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    [–] Calzaghe gets Eubank's respect khanbrook2017 30 points ago in Boxing

    the more i see of eubank sr, the more i like him. absolute beast

    [–] Showtime Viewership Went Down During Lara-Gausha Main Event khanbrook2017 7 points ago in Boxing

    It just depends on who his opponent is, put him in with Jarret Hurd and there's no way you get a boring fight. Lara would be landing lefts all night and Hurd would continue to walk him down.

    [–] Why are super middleweights all bigger than light heavyweights? khanbrook2017 10 points ago in Boxing

    The same reason a lot of junior middleweights are bigger than middleweights, everyone tries to take as much advantage of their size as possible

    [–] WBSS The Day After - Groves vs Cox khanbrook2017 4 points ago in Boxing

    the production value on these is so good, skoglund behind the scenes was my fav