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    [–] Gotta love a good little smoke sesh before class ketio1 3 points ago in trees

    you cant really use cigarette filters for joints, i use tips but the size of them depend on the size of the joint

    [–] Gotta love a good little smoke sesh before class ketio1 14 points ago in trees

    why would you not put a filter in a joint?

    [–] me irl ketio1 16 points ago in me_irl


    [–] both are great games though ketio1 7 points ago in gaming

    I have played skyrim for almost 300 hours, and there are many reasons to me why i like it so much.

    1. I really like the immersion it offers

    2. there are many ways you can play it, you can be a sneaky archer, a badass warrior orc or anything else really

    3. there are so many great quests, the main questline is kind of boring compared to the other things you can do, you can for example become a vampire hunter, or you can choose to become a vampire yourself and kill all the vampire hunters, its always up to you.

    4. Mods. There are dlc sized mods out there that turn it into a whole different experience. There are mods to improve the grafics, the combat system or any other feature you would like to change.

    [–] My spot on this birthday morning. ketio1 3 points ago in trees

    its my birthday today too :)

    [–] I am Wilhelm Nylund, I do the physics stuff at Landfall Games. Ask Me Anything ketio1 9 points ago in AccurateBattleSim

    Hey Wilhelm

    first of all thank you for all the effort you and the whole team are currently putting into this great game! It already looks like alot of fun :)

    how many maps do you think there will be when the game is released? have you already decided how much the game might cost once its out?

    [–] #Stonercleanupinitiative in my favourite beach in Turkey [7] ketio1 7 points ago in trees

    im swiss too and i can confrirm that migros is a very popular supermarket-chain in switzerland