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    [–] [FIGHT THREAD] Katie Taylor vs Jessica McCaskill khanbrook2017 6 points ago in Boxing

    howard foster LOVES blocking the camera, jesus christ

    [–] [FIGHT THREAD] Katie Taylor vs Jessica McCaskill khanbrook2017 7 points ago in Boxing

    i hate to admit this but i like bellew on commentary

    [–] [FIGHT THREAD] Katie Taylor vs Jessica McCaskill khanbrook2017 4 points ago in Boxing

    nothing, its just the typical pad your record that eddie hearn does for his fighters

    [–] [FIGHT THREAD] JEFF HORN vs GARY CORCORAN khanbrook2017 3 points ago in Boxing

    i wonder if he fights khan instead of crawford

    [–] [PRE FIGHT THREADS] Billy Joe Saunders vs David Lemieux, Alexander Povetkin vs Christian Hammer, Jeff Horn vs Gary Corcoran, Katie Taylor vs Jessica McCaskill & Knockout CP Freshmart vs Toto Landero khanbrook2017 11 points ago in Boxing

    I just don't know what Saunders is - he didn't look good against Akavov or Willie Monroe. He has stamina issues, and you cant alter that through 1 or 2 training camps, so he'll probably fade again. People are acting as if he's some master slick boxer lol, give me a break. In my opinion Hassan N'dam is probably just as good as Saunders if not better and look what Lemieux did to him.

    All that being said Lemieux isn't that amazing himself; he also has stamina issues, pretty flat footed, etc. But he has ridiculous lights out power and a brutal left hook. Also, he doesn't really have any notable wins aside from Hassan N'dam and Curtis Stevens (a B-class fighter).

    I'm leaning towards Saunders getting the win - but then again its in Lemieux's home town and maybe Goldenboy do something fishy to set up Canelo vs Lemeiux.

    [–] James DeGale vs. Caleb Truax khanbrook2017 29 points ago in Boxing

    Broner has a pretty awful ring IQ, has no clue what to do when someone pressures him


    wow they didnt rob truax, im honestly shocked. great performance by him, i thought he won clearly.

    [–] Anyone know where I can watch old HBO 24/7 episodes? khanbrook2017 2 points ago in Boxing

    thanks, but none of the links work. looks like they all expired

    [–] Sadam Ali hangs out his jab, then visibly hurts Miguel Cotto with a straight right khanbrook2017 14 points ago in Boxing

    At welterweight - i think its interesting. Ali looks really uncomfortable when people pressure him but he's a much, much better boxer than porter.