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    [–] What’s the dumbest thing you’ve heard someone say that made you wonder how they function on a day to day basis? killa_ninja 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I used to drive for uber. A man and a younger woman were on what appeared to be a first date. They start talking about food and the woman says she doesn’t eat meat so the man says “Oh your vegetarian or vegan? That’s cool” and she says “No I’m trying to raise my vibration”. I try so hard to hold in my laugh and the guy does laugh a little thinking it’s a joke and she says “I’m being serious” and he says “oh idk what to say” and she’s like “yeah let’s not get into that we don’t have to talk about it” lol

    [–] You know it’s 2018 when “sensitive information” includes your gender killa_ninja 1 points ago in wallstreetbets

    You mean they “hacked” all these things that a lot of people made public on their profile?

    [–] Amazon lands $1bil AWS deal, allegedly killa_ninja 18 points ago in wallstreetbets

    Amazon needs a fucking split. Options are too much especially LEAPS

    [–] Would this be considered insider trading? killa_ninja 1 points ago in wallstreetbets

    If you have to ask the answer is yes RIP OP and remember always take the deal even if you have to admit guilt.

    [–] An economist has a wild proposal to give all kids in the US up to $60,000 at birth - The funds would be locked in to a federally-managed fund, growing 2% each year until the child reaches adulthood. killa_ninja 1 points ago in Futurology

    It’s the biggest ponzi scheme in the world. Baby boomers collect a monthly check for way more than they deserve and everyone still working has to pay them out of every paycheck. But don’t worry! Once you reach retirement age you will be the one collecting a check worth way more than you paid into social security! Oh and don’t worry about it running out of money it’s social security it can never fail 😉🤫

    [–] What is the scariest conspiracy theory if true? killa_ninja 0 points ago in AskReddit

    That all conspiracy theories always lead back to Anti Semitism to make conspiracy theorists look crazy and xenophobic because the Jews actually do run the world. Actually that wouldn’t be scary but really annoying because all the conspiracy theorists would “I TOLD YOU SO!” Everyone to death

    [–] Seems like we have shitposted this guy into a midlife crisis lol killa_ninja 1 points ago * (lasted edited 18 days ago) in wallstreetbets

    He doesn’t have anywhere near the views he’d need to make that. Also I think a lot of YouTuber think that buys it’s really not. The big YouTube’s with like 10 million subs definitely don’t want people to know how much they’re making

    [–] PSA: Relationship weight is absolutely a real thing killa_ninja 0 points ago * (lasted edited 20 days ago) in loseit

    Pro tip: If you have good eating habits don’t get in a relationship with someone with bad ones

    Edit: didn’t notice which subreddit this was. I apologize.

    [–] Seems like we have shitposted this guy into a midlife crisis lol killa_ninja 1 points ago in wallstreetbets

    Because that guy doesn’t get the same views or have the same amount of subscibers. The YouTuber I follow also has long videos usually 15-20 minutes. That was just off his YouTube income. He literally recorded the part of his profile where it shows his revenue, views, demographic etc. he also sells some merch. Currently has a 570s, 720s and a 600lt on order. Streetspeed717 he’s a pretty down to earth guy I’ve been following him since he had a stingray like 3-4 years ago. Since then he’s bought and sold a hellcat, 2 z06’s, 2 zr1’s and now he has the mclarens. Also has a C5 vette he’s building. Makes me want to drop out of school quit my job and try to become a YouTuber....

    [–] What made you break up with the person you thought you’d marry? killa_ninja 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Her best friend from high school had in the past year broke up with somebody she was in a long term relationship with because he was Mormon and got engaged to somebody at BYU. So my gf at the time assumed first loves don’t always work out and that it’s just “part of life” I tried to tell her that’s only true if she wants it to be basically self fulfilling prophecy. My ex isn’t Mormon but she didn’t understand that her friend would be disowned by her family if she stayed with the guy who wasn’t Mormon. We didn’t have any problems and there was literally no other reason than that she though we were “supposed” to break up lol

    [–] Seems like we have shitposted this guy into a midlife crisis lol killa_ninja 2 points ago in wallstreetbets

    Like I said he shows what he makes from the actual YouTube compensation page on his profile. He AVERAGED 40k/month the last time he showed it. He’s now at 700k subscribers so I assume he’s making even more. He uploads almost everyday and averages around 180k views per video. He also said showed what it says he makes on social blade and said it was a good estimate

    [–] Seems like we have shitposted this guy into a midlife crisis lol killa_ninja 11 points ago in wallstreetbets

    Doubt it. I follow a YouTuber who actually discloses his income from time to time. Last time he did he was around 400k subscribers and was averaging 40k/month

    [–] *rare footage* New chairman of Tesla with the board sells company to Amazon. killa_ninja 27 points ago in wallstreetbets

    And THIS ladies and gentlemen is why you NEVER give up majority vote in your company. EVER

    [–] He sold? killa_ninja 2 points ago * (lasted edited 24 days ago) in wallstreetbets

    I prefer the longer version

    [–] I just got 3rd place in company-wide trivia. Men of Reddit, when did you realize that you’ve peaked? killa_ninja 4 points ago in AskMen

    In high school I was very introverted and most of the friends I made were because I was on the football team. I thought of myself as barely “cool by association”. I also wasn’t confident and just thought of myself as not ugly but not attractive either just average. I had a gf my senior year and we stayed together another 2 years after HS. She had always said she was glad I “chose” her and that I could’ve had any girl I wanted I thought of myself as the lucky one as she was very attractive with amazing curves. I always thought she was just trying to make me feel better. Well not long after graduation I find out from one of my female friends that a lot of the attractive “popular/cool” girls collaborated on a list of the “10 hottest guys at school” and it turns out I was 4th. I was pretty pissed realizing I could’ve hooked up with pretty much any girl I wanted and had the best high school experience ever but nope. That’s when I realized I had actually passed my peak and not even acknowledged it.

    [–] Drake texting (2018) killa_ninja 1 points ago in fakehistoryporn

    Can they be friends? Yes I’d expect they’re texting to be “Hey are you at X event? Me too let’s get a pic together” Should a 31 year old be casually texting a 14 year old about her love life? Absolutely not. He’s not related to her and even if he was that would still be creepy. He recently had dinner with a girl who just turned 18. I doubt it happened during fashion week when she was in New York for it but I believe it happened. He’s known her for over two years.

    [–] Hillary Vs Brett killa_ninja 1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Well for one she defended a child rapist Let’s not get started on how she handled Benghazi Any other democratic candidate and trump loses but no everyone wanted the First female president. It was like having to decide between the next hitler and the devil in female form. Lose-lose

    [–] Hillary Vs Brett killa_ninja 1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Hillary is a shitty person too. I’m not a trump supporter or even remotely republican but they’re both shitty people

    [–] Looking to start selling bull spread. Will I get wrecked if my short get exercised? killa_ninja 1 points ago in options

    I meant exercised but it feels like an execution when it happens lol You would have to exercise your long options ASAP as I learned the hard way some brokerages don’t automatically exercise your long options. Depending on the spread you can really be in deep shit