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    [–] The Japanese also have a taste for vandalism kinokokoro 30 points ago in MildlyVandalised

    To me, it looks like the kid just shot a rocket up the old man's ass.

    [–] Have the EBU officially changed the rules regarding prerecorded vocals? kinokokoro 3 points ago in eurovision

    Yeah, apparently she was originally allowed to and then the EBU had a change of mind right before the contest.

    [–] JESC 2018 - Entries Megathread kinokokoro 1 points ago in eurovision

    Interesting. I wonder if it's for promotional purposes... so that people won't completely forget about the song before the contest?

    [–] JESC 2018 - Entries Megathread kinokokoro 1 points ago in eurovision

    Why does Ireland always decide its entry two weeks before the contest?

    [–] Who thinks it’ll be Swinub community day next month? kinokokoro 1 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    I'm betting Niantic will go with another suprise and go for another Gen 1 mon. Maybe Machop or Abra.

    [–] Shiny tiers and results of shiny survey (November). kinokokoro 2 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    It's interesting how ownership of Community Day shinies decreases the farther in time they go back. I'm surprised that more people don't have a regular shiny Pikachu. Granted, people (including myself) weren't aware in advance that shiny Pikachu would be readily available on the first CD so they probably didn't feign much interest.

    [–] Pizza delivery for a... Seymour asses? kinokokoro 3 points ago in futurama

    "Seymour Asses" sounds like the crappy off-brand

    [–] Brit mum creates sex dolls to look like grieving widows' dead partners kinokokoro 96 points ago in blackmirror

    I misread the title as "grieving widows dead parents" and was like WTactualF.