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    [–] PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: War Mode arrives on September 21 khanarx 12 points ago in xboxone

    Blackout is literally a clone of pubg except everything about the game is better, there is just as much tension I've been playing it all day

    [–] PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: War Mode arrives on September 21 khanarx -1 points ago in xboxone

    no thanks, I'm playing 60fps on COD with fun gameplay and interiors that actually load.. why would anyone continue playing this trash?

    [–] 3 khanarx 2 points ago in GooglePixel

    I doubt we are gonna see the same jump we saw from pixel 1 to 2 though...

    [–] iPhone deals getting better tomorrow according to John Legere on Twitter khanarx 15 points ago in tmobile

    wait so you have to buy TWO iPhone XS and add a line. thats a terrible deal

    [–] IPhone JOD Prices for "Well qualified customers" (Provided by Executive customer service) khanarx 1 points ago in tmobile

    just here to say im pissed i don't have the 99 down. been customer for 5 years with no late payments

    [–] Not anymore broken khanarx 3 points ago in CalPoly

    fucking bullshit servers are still fucked

    [–] GameStop: For today only, get extra credit for your trades - Nintendo Switch $250, PS4 Pro $300, PS4 Slim 1TB $225, PS4 Slim 500GB 210$, PS4 $200, Xbox One X $325, Xbox One S 500GB $175, Xbox One 500GB $150, Video Games and much more khanarx 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in consoledeals

    if your gamestop has a spidey pro in stock u can essentially upgrade to a new pro for ~$85. new pro obviously has new controller and slightly new pro hardware. even less if you subtract the cost of the game.

    or just trade in now and buy a new model on black friday for like $50 more

    [–] Summary of Game Informer Podcast - Blackout First Impressions khanarx 1 points ago in Blackops4

    can you explain how build offs aren't tactical? IMO build offs are what actually adds the skill to fortnite

    [–] Battlefield 5 PS4 Pro and Xbox One X Frame Rate Test (Beta) - VG Tech khanarx 3 points ago in xboxone

    The C objective on norvik is the worst performing area in the beta, and it's at it's lowest when in Grand operations everyone is crowded around it

    [–] Battlefield 5 PS4 Pro and Xbox One X Frame Rate Test (Beta) - VG Tech khanarx 0 points ago in xboxone

    Should have tested Grand operations, ya know the game made mode that actually stresses the engine hard

    [–] Leaked IPhone prices 699hobo 799xs 999xs plus khanarx 4 points ago in apple

    $799 for the XS? This is some wishful thinking. I think $899 is a best case scenario

    [–] Battlefield V Open Beta - Technical Issues - MegaThread khanarx 17 points ago in BattlefieldV

    It's because all the medics are taking the downed guys guns 😂😂. I can barely revive someone without swapping guns

    [–] 195 Rapid-Fire Questions About Call Of Duty's Blackout - Game Informer khanarx 7 points ago in Blackops4

    i wonder if they are using some slightly different rendereding techniques than regular mp because how the hell do we get major fps drops in 8 player games on small maps. they are literally increasing the player count 10x and making a bigass open world. i would only expect decent fps on the X and pro