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    [–] Finally I get Amnesiac! RNGesus decides no evils should be in the game... kingsaw100 27 points ago in TownofSalemgame

    After playing for 3 years and not getting a D2 town win game, I get one two days in a row.

    [–] Quick smoke ( acid nasty) before more rain. Happy Friday everyone!! kingsaw100 3 points ago in cigars

    I've got one of those in my humidor, but haven't tried it yet. How is it? I've had Blondies, C notes and ACID One before, liked them all.

    [–] [Nationals broadcaster F.P. Santangelo] Revised weekend MLB schedule refrigerator magnet kingsaw100 12 points ago in baseball

    Bob and FP are the most underrated announcers in the game. Everyone is so serious and they just have fun and keep things lighthearted. I don't think anyone else comes close to their uniqueness.

    [–] Degtyareva submachine gun (1929) kingsaw100 7 points ago in ForgottenWeapons

    If you use Chrome or Edge, there should be an option to auto-translate it

    [–] Tellersylvania, 8/10 kingsaw100 2 points ago in RateMyDadJoke

    I agree, a solid 8/10

    [–] "They gave the order to fire; fire we did..." | Stainless Steel 6.4 kingsaw100 1 points ago in totalwar

    Stainless Steel has a late era campaign that starts in 1200. Helps speed the process along. :)