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    [–] How an N64 analog stick works kinglyIII 1 points ago in nintendo

    This is timely, I just played on an N64 for the first time the other day when my friends brought it in. Weird looking thing.

    [–] First look at Joaquin Phoenix in make-up from "Joker" kinglyIII 1 points ago in movies

    The fade from smile to serious is legitimately scary.

    [–] OOF kinglyIII 1 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    Not being wrong, also being an opinion. How does that balance out?

    [–] Thanks Tim kinglyIII 4 points ago in HHN

    Met him twice now, Everytime I'm left speechless cause I'm just such a big fan of him. Great guy, amazing YouTuber, and always happy to take a selfie with a fan!

    [–] Creative Director of Spider-Man PS4 Says It 'Would Not Exist if It Wasn't for PlayStation' kinglyIII -3 points ago in PS4

    Yea if only they let me use my fortnite account that I used that one time on a PS4 on my switch, wish they put their heart and soul into that.

    [–] Well, refund money came in today. kinglyIII 1 points ago in FIU

    Weird I got mine too dont know why everyone else isnt. Time to buy something dumb.

    [–] It's been in my recommendations for a week now kinglyIII 1 points ago in dankmemes

    Wait, why is it recommending it to everyone I thought it was just me

    [–] To The Moon anime official art kinglyIII 3 points ago in anime

    Wow I remember how much I loved this game! Can't wait for the anime!!

    [–] Minorca’s last working lighthouse kinglyIII 2 points ago in Kayaking

    That water... Omg .... Everything by me is green and and the algae is insane.

    [–] South Florida, where to put in your kayak? kinglyIII 1 points ago in kayakfishing

    Oh this looks interesting! See you on the water!

    [–] OG Pixel 1 Non-XL User here. kinglyIII 3 points ago in GooglePixel

    Yea tbh idk why they're so behind on better messaging, I hate using third party messaging, but it's the only way to get anything close to iMessage.

    [–] OG Pixel 1 Non-XL User here. kinglyIII 2 points ago in GooglePixel

    Original pixel XL, I've been having issues where messages aren't recieving and sending. Kinda annoying. Still on the fence if I'll upgrade or change

    [–] [Datamine] Nintendo uploads Switch firmware 6.0.0 to their servers early (not accessible to general public yet) kinglyIII -12 points ago * (lasted edited 19 days ago) in NintendoSwitch

    Did you buy a console not already thinking it was awesome?

    Laughing at this downvotes cause I know those of you that did bought the console blindly without looking into it's games unlike me, who loves it for the games.

    [–] Advising Hold? kinglyIII 1 points ago in FIU

    If you have your advisors email you could just set up an appointment that way, that's how I always do it. But yea it's just a hold for you to go talk to your advisor.

    [–] Group chat for fiu Pokemon go? kinglyIII 1 points ago in FIU

    Well theres a whatsapp but you have to get invited and last i checked it was full..

    [–] How is L.A. Noire on the switch? kinglyIII 1 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    Game runs kinda slow and it's laggy but the game itself is a masterpiece

    [–] Who the hell is this guy? kinglyIII 2 points ago in FIU

    my church said his name once but i forgot it tbh but i can ask if you really wanna know.