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    [–] CT - Boss dictates weekend activities? kdsuzy 12 points ago in legaladvice

    I would double check whether his job duties actually fit the federal definition for “exempt.” If he’s a relatively low-level manager with limited discretion it’s possible that he’s misclassified and could make a wage claim for all of those weekend hours as overtime. I suggest a quick consult with an employment law attorney.

    [–] [CA] My wife signed the served divorce paperwork, and now is demanding that I return it because she no longer agrees. Do I have to give the paperwork back? kdsuzy 11 points ago in legaladvice

    She could file a motion to vacate, but most states only allow those to be granted under limited circumstances. In no state is “I changed my mind” a valid reason to invalidate a marital termination agreement.

    [–] Pregnant Women charged with man slaughter after she was shot and miscarried. Abortion bans are a war on women kdsuzy 3 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    And what if she was driving a car 5 mph over the speed limit and is in an accident that causes a miscarriage? Is that also manslaughter? What if she is at work and lifts more than 25 lbs and has a miscarriage? Is that manslaughter? What if she works 50 hours a week and has a miscarriage? More manslaughter?

    This is absolutely criminalizing being a woman. A man who was shot in this exact situation would not be charged with manslaughter. He might be charged with simple assault. There’s a big disparity there.

    [–] Parents kept birth certificate and social security card when I was kicked out (Michigan) kdsuzy 2 points ago in legaladvice

    Not familiar with MI landlord/tenant rights, but in many states you would have been illegally evicted if they didn't provide 30 days notice before making you leave. Even if you weren't paying any rent. You may want to look into what the penalty is for an illegal eviction in MI. Might as well fight back (if it's a legal option) and make their asshattery public information.

    [–] Just finished Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell kdsuzy 12 points ago in books

    Or “like a mule in a horse harness.” Go Mammy!!

    [–] Church and big box store kdsuzy 7 points ago in legaladvice

    A case for what? Anyone with a police scanner would know about this. It’s not defamation. It happened. It’s not fair, and it’s a shitty way for a church to behave, but life’s not fair, and shitty behavior isn’t necessarily illegal. Don’t quit. Church will have to fire her if they don’t want her working there anymore. File for unemployment. Join a good church.

    [–] Boss is withholding my final pay, and I’m pretty sure there’s nothing I can do. kdsuzy 33 points ago in legaladvice

    Inheriting a business doesn’t release her from her obligation to follow state and federal business laws, including labor laws. She might not know the laws, or she might think that she’s being “smart” by finding a way to get around them. Either way, she needs to be educated. And you deserve to be compensated for your work. Contact the Department of Labor. Investigating this kind of thing is what they do. A lot of people think that just because someone owns a business, they know what they’re doing. Many small business owners have never bothered to look at the laws or consulted an attorney. They just do things the easiest/cheapest way they can find to do them. It’s why the Department of Labor still exists.

    [–] Husband kicked me and our kid out - want to proceed with divorce/custody but can't afford lawyer kdsuzy 5 points ago in legaladvice

    The final bill for attorney’s fees can be negotiated in the divorce. It’s quite likely that your husband will be required to pay a portion of your legal fees as well as his own. Talk to a few family law attorneys, figure out who you are the most comfortable with, and do whatever you need to do to pay for a retainer. One of the first things your attorney will do is ask the Court to order a temporary amount for at least child support, maybe some extra for living expenses (with such a short-term marriage and not knowing what state you are in, spousal support might not be a reasonable expectation). Your state might have a child support calculator online that can give you an estimate of what he will be ordered to pay.

    Keep a record of the amount of times you’ve offered him parenting time and how much time he actually spends with the child. It will be helpful in the custody negotiations.

    [–] Never be a maid of honor kdsuzy 1 points ago in offmychest

    If she had to ask repeatedly to even get her to accept the MOH role, the MOH should have laid some ground rules for the time and $ she was willing to put into the role. If that would have been insufficient to meet the bride’s expectations, then the bride would have to either keep looking for someone who was able to accept her conditions or adjust her own expectations.

    [–] Old employer called current employer and made up stories in attempt to get me fired. Can I realistically sue him? kdsuzy 3 points ago in legaladvice

    Minnesota recognizes defamation per se as a cause of action. Defamation per se exists when a reasonable person under similar circumstances would understand the statement as making an accusation or imputing criminal or serious sexual misconduct to another. In other words, some statements (if false) are so obviously intended to cause harm to a person's reputation that you aren't required to prove that you've suffered economic damages to succeed in a lawsuit. Talk to a personal injury attorney that practices in Minnesota. You would still have to prove that it was your former employer who called your new boss and your sober house.

    [–] Kids at a no kids wedding kdsuzy 18 points ago in bridezillas

    Rent a bouncy house. But only adults are allowed inside. Kids could get hurt playing in there with the grown-ups!

    [–] Depression has taken away my ability to enjoy reading [Trigger Warning⚠] kdsuzy 1 points ago in books

    I like the audiobooks suggestions, too.

    Maybe you’ve already tried this, but if not, maybe a way to get back into reading would be to grab a copy of a book you really enjoyed as a kid. Something easy to read, something familiar, something that won’t require a lot of energy to focus on. You’ve already read it, you know the story, you just need to get back into the habit of turning pages and reading words.

    [–] I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE kdsuzy 8 points ago in legaladvice

    Unfortunately, it’s extremely hard for someone with a felony to find housing. Some states/cities have programs set up to assist recent parolees with community reentry issues like this. Have you talked to your parole officer? They may have some contacts or resources for you. You can also try Google for your city to see if there are any nonprofit programs working on assisting with housing for people with criminal records.

    You can also check with local homeless shelters. The staff at shelters often have a bunch of contact information for people who can assist you. Good luck!

    [–] [Long Island NY] Wife(Teacher's Assistant) attacked by 2nd graders she works with kdsuzy 3 points ago in legaladvice

    How about calling CPS? In my state he’d be too young for delinquency charges so a call to police won’t go anywhere. Social services could look into the child’s home life and if it seems the parents aren’t causing any issues could point the parents toward some more intensive services/therapy options that aren’t offered in school. Just ignoring it is only going to make things worse for this kid, and eventually he’ll be old enough for a criminal record. And that REALLY won’t help his future.

    [–] [IN] My Dad VS Local Speaker Company in Small Claims Court kdsuzy 1 points ago in legaladvice

    He would have to prove that they had a contract. Unless Indiana has an unusually low threshold for requiring a written contract, a verbal contract is technically enforceable. It’s just more difficult to prove. Your dad would have to convince the judge in small claims court that it’s more likely than not that the speaker company agreed to pay him $3000 in exchange for your dad providing the photos. His testimony would legally be sufficient. The speaker company might give some other reason why your dad provided pictures (or even try saying someone else took them). It’s up to the judge to decide who to believe.

    [–] Whitewater rafting in carlton area kdsuzy 1 points ago in duluth

    Highly recommend. I’ve gone twice. The river is actually set up perfectly for new rafters. The rapids start out pretty easy and get more difficult as you near the end of the trip. The guides I’ve had have always been well-trained, helpful, and fun.

    [–] A group of neighborhood kids hurt themselves on my hot peppers - VA kdsuzy 41 points ago in legaladvice

    I’d say the kid’s father is coming dangerously close to extortion by telling you he’ll call the cops if you don’t pay the medical bills.

    [–] Tennessee Pastor Who Repeatedly Raped Daughter, 14, Gets Light Sentence Because Jesus kdsuzy 16 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    In MN, the statutes for criminal sexual conduct are written so that someone in a position of authority over their victim increases the level of seriousness (thereby increasing the sentence length).

    [–] NC - Wife’s ex husband is removing the children from NC to CA in 3 weeks. Need to file an ex parte emergency custody order. Cover sheet completed, told by clerks office needed an “order”. How do we prevent him from taking the children out of state which is against current custody agreement? kdsuzy 157 points ago in legaladvice

    Sorry, I can’t just let that go. Clerk’s office isn’t “worthless.” They are prohibited from giving you legal advice and helping you draft a proposed order could be construed as providing assistance to one side. They are required to maintain neutrality as the keeper of the court’s records.

    Just draft up an order that states you are granted temporary sole legal and physical custody based on his planned attempt to leave the state with the kids. State that a hearing will be held on — insert a blank line for the judge to fill in hearing date and time.

    [–] Got attacked by a dog while outside jogging ~2 months ago, and now owner is refusing to pay medical bills by due date kdsuzy 27 points ago in legaladvice

    Even if she got the dog as a gift, a cane corso is a fairly massive dog. Vet care and dog food costs go up significantly based on the size of a dog. Unless someone else is covering the cost of food and vet bills she has to have at least a little bit of disposable income. Maybe you can get her to agree to a payment plan if she can’t come up with the lump sum. Have her sign an agreement. If she starts missing payments you can try small claims, but collecting on a judgment might get tricky, especially if she’s on disability.

    Source: have Newfoundland dogs, payment to breeder is the cheapest part.

    [–] Workplace Sexual Harassment- Overreacting? kdsuzy 3 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    File a police report for any time he touched you. That wasn’t sexual harassment, it was sexual assault. Encourage the others to do the same.

    [–] Can I ask my lawyer for a refund if I haven’t had any progress made on my case in 8 months? (Mo) kdsuzy 3 points ago in legaladvice

    Send a letter stating that you no longer need her services and requesting a refund of the remainder of your retainer.