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    [–] furry🏀irl kinglyIII 5 points ago in furry_irl

    Id go dickless for this.

    [–] I think the system works kinglyIII 10 points ago in PrequelMemes

    4 is actually my favorite

    [–] Nike Signs Endorsement Deal with RNG Player Uzi kinglyIII 1 points ago in leagueoflegends

    I thought the shirt was telling me to carry a firearm on me I was like woah that's a 180 nike

    [–] 🔥 Freezing bubble 🔥 kinglyIII 1 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    I wish it wasn't a perpetual 90 degrees where I lived.

    [–] Low / High Graphics Comparison - Yehorivka V11 kinglyIII 1 points ago in joinsquad

    The weird thing is it used to run extremely well but after time it got worse and worse to the point now that it's unplayable

    [–] Low / High Graphics Comparison - Yehorivka V11 kinglyIII 23 points ago in joinsquad

    Tfw you've got a pretty solid rig you built like a year ago but the game still runs like ass.

    [–] [GameStop] PS2 Console ($19.99) Refurb kinglyIII 1 points ago in GameDeals

    Wow I wish I was faster it's already sold out

    [–] Happy camping in Japan. kinglyIII 4 points ago in Cinemagraphs

    Best comfy camp girls.

    [–] Follow me Harry kinglyIII 1 points ago in gaming

    But he doesn't run off he runs down the stairs that are clearly visible to the left

    [–] Visiting park with overweight friend. Ride weight limits? kinglyIII 3 points ago in universalstudios

    I'm 250 me I ride everything perfectly fine without a question I even ride hypogriff with my girlfriend no questions asked.

    [–] Blizzard sent me surprise a today kinglyIII 1 points ago in wow

    One day I wish to make an impact to the point where something like this happens to me. Where the community of said thing has my back. God I love humans.

    [–] When the enemy becomes friendly. kinglyIII 29 points ago in Battlefield

    I'm pretty sure Arma and squad don't but that's not the game a beginner might be jumping into.