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    [–] David Lemieux to fight Marcos Reyes on Canelo/Chavez undercard khanbrook2017 3 points ago in Boxing

    Yep, it's actually a good match up though. Lemieux isn't good defensively ( so canelo could outbox him) but he has ridiculous power.

    [–] 2 Days: Vasyl Lomachenko HBO khanbrook2017 25 points ago in Boxing

    I wish more fighters were like him - if you have an extensive amateur background why do you need to beat up on journeymen for your first 15 fights?

    [–] GGG vs Marvin hagler khanbrook2017 2 points ago in Boxing

    Ggg has only struggled with Jacobs which was an unfair fight because Jacobs weighed 400 pounds in the ring and can hit hard, so I'd give the advantage to gennady

    [–] Predictions khanbrook2017 4 points ago in Boxing

    Pac SD Pac UD Rigo UD Brook 10th round TKO Klitschko UD Ward UD GGG KO round 5

    [–] Elie Seckbach's P4P list *warning, not for the easily triggered* khanbrook2017 25 points ago in Boxing

    His p4p list is largely based on people who are nice to him or give him interviews lol, but it's not that bad aside from AB

    [–] I just discovered Jamontay Clark. He's a 6'2'' welterweight with an 80'' reach. khanbrook2017 13 points ago in Boxing

    Lol the guy he's fighting came in at 140 lbs for a welterweight fight and still wobbled him in the first round.

    His legs are so skinny and he looks open to an overhand left, I can almost guarantee someone will knock him out.

    [–] Ok guys, who is your favorite khanbrook2017 2 points ago in boxingcirclejerk

    probably ggg, where can i buy his robe?

    [–] [GIF] Badou Jack lands a nice overhand left on Bute khanbrook2017 17 points ago in Boxing

    And the fact that he didn't get the win against degale either 😥

    [–] [GIF] Canelo Alvarez lands a beautiful uppercut khanbrook2017 16 points ago in MMA

    Yeah i wasn't too sure if I could post it (it is an mma sub after all), but I've seen a few boxing gifs posted on here and figured why not

    [–] Bernard Hopkins on his diet: "Soda is like liquid crack" khanbrook2017 1 points ago in Boxing

    lol i remember reading once that he had a slice of cake on his birthday as a treat after years of not eating anything unhealthy