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    [–] Our apartment has become a hostel kenziegal96 5 points ago in badroommates

    There have been dudes who posted here before. I haven’t delved deep enough to tell you how many or how far between there are, but I have seen several posts from dudes.

    [–] 16 year old trying to get a job?? kenziegal96 1 points ago in jobs

    It would show some initiative. These places are probably receiving a ton of applications as well so they may not have gotten to yours, but calling can put a bug in their ear

    [–] 16 year old trying to get a job?? kenziegal96 3 points ago in jobs

    I’d call in the next few days and say ‘hello, my name is ___ and I put in an application ___. I was just wondering what the state of it was’

    [–] "I wish I had some food right now..." kenziegal96 3 points ago in funny

    My cat doesn’t like scheduled feeds. Took me about six months to find that out. He only takes like 4-5 bites then leaves the rest for when he’s hungry again later. He regulates his own feeding.

    [–] [USA][OR][OC] Drywall flies off truck on freeway and explodes on car kenziegal96 2 points ago in Roadcam

    I was driving back to college with my dad (couldn’t keep my car there my first year) and there was one car between me and a truck carrying plexiglass. One piece flew off and over the truck and hit the ground and broke right in front of me. I couldn’t get over because there was a decent amount of interstate traffic. Sure shook me a lot.

    [–] Dad caught me crying to sleep and belted me. What should I do? kenziegal96 2 points ago in Advice

    Crying can actually be really good for a person. It relieves stress, lowers blood pressure, removes toxins and magnesium and also helps you to embrace your emotions and humanity.

    OP, take pictures of the marks (if there are any). Talk to a trusted teacher or counselor or someone.

    [–] I'm[17F] angry that my parents[45ish?] are shelling out 16 grand specifically so they can have a son. kenziegal96 0 points ago in relationships

    You should get out of there as soon as you can, but also, what about your younger sisters? I know you guys aren’t close, but they’ll still have to deal with this once you’re out of there. I know you don’t want to report, but if you think they’ll be neglected then you either 1) need to report them for your sister’s sake after you leave or 2) find someplace for them to have a safe haven as well.

    [–] Ear piercings and hairdressers kenziegal96 3 points ago in piercing

    My hairdresser is awesome and knows I have a lot of piercings. There have been a couple different times where she’s snagged one of my rings and then felt extremely terrible about it. Generally she’s very cautious, but accidents happen.

    [–] Newly Graduated from High School. Parents Made Me Get Full-Time Job This Summer, but I Hate It Immensely. kenziegal96 2 points ago in jobs

    Yes he made a mistake, but on his second day. That’s no reason to be an absolute bitch to OP. It’s not great life experience because it’s absolutely degrading. This is not how a news room should be ran. I work for a smallish news station (for newspaper but I’m hopefully going to switch to TV in the next year since that’s my degree) and even though there aren’t as many people and they do a lot of work, I’ve never once heard that kind of language on someone’s second or even third day. Heck! The guy who makes our dummies still messes up because he’s still new and the person training him quit before actually training him and yet, while my supervisor is a tad frustrated, she goes over and works it out with him calmly, letting him know what he needs to fix.

    As to having the notes, notes are a good thing when you haven’t been able to remember everything in such a short time. Being yelled at over that is inexcusable.

    OP, what is minimum wage in your state? If it’s under what your being paid then I’m so sorry, but you won’t be able to do much about it. If it’s higher; then you might have a case.

    In terms of getting out, write down everything that this lady has said to you, and what the other camera men have said, and sit down with your dad and stepmom. Tell them you want to talk because you want their advice on what to do. Tell them everything that has happened and that you don’t feel like you can see yourself actually learning and growing at the company. Suggest taking a look at other news stations in the area or even some sort of office job.

    I hope you’re able to get this sorted out!

    [–] I accepted a job interview and the drive is out of my comfort zone. kenziegal96 2 points ago in Anxiety

    Deep breath. You’ll be amazing. Either drive down the night before or head out a little over an hour early. Use GPS and take your time. You’ve got this!

    [–] "You hurt me, amma gonna eat ya!!. No just kidding, luv ya!" kenziegal96 15 points ago in aww

    When I was younger one of my canine (incisor? Third tooth on the top row. Anyways) my baby tooth just wasn’t getting loose or coming out and one day, while eating a pickle, I realized my adult tooth was coming in...only after thinking it was some sort of pickle seed. Got the pleasant experience of yanking my baby tooth out, but it honestly want the worst feeling ever. Now that adult tooth is slightly in-front of my other teeth.

    [–] Camp Job, Food/Retail, or Both? kenziegal96 1 points ago in jobs

    Maybe do choose both but only work at Panera a few days a week until camp is over.

    [–] Wheels up logic kenziegal96 3 points ago in criminalminds

    I always thought about it in terms of when they decided to take on the case/severity of it.

    [–] Rainbow Hair kenziegal96 1 points ago in pics

    I have no clue. I just know instructions say use cold water because hot water fades it faster.

    [–] Rainbow Hair kenziegal96 108 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in pics

    I mean if you do it yourself you can always add some of the dye to you shampoo and conditioner so it doesn’t look as shitty.

    Also, don’t wash your hair super often if you do color it. Invest in dry shampoo and wash every 2-3 days. Wash in cold water can also help keep it.

    Source: did real and fire truck red hair at different points. Kept them looking decent for a while.

    Edit: teal not real. Whoops.

    [–] Trying to build eyelash extension clientele kenziegal96 1 points ago in Advice

    Do you go through social media? Also, do you have a website? If you do, then you could possibly look into buying some ads for a short period of time through Google.

    [–] I feel so sick. I can't find the pouch that I keep my jewellery in. kenziegal96 2 points ago in Advice

    Did you try contacting them and asking if they ran across anything of that description? Also, take some deep breaths. I’ve done similar things, but they always seem to turn up in the oddest of places. Best wishes for you.

    [–] Response to Anthony Bourdain's death kenziegal96 1 points ago in facepalm

    I was reading through a bunch of replies and some guy brought in Christianity.

    [–] So you won't give me the car keys, well. ..... kenziegal96 4 points ago in aww

    I was worried about my cat doing that as well. The first few times he would sit close to the seat on the floor before he figured that he can just sit in my lap and get cuddles the whole drive.

    [–] Social security trace on background check is “unperformable” kenziegal96 1 points ago in jobs

    Contact them and ask what you should do about it not performing. They might be able to give some advice.

    [–] TIFU by not realizing triple sec had alcohol in it. kenziegal96 55 points ago in tifu

    Taco Bell has a cantina in Austin that had like appetizers and all sorts of cool foods (test kitchen type stuff). Well my bf and I heard that they had alcohol/bar type of thing and so we wanted to check it out. Turns out it carries like 3 beers and then has rum, tequila and vodka as mixers for their slushes. And the small slushes were like $6+ a piece.

    [–] My new (not perfect) bag kenziegal96 1 points ago in sewing

    Thanks! It’s mostly the top edge that’s not correct but I’m in love with it! This is actually the first thing I’ve sewed on my new machine. The last two things I hand-sewed and they were small and super easy.