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    [–] '70s ad for a baby doll - sexist even in the 1970s? kittenfeet69 1 points ago in 1970s

    It’s the 70’s not the worst thing that could happen

    [–] What does your social media contract say about those over 21? kittenfeet69 9 points ago in Sororities

    You can post pictures of alcohol if you are 21 an over as long as it’s not trashy

    [–] The pharmacy at my work gave this to me today. It’s filled with skittles! kittenfeet69 2 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Best pharmacy most caring and helpful pharmacists! The beutel doctors are not always the best but the pharmacists makes up for it

    [–] Denton, TX 2017 kittenfeet69 10 points ago in texas

    Even sadder is that Jupiter house got taken down with it

    [–] Can I lick you? Yes please. kittenfeet69 21 points ago in likeus

    They are kissing and cuddling

    [–] Dropping from recruitment before even starting. kittenfeet69 20 points ago in Sororities

    It’s hard being homesick. In my opinion in the long run it’s better to go through recruitment so that you can have a support system in your college town

    [–] The first one is just terrible kittenfeet69 1 points ago in DiWHY

    I think honestly it could drown you

    [–] Lips over legs kittenfeet69 1 points ago in rarepuppers

    What a pretty boxer

    [–] Does anyone else wonder if Britton's mom got her imaginary vaccinations kittenfeet69 11 points ago in RebornDollCringe

    I love that they are used in nursing homes! Having something to love and hold is so beneficial to dementia patients!

    [–] Mum busts fentanyl kittenfeet69 1 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    So a microscopic line?

    [–] Mum busts fentanyl kittenfeet69 274 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    You can’t snort a line of fentanyl without dying

    [–] My daughter is having some major thong issues, is this an appropriate (and admittedly) trashy punishment? kittenfeet69 13 points ago in oversharing

    This isn’t even what this sub is for. Is this like a copypasta? If this is real tho just let your kid do what she wants at 18 you shouldn’t be in charge of what she wears