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    [–] I took this shot of my wife in Hawaii and currently use her silhouette as my photography logo. kirosenn 5 points ago in pics

    Baby beluga in the deep blue sea

    Swim so wild and you swim so free

    Heaven above and the sea below

    And a little white whale on the go

    Baby beluga, baby beluga

    Is the water warm

    Is your mama home with you, so happy

    [–] what are some not so obvious signs someone is depressed? kirosenn 7 points ago in AskReddit

    Flat is hard to describe and put into words. I like to imagine it as fake it until you make it. It's the old "haha' feeling that you put on the mask that you need to in order to keep moving forward. You're a step ahead because you're still living, right? Well jokes on you because I'm just happy to stay alive and faking it for everyone.

    At some point you forget who you really wanted to be and who you were at some point in your life. Where did I start? What did I want I be when I was a kid? Was I the only one who couldn't remember having a dream or aspiration? What do people dream of becoming? Should I have those dreams too? Why can't I have those dreams?

    Well I guess I should just get back to work. I need money and that's the baseline of effort. I know that if I stop working then everything falls apart and I can't find any time to think about depression.

    In short, everything exists around you but nothing really matters because all you try to do is survive.

    [–] Reed - Jordy Nelson retiring tomorrow kirosenn 7 points ago in GreenBayPackers

    I kept hoping Jordy would be able to ball out and show off a career making season. It's a shame that the Raiders are a literal dumpster fire and Gruden is tank-commander on chief. Jordy's talent is being wasted and he likely doesn't have much motivation to keep playing. He's had an amazing career and has been a role model for any young fan.

    [–] San Diego Zoo Safari Park has some new baby elephants and their posts are GOLD. kirosenn 321 points ago in aww

    Wait until he gets circumsized. They don't pay the zookeeper all that well but the tips are enormous.

    [–] I feel like my job is becoming less worth it each year kirosenn 3 points ago in personalfinance

    Upgrade your title if they can't give a bigger pay increase. You will almost ALWAYS find a real pay bump from switching jobs. Companies like to balance increases and get hung up on percentage metrics.

    If you need an increase of pay to match your skill set then it'll likely have to be from another company.

    [–] Eating At The Worst Reviewed Restaurant In My City kirosenn 1 points ago in videos

    Donair sounds like a mafia RV. Bodies are always disposed and the shitter is never full!

    [–] U.S. regulator demands companies take action to halt 'robocalls' kirosenn 1 points ago in news

    I had a robocalls from my own phone number. I wasn't sure who to be angry with that day.

    [–] I AM WHEEL! kirosenn 1 points ago in gifs

    Relevant movie trailer..

    [–] Bills on pace to finish the season with 6 TD passes, 26 interceptions kirosenn 1 points ago in nfl

    Every game is a career game for him. He's either setting new records for interceptions or new records for lowest qbr!

    [–] [PFT] Hue Jackson: I wanted Wentz, Watson and Mahomes, Browns would be winning by now if we'd done it my way in Year One kirosenn 49 points ago in nfl

    He's turned into every fan on reddit. Everyone claims to have known all along how a draft pick turns out after the fact. I'm not excluded from this fact.

    [–] What Simpsons joke will you never forget? kirosenn 1 points ago in AskReddit

    It's just the northern lights, mother!