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    [–] Need advice on flying VFR from Toronto to Florida keepcrazy 1 points ago in flying

    Yea, vfr on top (Or is it vfr over the top?) is legit in the US, but ill advised for obvious reasons. Basically, you can’t climb THROUGH a cloud layer to the clear skies above without an IFR, but you can legally climb in VFR conditions and then continue over the clouds if you so dare.

    I think it’s legal because for local flights on the coasts it totally makes sense and reduces IFR traffic in already congested airspace (see: Los Angeles area).

    But on a cross country, it’s a REALLY bad idea unless you’re absolutely sure what’s up ahead. Even more brave in the winter. I say this as an IFR pilot who has done this and found myself picking up an IFR more than 50% of the time. Even found myself in VFR equipment trapped on top with nowhere to go. Oh, the stories....

    That said, if you are IFR rated, one fabulous thing about the US airspace is that you can just pick up an IFR en-route with no plan filed or nothin’!! It’s so easy and convenient that I actually PLAN on it for cross country flights!!

    (Outside the US I generally fly IFR exclusively ‘cause y’all are weird.)

    “Hay-a, Denver center, November six niner Sierra X-ray yankee; it looks like we have some weather ahead, can we pick up an IFR and climb to flight level 200?” “Sierra X-ray yankee, cleared mustang ranch via battle mountain, direct, climb and maintain flight level 2 zero zero.”

    Not kidding, THAT easy!!

    [–] Black or link?[2] keepcrazy 0 points ago in PickOne

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    [–] If I'm planning to start my lessons in a year or two - what should I do *now*? I'm concerned about learning outdated information. keepcrazy 2 points ago in flying

    Like the other guy said. The $99 intro flight. For sure!!

    Do a few of them over time with different schools until you actually start lessons. $99 intro lessons are always a great deal and doing a few over time with different planes and different instructors you’ll have a familiarity of things when you actually start.

    [–] If I'm planning to start my lessons in a year or two - what should I do *now*? I'm concerned about learning outdated information. keepcrazy 3 points ago in flying

    Take one or two introductory lessons now and study the knowledge. Not just for the written, study up for the commercial. Know everything there is to know.

    The information doesn’t change and when you start for real, it’ll be knowledge, not memorized.

    [–] $85+ bike lock cut in 2 seconds keepcrazy 42 points ago in videos

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure they went out of the way to make that tool not work. Even the cheapest tin snips need no adjustment to do better than that!!

    [–] Trump says he doesn't care about predicted US national debt explosion because ‘I won't be here’ keepcrazy 1 points ago in politics

    Their supporters are morons. The republicans will campaign against democrats based on lower government spending in two years and people will eat it up!!!

    [–] Legality of taking off/landing on taxiways keepcrazy 7 points ago in flying

    Helicopters do it all the time, so it’s technically legal to do.

    HOWEVER, aside from obviously getting hit with careless operation if something happens, you could cause damage to the taxiway and be held accountable for that. Taxiways are not designed for live loads of landing aircraft, the pavement is much thinner and weaker. So anything but a perfect greaser can potentially leave divots in the taxiway.

    Additionally, taxiways are not a protected space. If someone is doing work on a taxiway to fix lights or whatever, they can just go do the work and you might not see them until it’s too late if you are landing there. If someone is working on the runway, the runway will get closed with a notam or at least have someone monitoring the radio.

    [–] Trump's economic advisers say China has not agreed to slash auto tariffs, despite Trump's tweet keepcrazy 5 points ago in Economics

    So. Is anyone looking into insider trading based on this shit?!

    Stock up on leveraged index funds,

    Post a lie that the trade war is over


    [–] Caught a flight yesterday, noticed the clouds were only above the islands. keepcrazy 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Mmmmmmmm. No.... orographic lift is wind pushing air up a mountain/terrain. The phenomenon in question also happens in the absence of wind.

    (Someone else explained it quite well, i can’t do better)

    [–] Philadelphia born U.S citizen held by ICE keepcrazy 7 points ago in news

    I think there is a very high probability that you have no idea WTF you are talking about....

    [–] Philadelphia born U.S citizen held by ICE keepcrazy 6 points ago in news

    I’m still confused. So.... how does showing that they are born outside the US prove they’re not a citizen again?!

    [–] First hybrid twin engine plane combines generator, battery, and two electric motors, takes flight in Austria keepcrazy 4 points ago in flying

    I dunno where this “diesel motors are heavy” thing is from? There are several diesels available in aviation at equal or better power to weight ratios than avgas.

    [–] Philadelphia born U.S citizen held by ICE keepcrazy 8 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in news

    errrr... being born in another country does NOT preclude you from citizenship!!! Not even slightly!!!

    My entire family is born in another country and every single one of us is a citizen with the same rights as Fuhrer Trump!! ... Except the right to be Fuhrer!!

    LOL, the last governor of California, you might have heard of him, was born in another country. By your logic, he should be deported?!?

    Trump's WIFE is born in another country, does that prove SHE is not a citizen?!?!?

    [–] Philadelphia born U.S citizen held by ICE keepcrazy 36 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in news

    Wickard v. Filburn

    Honestly, a quick perusal of Wickard v Filburn details that the case depends on the fact that wheat "exerts a substantial economic effect on interstate commerce" and therefore any manipulation of wheat affects interstate commerce.

    In the case of weed, however, interstate commerce is illegal, so the same claim is not only impotent but laughable.

    Edit: Reading Gonzalez v. Raich on wikipedia, I have to admit I am confused and my assessment is clearly not obvious. However I honestly can't follow the Gonzalez v. Raich arguments at all.

    (I should add that English is not my native language, but I doubt that has anything to do with my inability to follow Gonzalez v. Raich.)

    [–] First hybrid twin engine plane combines generator, battery, and two electric motors, takes flight in Austria keepcrazy 14 points ago in flying

    This is the right solution. GA planes rarely need full power after you’re a few thousand feet AGL. A hybrid solution that uses battery plus engine for takeoff/go around and cruises on a lower power Diesel engine/generator meets the best of both worlds.

    [–] Who is the most famous person you've met? keepcrazy 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Gorbachev Bill Clinton Paul Ryan Teddy Kennedy Prince (now king) of Morocco

    [–] Need advice on flying VFR from Toronto to Florida keepcrazy 1 points ago in flying

    Okay. So. Here’s the deal. I ferry the occasional plane. VFR across the country this time of year is the shits.

    Two days - meh, plan on six, hope for two. If you take ONE piece of advice from this place, THIS is the one you should take.

    Crossing the border. You need not just an efis login, etc but you need to call customs at the place you plan to land and verify they’ll be there.

    You have a customs sticker? You better have a customers sticker.

    As for routes. Cute cities, restaurants, whatnot are useless. There is a mountain range between you and Florida. You need to figure out where/how you are going to cross it.... without icing up and dying. Dieing? Staying alive is important.

    And, based an apparent lower hours, you need to cross them during the day. Keep in mind that frost removal, customs, as well as each fuel stop, will take far longer than you think and the days are short.

    When I’m going cross-country this time of year, I’m wheels up 30 minutes before sunrise, latest.

    Don’t go over clouds long distance. The opening you planned for “outs” will close and become unreachable.

    If ceilings start dropping under 1,500’. Get on the ground. ASAP. They’re lower ahead of you and windmills are 1,000’. Windmills are EVERYWHERE. Oh, and if there’s only one, it’s 2,000’. Radio towers too - and ALL of them have lights out, ALL OF THEM!! Towers also have guy wires, just because you see the tower, doesn’t mean you see the thing that will kill you.

    Finally, on a lighter note. Salty snacks and Gatorade. Limit coffee. Bring bananas. Salts & potassium help you not have to pee. Can’t help you with poo.

    [–] Why Intel had little performance increase until recently. keepcrazy 10 points ago in apple

    Yes. Not just any optimization though. Apple’s frustration started primarily with power management - being able to do the same shit with less power.

    But they’ve taken it much further than that. Apple controls the whole ecosystem in phones and iPads etc. The compiler, the processor and the OS. They’re ALL optimized to work together.

    Optimizations can be power savvy (crazy important) or UI responsive (quite important) or processing capable (marketing important).

    Apple is in the unique position to control the balance of all of those.

    Frankly, I’m shocked there is no A12/A13/Awhatever laptop/desktop available from apple.