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    [–] Digital Foundry: Why next-gen consoles shouldn't focus on 'true 4K' khanarx -1 points ago in xboxone

    yeah I would like to see more power used to AI and game world interactions. For me personally there still are few games this gen that actually couldn't run on last gen

    [–] Xbox One and Xbox One X Will Receive Dolby Vision Support khanarx 20 points ago in Games

    I am playing rdr in 4k right now. It legit looks current gen aside from character faces

    [–] Doom Eternal gameplay reveal livestream dated khanarx 2 points ago in xboxone

    i just beat doom on the X. Fucking best graphics i might have ever seen in a game. also the game itself was fun as hell. I am buying this day 1

    [–] Game Pass is the Best Value in gaming. khanarx 4 points ago in xboxone

    i wish dirt 4 got enhanced, i know the pro has an enhancement (a terrible one still at 1080p) but still, it deserves 4k at least.

    [–] Walmart Beta Codes Going out khanarx 1 points ago in fo76

    Check your math, late August is still a full 9 weeks before release

    [–] Xbox One S for Witcher 3 Full HD, or a budget gaming PC khanarx 4 points ago in buildapc

    it's actually straight up impossible to build a PC (OS, keyboard, mouse) that will compete with the Xb1X

    [–] Every episode's discussion thread khanarx 2 points ago in betterCallSaul

    ok this made me laugh pretty hard

    [–] Walmart Beta Codes Going out khanarx 143 points ago in fo76

    i doubt keys have anything to do with beta release. I personally don't think we will see beta till like late august at earliest

    [–] Best 4K HDR monitor for Xbox one x under $600? khanarx 0 points ago in xboxone

    no such thing at the moment sadly. If any advertise hdr under 600 they are def not 10bit or hitting the correct peak brightness.

    [–] Rage 2 Will Have No Loading Screens, Will Realize The Promise of the Original Game khanarx 9 points ago in Games

    the people are arguing with you are fucking dumbasses, there is literally no other engine that does what bethesda does. I challenge anyone to name a single open world game with the level of physical interaction as good as bethesda game studios.

    [–] Rage 2 Will Have No Loading Screens, Will Realize The Promise of the Original Game khanarx 5 points ago in Games

    I don't think TES will have load screens anymore, the game is targeting next gen, and those new beefy ryzen CPUs combined with most likely 16gb of RAM will finally allow them to ditch load screens for simple stuff

    [–] RCS chat support is rolling out to Pixel devices on Telstra Australia khanarx 30 points ago in Android

    man i've been holding onto ios for so long waiting for RCS to roll out globally, at this point im starting to think its gonna be a full decade longer to get universal RCS

    [–] [FRESH] Brockhampton - 1999 Wildfire khanarx 30 points ago in hiphopheads

    Best boyband since one direction making r/hhh itch like a skin infection

    [–] Inside Xbox on July 10th featuring an Xbox Game Pass Update! khanarx 8 points ago in xboxone

    I was thinking this was going to come after the first major update hits, which is still under testing. Def not MCC. Prob Horizon 3

    [–] Xbox 2020 Rumors: What to Expect From Microsoft’s Next Console khanarx 4 points ago in xboxone

    Imagine if new Xbox had some feature to run old games all at 60fps. That would be so awesome. Could win console war next gen by enabling 60fps back compat

    [–] Gears of War 5 Will Target [email protected] on Xbox One X Across All Modes, Says Rod Fergusson khanarx 3 points ago in xboxone

    Yeah I was thinking the same, I want them to push AI on screen and things happening, I don't want like 4 enemies on screen just to sacrifice for 60fps. I don't care what people say, designing a game for 60fps on console causes huge graphics downgrades. FFS just look at halo 5, awful textures and static environments

    [–] [FRESH] BROCKHAMPTON: Tonya (TV Debut) khanarx 10 points ago in hiphopheads

    best boyband since one direction

    [–] Kevin says new BROCKHAMPTON song on Jimmy Fallon tonight khanarx 4 points ago in hiphopheads

    drop puppy. seriously tho i been thirsting for some new era brockhampton. take your time and drop another classic queens

    [–] Digital Foundry: Gears 5 Engine Upgrades First Look Trailer Analysis khanarx -49 points ago in xboxone

    Am the only person who thought the trailer looked the same or worse than gears 4 when first watching it? I guess assuming the game is out fall 19 it's probably in early production though

    [–] [Fresh Album] Jay Rock - Redemption khanarx -18 points ago in hiphopheads

    im sorry but this album is trash. it's not only a bad hip-hop record, its a bad jay rock record.

    I'm feeling a light 4 on this one. TRAN