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    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 12/10/18 kinger1023 6 points ago in smashbros

    Is it possible to do a tournament with 32 amiibo?

    [–] Question about training in Ultimate kinger1023 1 points ago in amiibo

    Thank you for the clarification!

    [–] Soul Smash Calibultimate 6 kinger1023 63 points ago in smashbros

    Missed opportunity, was really hoping to see some Jimmy Neutron and Tony the Tiger but I guess I'll hold out hope for next direct.

    [–] On the fifth day of Smashmas, Sakurai gave to me... kinger1023 53 points ago in smashbros

    I love these posts! But you seriously missed an opportunity, I was totally ready to belt out FIVE DLC (in the voice of Xander Mobus). However, this is fine as well, can’t wait to see future editions :)

    [–] Game Thread: New England Patriots at New York Jets kinger1023 1 points ago in nyjets

    I want to believe, but I don’t want to get hurt

    [–] Great location to force spawn Shiny Abra and more. kinger1023 1 points ago in PokemonLetsGo

    I got Shiny Growlithe after 7 hours (I caught him in the last hour after watching this and changing my spot!) thank you for sharing your thoughts!!! :D

    [–] Best Buy Preorder Shipped! kinger1023 2 points ago in PokemonLetsGo

    I pre-ordered for in store pickup at best buy but haven't gotten any updates... is anyone else in this boat as well?

    [–] CELADON GAME CORNER IS NOW OPEN kinger1023 2 points ago in PokemonLetsGo

    Yeah I’m more than down to join, PM me updated link please!

    [–] Update 5 Patch Notes kinger1023 14 points ago in SuperMegaBaseball

    Just purchased all 3 packs! Please continue making content metalhead! Especially stadiums, I will keep buying!! :)

    [–] Update 5 is releasing on Tuesday, October 23rd! kinger1023 2 points ago in SuperMegaBaseball

    That’s my birthday!!!! Thanks Metalhead :) love the work you all do!

    [–] Game Thread: 10/18 - ALCS Game 5 - Red Sox (3) @ Astros (1) 8:09 PM kinger1023 11 points ago in redsox

    Wow TBS, first homer allowed by Verlander in the postseason? Guess we’re forgetting about the shot Napoli lifted out of comerica off Verlander in game 3 of the ALCS in 2013....