take me so far- if Im not invested in or I cannot stand the characters, Im out.Example being FE:Fates. Loved Awakening enough, noticed the trend going in that direction, tried Fates, great gameplay, but I only got so far before I quit from [edit:] uninvestment, boredom, and mild annoyance.

    Anyway, thanks for the input!

    [–] That's the closest I could get it to Gerudo Tower. If you can do better, I applaud you kamuilyn 5 points ago in Breath_of_the_Wild

    Its what happens when gamers have absolutely nothing else to do in a game, so they make up their own games-within-a-game and challenge each other. Its like how we did it back in the 90s with our friends/siblings because we only have so many games to play and our parents wont buy us anything new so using a single game we challenge each other endlessly and set strict rules to follow except now its with the entire community all around the world all at once.
    ~ridiculous fun time-wasting shenanigans ensues~

    [–] My sister had a blast doing this endlessly kamuilyn 2 points ago in Breath_of_the_Wild

    I don't remember at all. She stopped to play around there; I never saw her location on the map