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    [–] The Commandbox: 15 Commander Decks for $15 Each kinglyIII 5 points ago in BudgetBrews

    Do you think youll ever do an addendum (hehe keyword) to these decks for upgrades and the such, I love the deck ideas and just ordered two since well be having some new players in our commander playgroup for our next session but I do wanna upgrade them to be able to compete with some of our decks. I mean I love the challenge of figure out what I should upgrade but since I bought two blue ones and I uhhh never play blue im not familiar with the cards haha.

    Nonetheless great job on these decks they all look great and im eager to try them out! I also like how a good amount of them arent common commanders, some legendaries I havent really seen deck techs for or even considered. Cool stuff!

    [–] Tell us what you like to play in other formats and we will suggest a deck you might like in Pauper kinglyIII 1 points ago in Pauper

    I play a windgrace commander lands matter deck and play a teysa aristocrats deck and mono green stompy in standard, and recommendations?

    [–] This guy has been parked here for three semesters now kinglyIII 7 points ago in FIU

    Yea in that same lot there’s been a car for 3 semesters with a boot and like two flat tires that hasn’t moved since then. Super annoying cause it’s just taking up a spot.

    [–] [RNA] Prime Speaker Vannifar kinglyIII 1 points ago in EDH

    If only not at sorcery seedborn would be insane, upgrade creature every uupkeep

    [–] Toy Story Land the day after Christmas. I’ll never understand why anyone goes this week. kinglyIII 14 points ago in WaltDisneyWorld

    Sometimes at the park with my girlfriend I become silent and start walking really fast and she knows not to question it because there was probably too many people around me and I didn’t like it.

    [–] Christmas Eve hours kinglyIII -1 points ago in GameStop

    I won’t quit especially being one week out I don’t want to screw them all over especially since a lot of the other seasonal ask me how to do things it would severely derail a lot of the process and they’d get out even later.

    I just really wish I had been told, again idk how big Christmas Eve is in the rest of the country but I’m in a Hispanic heavy area and tbh it’s more of a big deal than Christmas itself, I wasn’t told that I would work it only the week of prior to Christmas I guess technically that includes it but I just always saw it as a holiday.

    [–] Christmas Eve hours kinglyIII 1 points ago in GameStop

    It’s pretty hype then.

    [–] Christmas Eve hours kinglyIII 1 points ago in GameStop

    I mean I’m the guy they called in every time they needed someone and I was never late so I don’t care I’ve done what I had to do I’m not staying late to put up posters.

    [–] Christmas Eve hours kinglyIII 0 points ago in GameStop

    Sure guess I’ll quit before Christmas Eve and get the head start. Gamestop doesn’t care about their employees then I don’t care about their business I guess?

    [–] Christmas Eve hours kinglyIII 1 points ago in GameStop

    Nah I’m good I’m a full time student only doing the job for side cash don’t really need it.

    [–] Christmas Eve hours kinglyIII 0 points ago in GameStop

    Assuming not wanting to work on Christmas Eve means I don’t want to work in general lol. I’ve been called in many times and I’ve answered to each one and been there in a timely matter. I said 11 because the their guy did I still don’t have a schedule for next week because my boss hasn’t done it but my boss said there was marketing we had to do on Christmas Eve which sounds like what happened in thanksgiving.

    Also to add I love working retail I like getting a customer what they need it’s great critical thinking and problem solving but I’m not exactly jumpy at the thought of working to 11 pm instead of being with my family is all.

    [–] Christmas Eve hours kinglyIII -1 points ago in GameStop

    I wouldn’t call off but they told me today they want me to stay on after seasonal, but I’m really not about to work for a company who’s corporate makes employees work until 11 on Christmas Eve. You can say “it’s retail” as much as you want but when I worked at my old retail job we got everything done by 7 and we’re done for the day. Kinda silly to have us stay after closing to set stuff up on that kind of night.

    [–] Christmas Eve hours kinglyIII -3 points ago in GameStop

    I mean I understood seasonal as working the winter season and during busy weeks but I didn’t know we worked the day of the holiday...

    [–] It may not be the newest but I was finally able to afford super smash bros and a gamecube for my son! kinglyIII 0 points ago in gaming

    I can smell the happiness from just sitting in front of that TV with the generic pop tarts and a controller in hand.

    [–] Look who's at number 4! kinglyIII 1 points ago in StardustCrusaders

    Kinda loving mista

    [–] Weekly Bug Report and Tech Support Thread - November 25, 2018 kinglyIII 1 points ago in StarWarsBattlefront

    Platform: PC

    Problem: Intense Lag or framerate drop not sure which issue im having. Game stutters like crazy on my 760 GTX.

    Any ideas on a fix? I have fiber internet with 1gb down and up so i dont see why it would be lag. Let me add I just got this game for PC.

    [–] furry🏀irl kinglyIII 6 points ago in furry_irl

    Id go dickless for this.