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    [–] Gonna need a bigger shelf. kinger1023 1 points ago in smashbros

    I feel ya!!! I’m trying to modify my shelf right now and it’s frustrating

    [–] Fact: we are now a .700 ball club. In August. kinger1023 5 points ago in redsox

    I’m still waiting to play for us to play a real team.

    [–] Someone changed Steve Pearce’s wiki page kinger1023 1 points ago in redsox

    TIL that Steve Pearce has played for the AL East.

    [–] [GIVEAWAY] No Man's Sky kinger1023 2 points ago in PS4

    I am currently playing a great sports game called super mega baseball 2! It’s made by a very small dev game and has much more to it than most mainstream sports games if those interest you!

    [–] Blessing the Rains, GameCube Style kinger1023 8 points ago in redsox

    This is what I needed today!

    [–] Nintendo Direct: E3 2018 MegaThread kinger1023 5 points ago in NintendoSwitch


    [–] I made a Pokeball Terrarium for a Growlithe I sculpted! kinger1023 81 points ago in pokemon

    Hey it’s me, your friend, still haven’t gotten that gift in the mail yet...

    [–] Looking for Fill for 8 person PS4 league kinger1023 1 points ago in SuperMegaBaseball

    Unfortunately it filled can I keep you in mind for expansion in season 2?