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    [–] Jnmiltw uhh... That's not how any of this works: a lesson in genetics karlsmission 1 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    This makes me sad, both my wife and I have curly hair, my oldest has a waive, the next two are stick straight, and my youngest has curls, but we’re afraid she’ll lose them with her first hair cut like her sisters.

    [–] Best place to buy furniture in Phoenix? karlsmission 1 points ago in phoenix

    There are things like offer up and face book market place. Not sure why I got down voted so much.

    [–] Having my tortoise enclosure outside my living room window was one of my best decisions. karlsmission 1 points ago in tortoise

    Yes, she’s in the back yard, and her breed is native to the area, so figure she’s probably safe out there. I worry about cats a bit, but she’s gotten big enough it’s not as big of a worry as I used to have, but we kept a net over her last housing space.

    It’s just over 8’x15’. Her last home at our last house was 4x8’ so a big upgrade.

    [–] Best place to buy furniture in Phoenix? karlsmission 0 points ago in phoenix

    Craigslist. It’s worth looking there. We needed a new dining room table. Ended up getting the table, 6 chairs, a china hutch and a bar for $300. Real oak, no press-wood. In excellent condition. Similar table, and just the table, was $2000+ at any store.

    [–] Just bought a 2008 Saab 9-5 Aero karlsmission 2 points ago in saab

    Dic, coolant bypass valve, and the green window rollers. That is what I have kept on hand at least.

    [–] Bear spotted in northeast mesa neighborhood! karlsmission 3 points ago in phoenix

    When it’s dry, and not a lot of food, they’ll do it, and we had a pretty shitty winter this year. Almost 0 snow in the mountains. Lakes and streams are super low. Not good for bears.

    [–] Is T-Mobile selling customer location data? karlsmission 13 points ago in tmobile

    The answer is: if somebody has any information on you of any kind, they are selling it.

    Source: I work IT for a credit card company, they have info on an insane amount of stuff and people, and they make nearly as much money from trading/selling it as they do from transaction fees.

    [–] is there an "easy" way to find videos of mine that have been re uploaded? karlsmission 1 points ago in PartneredYoutube

    Yeah, I'm no where near 100k subs. under 2k... I just have a shit ton of videos, and a reasonable view count for how small my channel is (50k views/month)

    [–] MIL cashed out an inheritance left to DH to pay for SIL's college, but we are paying income tax on that withdraw! karlsmission 1 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    along with everybody else here, if for no other reason than to KEEP YOUR HUSBAND OUT OF JAIL! contact a lawyer, and file a police report. This is SERIOUS!

    [–] Who else prefers cloth seats over leather? karlsmission 2 points ago in cars

    I don't mind black interiors as much as black seating surfaces. Why must the seats be black?

    a car without A/C in phx? that was something i could deal with as a teenager, but now? Unacceptable, especially with my small kids. which we grew up with a VW vanagon, with 0 A/C and I didn't die... but my kids turn into cherry tomatoes in about 10 seconds.

    [–] Who else prefers cloth seats over leather? karlsmission 2 points ago in cars

    I've owned 30 + vehicles in PHX, and Normally I agree with you, but the vented leather seats on my saab are absolutely amazing. My wife's flex has leather seats, and I get sweaty on them, even with the A/C blasting on me. BUT they are SOOOO much easier to clean than any cloth would be with 4 young children.

    What I don't understand is how car manufacturers are able to offer cars with only black interiors. My wife has been thinking about upgrading her flex to a newer one (she has a 2011 FWD, would like a new one with AWD) but all of the ones near us have black interiors, and we would have to special order one with tan.. is that because the tan interior ones sell instantly, or because the dealers only order black ones, i'll never know. (I have also been looking at a fiat 124 spider, or a mustang, and guess what? all black interiors... yuck).

    [–] JustNoMom and the Baby Name Debacle karlsmission 1 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    This is a big part of the reason my wife and I did not find out the sex of our kids, and picked out a couple of boy and girl names. My older brother had a name picked out, but decided on a different one when the baby was born, and his very mild JustnoMIL had bought a CRAP ton of stuff with the previous baby name on it, and it couldn't be returned because it was customized...

    we decided to avoid that buy just not having that decided until after the baby was born. The boy name we were thinking for my first born totally didn't fit, and we changed what we used, because it did not fit him at all. but there was no drama, because nobody knew him by that other name.

    [–] MIL invalidates my hatred. karlsmission 1 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    Self fulfilling prophesy?

    [–] Sour Faced Sue's FDIL here (friendsfan) with a new account and general update. karlsmission 1 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    It would be wroth quitting smoking to deny her access to something. At least in my mind, it would be worth it.

    [–] The Queen of Bitchlandia starring in "You're too stupid to take care of your own children" currently happening karlsmission 1 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    Short of slapping her across the face, I don't have a suggestion for the queen.

    Have you looked into weighted vests for DD2? if pressure helps, might be something she can have to go to without having to rely on others as another coping technique. It has helped with my son, who's not on the spectrum, but does have adhd, and the pressure helps him to calm down and focus, so he can do his homework, things like that.

    [–] I said the thing that SO has been avoiding saying. I think I hurt some feelings... Also, a weird Flying Monkey. More of a trash panda. (Eldercare of almost 100 GMIL who doesn't like me) karlsmission 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in JUSTNOMIL

    If you're selling stuff on ebay, Also look into becoming an amazon affiliate. I have been one for a few years now, I run a youtube channel and link to stuff on amazon, makes me extra money every month, most months I get a couple hundred bucks, but some months its a lot more. (like $600+). if you're not working, might be worth doing a free blog, and posting links or something. ebay also has a partner network, that you can sign up for. I get a lot more from amazon, but I try harder on that one.

    Oh, and when you can swing it, get a heppa filter like this one:

    It won't kill the mold of course, but it clears the air, and will help BIG TIME. I am a huge allergy suffer, and it doesn't matter what drugs I use, I about die every spring. I have an even bigger one my parents gave me, but its amazing how much it helps just clear the crap out of the air.

    [–] You're a slut because you don't look like what I want you to look like! karlsmission 1 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    As a father of 3 little girls, There is NO way my MIL would be allowed to talk to my wife, them, of any woman in this manner around my girls. Period. This is extremely un healthy. And one more reason we're NC with my wife's family. When my wife started dating me and I encouraged her to wear clothes that fit her body style, and not hide in baggy men's clothes, she became a whore, and when I encouraged her to wear makeup, she became a slut (we were both virgins till our wedding day...). I guess I just don't understand that mentality.

    and just to add, we're quite conservative Christians, and believe in dressing "modestly" but that mostly means that they don't wear shorts/skirts their butts hang out of, something quite difficult to find for my 6 year old who's nearly as tall as her 8 year old brother, and has legs for days, but who is also super skinny, so anything that fits her waist is super short on her, and anything that fits her length just falls off, the 4 year old must wear more than just underwear, and the 2 year old is not allowed to run around naked nearly as much as she wants to (what is it with 2 year olds and the sudden dislike for any and all clothes?). I won't even get started on my son, and his clothing choices (or lack there of) I swear I say "we wear clothes in this house!" far more than I ever thought I would (which was 0)

    [–] My mom wants to move in with us (long) karlsmission 1 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    Your family sounds like my wife's family... The answer is no. If she were to change how she lives (stops being fiscally irresponsible, stops hoarding, stops threatening suicide) then... maybe? but no, Buying a condo for them will just cause you to be more angry and upset with your mom. It really will. We tried that shit with my FIL, and all he did was move my Meth addicted SIL into it, and she had her meth buddies over all the time... It was not a good situation, and exactly what got him into the situation where we needed to move him... Unless they show signs of changing FIRST (they don't have to be perfect, just along the path), let them sleep in the bed they made for themselves. Life has consequences yo. Consequences are not good or bad, they are just the result of the choices you make.

    Now as far as her living with you, That's a hard no. And make that clear. When she mentions it, Stop all conversation, and stare at her, shake your head and state clearly "that is NEVER happening, and if you bring it up again, you will no longer have a place in my life, much less my home".

    [–] What am I not getting about Nanopool/Ethereum balances. karlsmission 1 points ago in nanopool

    Did you use the default wallet or set up a new wallet of your own?

    [–] Canola meadow karlsmission 6 points ago in pics

    How can a well known fact not be easily backed up by a few links?

    [–] Canola meadow karlsmission 7 points ago in pics

    Not Monsanto, but I come from a family chocked full of geneticists, my grandpa was a pioneer in genetics, and in the 70's and 80's lectured across the glob, and was invited by both China and Russia to lecture as well...

    Even your "GMO" foods are highly modified. as a species we've been modifying genetics of our foods for millennia, if not millions of years. The gift of science has spread up the process sure, but GMO foods are perfectly safe, often healthier, often requiring less water, less fertilizers, and less pesticides to grow. Banning GMO's like Golden Rice has basically doomed generations to die of malnutrition and starvation.

    The rejection of GMO's is stupid and ignorant, and I place people in that category in the same group as antivaxxers, since they obviously are incapable of understanding science.

    (Just FYI, I am a staunch christian, advances like this are a true gift from God.)