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    [–] Canelo-GGG: Beyond a Punch (Lee Wylie) khanbrook2017 11 points ago in Boxing

    the former, he always gets ridiculously lopsided scorecards for fights he loses or barely edges out. but it could be because of what you mentioned, he's usually the come forward agressor and has the eye catching punches

    [–] Canelo-GGG: Beyond a Punch (Lee Wylie) khanbrook2017 8 points ago in Boxing

    by edge do you mean a decision victory? i cant see anyone getting the nod over canelo on points

    [–] Why?: Mayweather vs McGregor khanbrook2017 6 points ago in Boxing

    did you just compare zab judah to mcgregor, what on earth

    [–] Referee and Judges Announced for Mayweather McGregor khanbrook2017 82 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in Boxing

    thats a really good ref if any of the mma fans were wondering

    [–] Shane Mosley has retired. khanbrook2017 1 points ago in Boxing

    if you watch recent interviews with him, his speech is slurred

    [–] Julius Indongo vs Fabian Lyimo khanbrook2017 6 points ago in Boxing

    same but im 0/4 on predictions this year. i think he's going to land one of those looping lefts and it will be night night

    [–] Best Finishers in Boxing khanbrook2017 12 points ago in Boxing

    you mean the real bomber deontay wilder

    [–] Which boxers were you guys high on, but became a disappointment? khanbrook2017 2 points ago in Boxing

    I genuinely thought chavez jr would bring it to canelo, not necessarily win but at least go all out. I'm still annoyed by that.

    [–] Hello everyone! New to the sub and to boxing in general. Really trying to educate about this beautiful sport myself by reading and watching anything available. Have a couple of questions. khanbrook2017 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in Boxing

    1. How legit are BoxRec's P4P rankings?

    They are pretty accurate, but i believe its based on a points system. So for example fighting boxer A may give you 500 points, and boxer B may give you 400 points. An example of it in action is Jeff Horn being ranked the number 1 welterweight. Is he the best welterweight? Of course not, however he beat Pacquiao who boxrec had as number 1 and so Jeff Horn accumulates enough points to take over that ranking. So in general the top 10's are fairly accurate, although there are one or two outliers.

    1. Why are certain champions like Canelo and GGG not really considered dominant or really that good on this sub?

    I haven't really seen that much hate for Canelo and GGG, but you can easily criticize both of their resumes. Canelo fought out of prime fighters (Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto), or fighters much smaller than him and forced them to fight at catchweights (Amir Khan, also Miguel Cotto). In addition, he gets a lot of favorable scorecards - he lost every round to Mayweather yet one judge had a draw, he lost to Erislandly Lara (in my opinion) and won a split decision, the list goes on and on. With Golovkin he fought a lot of B and C class opponents with the exception of Daniel Jacobs and David Lemieux and you could argue that he lost to Jacobs (which I think he did). However, im not entirely sure this is his fault; he tried to fight chavez jr, sergio martinez, felix sturm, miguel cotto, and none of them wanted to. So you cant really blame him for his lack of quality opposition.

    1. Why is Jeff Horn ranked in the top ten P4P rankings and first or top 3 in his own weight class by BoxRec and other boxing magazines?

    He beat Pacquiao, and its based on Boxrecs scoring system.

    1. How did Horn get the Pacquiao fight? Horn's resume isn't really that impressive without the Pacman bout.

    My conspiracy theory view is that Bob Arum (who basically picks pacquiaos fights) chose someone young and undefeated who he could then represent if he made them win. Now theres talks of a rematch so im pretty sure this was all done for money. The less tinfoil hat answer is that they probably thought it was an easy win, horn was undefeated so it still looks kinda good on pacquiaos resume, and they were cashing in on a new market - Australia.

    1. After watching the full Horn Pacquiao fight, I thought that both fighters were really not that good and that the fight was horrendous. Am I wrong to think that? Some technical point of view perhaps?

    No, you're right. Jeff Horn and most other people aren't going to be able to outbox Pacquiao, so he did the smart thing pressuring pacquiao and resorting to some dirty tactics.

    1. What past fights of 2017 should I watch?

    1. Kell Brook vs Errol Spence
    2. Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko
    3. Keith Thurman vs Danny Garcia
    4. Golovkin vs Danny Jacobs

    Sorry my mind has gone blank or id list more fights. Welcome to r/boxing

    [–] How Much Do Pro Boxers Cut Right Before Weigh-ins? khanbrook2017 2 points ago in Boxing

    Most welterweights rehydrate to 160lbs, which is 13lbs. Id guess most are anywhere between 8-15lbs

    [–] Porter vs Dulorme headlines FOX Prelims khanbrook2017 8 points ago in Boxing

    I think its just a keep busy fight, supposedly he'll fight Danny Garcia at the end of the year. Danny is apparently going to fight Collazo soon and if they both win they'll match up with each other, but who knows