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    [–] They’ve lost the business they never had from me! keenolive 1 points ago in oldpeoplefacebook

    Yeah I was made aware in about 40 comments. Can’t edit so there’s nothing to be done. It was approved like this.

    [–] They’ve lost the business they never had from me! keenolive 2 points ago in oldpeoplefacebook

    Lol I’m in Mpls too and my friend posted this on FB. I was like “an old person Facebook in the wild! I must bring it to reddit immediately!” 😂

    [–] They’ve lost the business they never had from me! keenolive 3 points ago in oldpeoplefacebook

    Yes and because I am elderly and tech-averse by Reddit standards, I can’t figure out how to edit an image post - so it stands until deleted I guess? There was a failed attempt made to fix.

    [–] PPT (Posh Pro Tip) - When you have an item that has a M/L sizing... keenolive 2 points ago in BehindTheClosetDoor

    This tip also works for unisex items - such as a pair of dr martens - list it in both men’s and women’s shoes with the size corresponding to each.

    [–] They’ve lost the business they never had from me! keenolive 3 points ago in oldpeoplefacebook

    Yeah I thought I got them all but i think I subconsciously left this one in - because it really puts a bow on the entire exchange.

    [–] Guys, send good vibes! keenolive 10 points ago in BehindTheClosetDoor

    I hope it’s not over 5 lbs! That will really increase the postage cost. Fingers crossed for a great sale!

    [–] Buyer shipping issue/maybe scam? keenolive 10 points ago in poshmark

    I would ship to the address on the label that posh provided.

    [–] Would you thrift summer clothes right now? keenolive 2 points ago in poshmark

    Yes, In Minnesota I find the best coats and boots in the summer and the best bathing suits and shorts in the fall and winter.

    [–] AITA for asking to reduce the amount of time my step daughter stays with us? keenolive 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Reading this makes me so thankful that my own stepmother (16 years older than me) was so kind. I beyond tested her, I made her life hell. I’m honestly surprised she stuck around. Now I’m in my 40’s and she is my best friend. I’ve spent my adult life trying to make up for the hell I put her through.

    YTA OP. You knew what you were walking into when you started a relationship with him at 21. My own 12 year old is so ornery I go to my happy place by researching boarding schools for a bit of mental escapism from the madness of raising a preteen. But when you are a PARENT (and not just playing one) it’s for keeps. Preteens test EVERYONE, not just step-parents.

    [–] I can't order a drink, you say? keenolive 19 points ago in MaliciousCompliance

    Company policies can be crazy. During the Y2K hysteria my husband’s company had him traveling for a month straight. One night he ordered a movie in the hotel room. And they refused to cover it. Such an easy way to shore up employee loyalty, and they blew it but saved $4.

    [–] *becomes super interested in a niche hobby for a hot second* omg let me spend $100 on random supplies for said hobby even though I won’t be interested in a couple weeks!! keenolive 3 points ago in ADHD

    Not only do I do this, I take it next level and have to make everything a damn profit-generating business, so the investment is never small. I have 2 cotton candy machines. Because i saw someone make cotton candy and thought - ooh neat! I should become a cotton candy baron!

    [–] Apparently they don't know what PEZ is keenolive 6 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    I remember ayds, it was like a chalky chocolate chew square. Unfortunate timing and name.

    [–] My husband pretends our baby doesn’t exist. keenolive 10 points ago in relationship_advice

    She told you she does - 24 hours a day in their home.

    [–] My husband pretends our baby doesn’t exist. keenolive 14 points ago in relationship_advice

    I would say this: while husband works, wife is also working at home - cleaning, taking care of baby, likely organizing and managing husband’s life outside of work as well. Then husband gets home. Wife’s “job” isn’t done - why should husband’s be? The work is there until it isn’t. And I’m not sure i understand your last sentence - did you mean to say an infant isn’t a lot of work in their first year of life?

    [–] Foot in mouth keenolive 10 points ago in ADHD

    Yes, and I’m increasingly dealing with senior executives in my company and live in fear of inevitability saying something completely stupid or inappropriate.

    [–] My less than $5 a week M-F work breakfast keenolive 1 points ago in EatCheapAndHealthy

    You could precook mushrooms, peppers, onion, cherry tomatoes (or even grill and dice them), then add them to the eggs as you cook them. They add a smoky flavor and won’t take so long to cook (just need to heat through).

    [–] Hearing loss turned out to be my brain tuning the world out keenolive 17 points ago in ADHD

    Yes, I completely tune out the world around me - I also have a delay in processing so if I’m tuned out and say, my husband says something to me, I will say “what?” And before he gets 1/2 way to repeating it I process what he said. It’s maddening for him but he understands it’s out of my control.