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    [–] Just got it at a convention so it’s going here kenziegal96 9 points ago in MyHeroAcademia

    One of my coworkers (who recently left for a job closer to family) got me Deku and my bf’s sister got him Todoroki.

    [–] I just love this woman put into assuring her dogs would be ok kenziegal96 13 points ago in wholesomepics

    People do tend to get antsy and anxious when they see animals or children alone in cars, especially when it’s warmer outside, because of the reports of so many deaths. Because of this, people will want to help out any animals or children they see in cars, which is probably her reasoning.

    [–] Am I gonna get fired if I turn down promotions kenziegal96 3 points ago in jobs

    I mean go up to your supervisor and tell them that you want to work on your leadership skills before any kind of promotion since you don’t feel super confident and ask them for advice. I don’t think they’ll fire you, but talking is always a good thing

    [–] I got a call from a production company wanting to use our story for 1 of a 10 show series. Anyone have any experience with this? kenziegal96 2 points ago in Advice

    True, but also you going to want someone knowledgeable go read over the contract st the bare minimum so you guys know exactly what’s in it and if there’s things you guys can and can’t do.

    [–] Need editing help (Microsoft Movie maker) kenziegal96 2 points ago in VideoEditing

    You could download DaVinci Resolve 15 for free. It’s not the greatest option out there, but if you can’t afford Premiere atm then it works just fine.

    [–] Lying and getting called on about not giving a shit about a project. kenziegal96 2 points ago in quityourbullshit

    My high school principal once called me a liar (but he wasn’t calling me a liar according to him) because the pianist was coming at my sister. It was my senior year and I was stressed the freak out and started crying because he was calling me a liar. He had the gall to call my parents and ask if I was ok.

    [–] 2nd no-sew blanket I made. From the responses I received on the Hufflepuff blanket, I thought I'd share. kenziegal96 1 points ago in Harry_potter

    In my experiences with no-see blankets you typically get two pieces of fleece (most of the time one has a pattern and one is solid, but it depends on what you want). Lay the two pieces so that they match up and the insides are facing each other, take some scissors and, if you want, cut smallish squares out of the corners before you cut ~inch wide strips that go a couple inches up. After that you tie the corresponding strips together.

    [–] I was never vaccinated for ANYTHING because of my anti vac mother. I'm now 18 and considering getting them done. kenziegal96 -2 points ago in Advice

    I would defiantly say look into getting them because, like someone else said, you could end up working or being around small children who aren’t/can’t be vaccinated or elderly people who are more susceptible to catching something.

    But it’s also totally up to you.

    [–] A call in that we are running tomorrow kenziegal96 2 points ago in gatekeeping

    I’m wearing cheap Walmart canvas shoes with flowers sooooo.

    [–] I’m surprise he wanted to loaf on me. (He and our other cat have coccidia and just finished one round of medicine) kenziegal96 3 points ago in Catloaf

    It’s a type of parasite. Completely treatable but I have to change their litter every day and they just finished 5 days of medicine then they’ll be off 5 days then on 5 days.

    [–] :) kenziegal96 3 points ago in MadeMeSmile

    I went to a small, really clicky, high school. My freshman year we had a girl with Downs win homecoming queen.

    [–] So this guy I barely knew from school messaged me asking to be my "date" for my grandfathers funeral kenziegal96 2 points ago in niceguys

    Sorry about your grandfather OP. I lost mine back end of April/beginning of May. My heart goes out to you because I know how tough it is.

    [–] A man learns he’s about to become a father. kenziegal96 2 points ago in aww

    Because getting pregnant can be difficult for some people. Even normally it doesn’t typically happen after doing it once without a condom.

    [–] Gavin vs American Airlines kenziegal96 7 points ago in roosterteeth

    Literally passed cleanup of a double fatal one last night as I was coming home from work.

    [–] I guess I'm the bad roommate...... kenziegal96 1 points ago in badroommates

    My mom is so particular about how the dishwasher is loaded too. She likes to maximize efficiency so she’ll load up the dishwasher at night. During the day, when she’s at work, if there’s dishes to be done we’ll always throw things in until it’s pretty full then run it (usually only one load) and then put things away. She doesn’t flip or anything, but she doesn’t like leaving dishes overnight

    [–] [Canada] "Reckless driver almost causes 3 accidents" kenziegal96 27 points ago in Roadcam

    I mean calmer could be changing lanes for any number of reason. Could be they know they’ll need to get over to the left more in a bit and didn’t want to make two lane changes close together. Could be they know the right lane ends or there’s construction going on.

    [–] Cat got its own tongue stuck in its collar. kenziegal96 1 points ago in funny

    My cats are indoor and are chipped and have collars. They both like to try to escape so having the collars does two things. 1) Lets others know they aren’t strays (if they ever happen to get out of the apartment building) 2) to alert my boyfriend and I if the kitties are running towards the door.