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    [–] A look at Kell Brook's diet to make welterweight again khanbrook2017 2 points ago in Boxing

    My guess is they mean he can do it this year as long as he doesn't balloon up in weight, and he could make it one more time to fight khan.

    [–] Brook: I'd take GGG rematch khanbrook2017 76 points ago in Boxing

    put it on the undercard of lemieux vs khan

    [–] Chavez drunk after Canelo fight khanbrook2017 24 points ago in Boxing

    he's going to make a good 30 for 30 episode at least

    [–] Boxers you think are legit mentally unstable? khanbrook2017 50 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in Boxing

    oliver mccall (had a mental breakdown during a fight against lennox lewis and proceeded to cry, not throw any punches, it was really uncomfortable to watch)

    Ike Ibeabuchi (read his wiki)

    [–] Lucas Matthysse Vs Emanuel Taylor Full Fight khanbrook2017 5 points ago in Boxing

    I'm pretty sure berto is retired at this point

    [–] Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez Fight Announcement Excerpt khanbrook2017 71 points ago in Boxing

    Lol imagine if Chavez had chinned canelo, would've ruined their WWE style promo and entrance