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    [–] When someone uses numbers in his will and posts it kingsaw100 5 points ago in TownofSalemgame

    Perhaps, but it keeps things tidy and easy to scan for you and other players.

    [–] Apart from KotOR 1 and 2, what are your favorite games from the early 2000s? kingsaw100 2 points ago in kotor

    If 2006 counts, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. My introduction to TLoZ games.

    This'll probably get taken down by rule #2 fyi.

    [–] Need help fighting Carlo Nord in the sith valley kingsaw100 1 points ago in kotor

    Can you use the Rapid Transit to get back to the EH? If you can get there, bring Big Z, he can take a lot of damage. Also, using stimulants would give you a big boost. If nothing else, lower the difficulty in settings and try to beat him that way.

    [–] Recommended build for playing Kotor 1, light side on hard? kingsaw100 1 points ago in kotor

    I'm running a 7/13 Scoundrel/Guardian LS play through at the moment. Seems to be a good balance of challenging and empowering.

    [–] When someone uses numbers in his will and posts it kingsaw100 21 points ago in TownofSalemgame

    Best way to format a will:

    N1 Name[1]



    Of course, change results to whatever your role is. Jailor is "Claim", Escort is "Reason", etc.

    [–] Out of both KotOR games, which Sith Lord is your favorite and why? kingsaw100 13 points ago in kotor

    Without getting into spoilers, I'm going with Revan. When you learn the whole story about and why he did what he did, it's just a wonderful arc.

    [–] Cruise time! (1957) kingsaw100 2 points ago in pastpredictions

    Note: This was 1956, not 1957. I errored in the title.

    [–] "Overmind" by Josh Guglielmo kingsaw100 2 points ago in ImaginaryHorrors

    I think Horror is different to everyone else. That creature is deeply disturbing to me.

    [–] Lovers Mode Is Annoying kingsaw100 6 points ago in TownofSalemgame

    Oh okay. It's been forever since I've gotten witch, so I misremembered. Apologies.