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    [–] MIL reneged agreeing to ya hosting Thanksgiving karlsmission 1 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    I agree, OP should still host a TG themselves. Have people you like over. Take lots of pictures, and post how fun it is on social media. Make sure to tag her and thank her for suggesting you start your own traditions and how wonderful it was!

    [–] Babymaker and Ugly karlsmission 1 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    Yeah, I'm LDS, grew up in an LDS household. I would consider us "conservative" in our faith. pretty by the book, and yet, I was reading steven king and michael chriton books right along side my scriptures at night by the time I was in 5th grade (BTW, worst thing to do ever, Get sleepy with scripture reading, give yourself nightmares with books like sphere/the shining) . I've never understood this kind of sensorship. My wife is from a family like this, for them though, its all about control, and once my wife got a chance to enjoy other things she decidedly does, she's catching up on my backlog of fantasy/sci-fi books.

    about the only thing my parents were really against when I was growing up were my Magic cards... they threw/donated/gave them away while I was on my mission, along with a bunch of other stuff since they moved while I was gone (not just my stuff, they downsized everything since all the kids were out of the house)... and my only regret is I could pay off my house with some of those cards now...

    [–] World's Best Grandma vs. The World's Largest Network. karlsmission 1 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    I read some of your replies, and not trying to make a judgement, but if money is tight, I HIGHLY recommend doing an envelope system for money. It saved my wife's and my bacon on more than one occasion. especially after i was laid off and we both had to pick up jobs that paid half what I was making... combined.

    [–] Superb Design for the Lenovo Thinkpad T420s karlsmission 2 points ago in Lenovo

    ah, OK, hmmm... I just watched one as well, and yup, have to take the screen off on a 420s. Color me silly. I've taken apart... Lets see... t410, 420, 440, 440s, 450s, 470, 25th ann. t520, countless w520s and 530's, x230's, 240's and 250s. And I've never taken a screen off to get to the CPU, unless I've gone crazy.

    [–] Superb Design for the Lenovo Thinkpad T420s karlsmission 1 points ago in Lenovo

    I'm not saying its not a lot of work, but when you got to the screen i was like wat?

    Like I said I just opened up a T520 to upgrade the CPU, and had to go through the same process. I've opened up probably a dozen laptops in the last year to do the same thing (clean out the fan/heat sink, and replace thermal paste). and because of the metal frame inside, the workstation class laptops are a bigger pain to work around, my HP zbook took a similar amount of disassembly). did you watch a youtube video/read a how to before hand, or go in blind?

    [–] Superb Design for the Lenovo Thinkpad T420s karlsmission 3 points ago in Lenovo

    I think you're doing that wrong... I've taken apart A LOT of thinkpads, and I've never had to remove a screen, unless replacing the screen itself. (including a T420, and I just did a T520, which is basically the same thing design wise).

    Yes you have to take off the keyboard, and its bezel, but that should take like 10 minutes. and to just clean the vents out, just removing the keyboard itself should be sufficient.

    [–] Most are good... karlsmission 1 points ago in pics

    This is why I couldn’t be a cop.. I would have used the proceeds of selling the looser boyfriend’s organs on the black market to set the girl up for a while.

    [–] From today’s car show. karlsmission 2 points ago in MazdaProtege

    I initially wanted a blue/Yellow theme, but due to an accident (i bought the wrong kind of plastidip) realized I really really like the green. so I've stuck with it.

    [–] From today’s car show. karlsmission 3 points ago in MazdaProtege

    This show was mainly older classic/s muscle cars. My dad was there with his Fiata, (124 spider, Limited Prima #12). There were 3 gto's, OH! there was a 70's Celica with a 2jz swap, in pearl white. It made me weak in the knees.

    [–] What are some driving habits you have that you don’t notice with others? karlsmission 1 points ago in cars

    Being able to not touch my phone once, for short drives, long drives, and any drives in between.

    [–] How one mis-sent text dismantled an entire sorority hierarchy karlsmission 3 points ago in ProRevenge

    I will purposefully get my wife’s attention, not say anything, and put something in my pocket, or have many things and load up all my pockets. And then walk away. It’s a power move. One of the few I have left (married 10 1/2 years).

    [–] How one mis-sent text dismantled an entire sorority hierarchy karlsmission 2 points ago in ProRevenge

    Pocket works just fine. Plus, I like to look at my wife, right in the eyes and say “ I’m going to put this in... my.... pock kett.” Which makes her so mad since 90% of women’s clothes either have no pocket, a useless pocket, or the worst offender, are cut to look like they have pockets, but do not. Mocket is probably a more fitting name for those, since they mock you in not really being a pocket.

    [–] Constantly over at home karlsmission 2 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    100% agree, this WILL end your marriage if it does not get resolved soon.

    1) go to counseling, if she's willing, maybe a 3rd party will help her see the light.

    2) start presenting MIL with a rent bill, include utilities and food. You're not welfare, and if she's consuming resources, she damn well better pay for them (better yet, start sending them to FIL, and tell him you expect him to pay for his wife showing up at YOUR house and consuming resources at your house).

    3) Put the house up for sale, Start looking for an apartment, without the wife, let her figure out where she's going to live with her mom. (this is a last resort, but follow through if wife doesn't get the picture). You married her, NOT her and her mom. you never agreed to this arrangement.

    [–] How one mis-sent text dismantled an entire sorority hierarchy karlsmission 15 points ago in ProRevenge

    as a father of 4, cargo shorts are a necessity. and often contain hair bands, a stuffed toy, a doll, and some food crumbs by the end of the day (I have a boy and 3 girls).

    [–] Seriously what is wrong with Lenovo's customer service? karlsmission 1 points ago in Lenovo

    I will never buy another Ideapad, actually I will never buy a non mainline thinkpad either. (and most of those I'll buy used off lease.) I bought two used x250s a while back off ebay, both had power issues, both had about a year left of warranty, Sent them in for warranty repair, fixed for free, sent back within a week. my experience with Ideapad support? Horrific doesn't begin to start to explain.