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    [–] BJS vs Lemieux on Canelo-GGG Card possibly khanbrook2017 29 points ago in Boxing

    Depends on how good bjs chin is, because lemieux is there to be outboxed

    [–] What does /r/boxing think of MMA? khanbrook2017 3 points ago in Boxing

    Can't remember the last time I watched it, I'll click on a highlight link if I see it on the front page of reddit but that's about it.

    [–] Best fights to watch? khanbrook2017 19 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in Boxing

    Ill give you some classics and some "recent" fights:

    Khan vs maidana - a match up between a skilled but chinny fighter and a hard hitting pressure fighter

    Hagler vs hearns - widely regarded as one of the greatest fights ever

    Gatti vs ward 1 - they had three classic fights, some of the best in boxing history, total slugfests

    Victor Ortiz vs Andre berto 1 - a back and forth classic between two top contenders at the time, who have both since fallen from grace

    Keith Thurman vs Shawn porter - two hard hitting fighters with great chins go back and forth

    [–] Ward Vs Kovalev 2 British Commentary khanbrook2017 5 points ago in Boxing

    I love Adam smith's voice whenever someone gets hurt

    [–] Great instant analysis of Ward - Kovalev 2 from RJJ. khanbrook2017 19 points ago in Boxing

    This is the same sub that had the nerve to compare golovkin to Hagler lol

    [–] 60,000 subscribers khanbrook2017 49 points ago in Boxing

    New subs, be sure to stick around after Mayweather McGregor is inevitably a dud. And check out Kovalev vs Ward tonight!

    [–] Ward vs Kovalev II prediction thread khanbrook2017 1 points ago in Boxing

    Sticking with Ward UD 115-113, but if Kovalev comes out swinging like a mad man for the first four or so rounds he should get a stoppage (I doubt he does this though).

    [–] Official Ward vs Kovalev II Prediction Thread khanbrook2017 2 points ago in Boxing

    Ward 115-113, I wouldn't be shocked if it was the same scenario - a lot of people saying Kovalev won.

    [–] The best boxer you've never heard of. khanbrook2017 3 points ago in boxingcirclejerk

    I'm not sure who he is, all I know is lomachenko would beat him

    [–] Mayweather-McGregor on August 26 khanbrook2017 4 points ago in Boxing

    Tremendous fighter, real scrappy

    [–] Frampton's next fight announced - what a letdown khanbrook2017 3 points ago in Boxing

    Why is this considered a tuneup? His opponent has 1 loss which was a majority decision, 35 wins and a good knockout percentage. What am I missing?