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    [–] What is an ice cream flavor you wish existed? kittenfeet69 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I had one flavor that blew my mind at an ice cream shop in Lincoln Nebraska. Apple Ginger Basil. Best ice cream I’ve ever had

    [–] What information do sororities get when you sign up/get bid kittenfeet69 4 points ago in Sororities

    Are you the girl that is planning on going to TAMU? I’ve seen you post on here several time. It’s really not classy to try to trick your future sisters

    [–] THE OFFICIAL R/SORORITIES AND R/FRAT MIXER kittenfeet69 17 points ago in Sororities

    All the girls are puking in the bathroom rn

    [–] Lavender Chrome kittenfeet69 15 points ago in RedditLaqueristas

    What polish is this??? I need it

    [–] A bunch of conformist posers kittenfeet69 25 points ago in funny

    It’s the South Park goths

    [–] It’s big little week kittenfeet69 7 points ago in Sororities

    So either this is real and your chapter is a mess or they are doing that thing where they pretend not to be your big so that you are more surprised on big little reveal. How big is your pledge class

    [–] PLEDGING kittenfeet69 40 points ago in Sororities

    Yeah this is hazing sometimes local sorority’s get away with this kind of stuff but they shouldn’t. Line up is 100% hazing

    [–] Engineering LLP for incoming freshman? kittenfeet69 2 points ago in aggies

    If you don’t want a social life it’s great lol

    [–] 2019 Fraternity Roasts: Phi Delta Theta kittenfeet69 1 points ago in Frat

    They have absolutely no idea how to interact with women

    [–] 2019 Fraternity Roasts: Pi Kappa Phi kittenfeet69 -2 points ago in Frat

    They are pretty much hated by every srat. The only reason girl go to their parties is because they are the only frat on sorority row and they out everclear in capri suns. The guys are awful

    [–] Sorority Announcements kittenfeet69 10 points ago in Frat

    Have the pledges sing a song