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    [–] Spaghetti kittylover1075 8 points ago in childfree

    Kids with spaghetti on their face is a definite pet peeve of mine, especially when it's used in advertising. No, seeing a baby covered in a gross mess will not make me want to buy this brand of paper towels.

    [–] Zoos are not just for kids. kittylover1075 2 points ago in childfree

    I swear my aquarium is a daycare that happens to have fish tanks! Kids everywhere, there's even a play area (with nothing related to fish) in the middle of a room full of tanks. I've been there once and never again, I think we were the only adults there without a child. The experience wasn't great because of all the parents on their phones while their kids were LICKING the tanks! All they said was "stop it" without even looking up from their phones. I looked into the tank that was licked and got a big waft of pepperoni breath because of the spit the kid left on the tank. It was disgusting.

    [–] Teen Sues Clinic For Aborting Girlfriend’s Pregnancy Without His Consent - article kittylover1075 7 points ago in childfree

    I remember watching a documentary that interviewed people about their opinions on abortion. One girl was a high school basketball player who got an athletic scholarship to college when she got pregnant. She wanted an abortion, her boyfriend talked her into keeping it. She lost her scholarship since she couldn't play basketball, didn't go to college, and the dad bounced as soon as he realized he didn't actually want a baby. So she's a single mom to a baby she didn't want and her life is ten times harder than she had planned. I felt so bad for her.

    [–] Elevator Etiquette kittylover1075 3 points ago in UBreddit

    Also if there's more than one elevator, if you've called an elevator to go down and someone else called one to go up, do not get into the elevator that is already going up just because it got there first. Your elevator is coming, getting into to one going up is just going to waste your time because it's going to go up before it goes down, and the elevator is more crowded than it needs to be!

    [–] I opened up to my good friend and now I feel awful kittylover1075 4 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    The fact that she immediately admitted she acted that way because of her jealousy is a good sign that you can repair the friendship if you want to. But it's okay if you want to take some time away from the friendship to clear your head, and you don't have to forgive her because those words were really harsh. It honestly sounds like she built up resentment for a while! I was in a similar situation with a friend and had a hard time trusting her after her harsh words because I just kept thinking "is she mocking me when I'm not around? Can I actually share things with her without having to worry about her using it against me in the future?" It's a tough situation.

    [–] Hey Reddit, what's the strangest coincidence you've ever personally experienced? kittylover1075 3 points ago in AskReddit

    In the middle of 6th grade, I moved to a neighboring city. A week after I had moved there, another kid moved there and was introduced in class. We didn't really talk, but it was kind of nice I wasn't the only new person in class.

    My family hated it there, our landlord was creepy, so before I started 7th grade, we moved back to our original city. The first day of school, I see the same kid! Our families both moved to the same cities around the same time TWICE. And we both graduated from that school district. It was kind of funny, we joked that one family was following the other.

    [–] What minor thing that happened to you as a child has stayed with you your whole life? kittylover1075 31 points ago in AskReddit

    Ugh this reminds me of something that happened in 4th grade that I've felt so bad about ever since. I was friends with a girl in class that everyone thought was weird. She wasn't weird, she had a short pixie haircut and kids made fun of her for having "boy hair". That was basically it, they didn't like that she didn't have long hair like most girls had at the time.

    One day, the more popular kids asked me to sit with them at lunch, and I sat with them because I was 9 and thought yay, more friends! They were nice, we chatted, they had a piece of paper they were writing on, but I didn't pay much attention to it. They asked me to put my name on the paper, I'm not sure if I wrote my name or if they wrote it for me. I didn't know what they were doing but thought it was harmless.

    We got back from lunch and the teacher called us all out, me and the group I sat with, plus my friend with short hair. The teacher wanted to discuss what was on this paper. I was confused, I didn't know there was more to the paper than just a list of names. Apparently they had written a note to my friend saying no one liked her, she was weird, and they all signed it, so it looked like I had agreed with what was on the paper. I felt terrible, I said I didn't know it said that, but I don't know if she believed me. It obviously fractured our friendship. I think she moved away, I never got a chance to really apologize (9 year olds have shit communication skills), never saw her again, and could never find her on social media.

    I'm so sorry that happened to you, I hope those girls feel as guilty as I do.

    [–] Switching major out of Accounting, dont know what I want to/should do kittylover1075 2 points ago in UBreddit

    I was in this exact same position last year, I was a junior in accounting and decided it wasn't for me. I tried to switch to business with a concentration in finance and HR but that was meh for me as well. I dropped out for a semester while I got my shit together (not just for school, but my life in general, like getting a license and car finally).

    I'm not sure what you should do, but here's what I did. I switched my major to mathematics and was torn between a concentration in computing vs actuarial science, so I took the prerequisites for both (a CSE class and a STA class). I was very bad at computing, just didn't click with me. I imagine it would be easier for someone who was not a beginner like I was, I went in knowing absolutely nothing. They say you don't need to have a background in it, but it seemed like I was the only one who didn't program in my spare time. I could make sense of the concepts easily, but when it came to actually coding, nope. Literally got zero on all the assignments and had to resign the class because I was failing. So I stayed in the mathematics program but switched my concentration to actuarial science. That concentration requires a lot of the classes I already took in the school of management, I only needed like two more classes to get the minor in management, so I minored in management. The program also has you take all the classes for a statistics and economics minor as well, so why not minor in those as well? It's a nice mix of classes for me personally, it's not just ALL math. I would definitely recommend it if you like math and are good at it.

    I switched my major like 3-4 times in total before I found what clicked. It was very disheartening honestly, I felt lost and like I would never graduate. But I'm happy now because I took the time to try some classes, try majors that seemed like they'd be a good fit for me, and finally found the right one. I will graduate later, I was set back two years which sucks, I was supposed to have graduated by now. But two years is nothing in the grand scheme of life, plus the extra time is helping me grow up and become more confident. So definitely take the time to try the majors that interest you, you probably won't graduate on time anyway, so there's really no deadline to meet. The last thing you want is to rush into another major you don't like.

    [–] My(F19) Mother(F40) use of my car has turned into a nightmare and I don't know what to do. kittylover1075 6 points ago in relationships

    You gave her a year to get her life on track, it's not your fault she squandered that opportunity when you did her a favor by letting her borrow your car. That's more than enough time to find a job and save money for her own used car. Don't feel bad by taking your car back. It's YOUR car, your father pays the insurance for YOU to drive it, not your mother. If the insurance is in your dad's name, it can also affect what he pays for insurance, and you are putting him in a shitty position by having him pay for your mother's terrible driving. You warned her you were taking it back so she had time to find other transportation. It's not your problem that she missed the deadline.

    You're 19, please don't feel obligated to take care of a 40 year old woman. I know you love her and she's your mother, but she will sabotage your credit and driving record if you continue down this path of trying to help her. Your adult life has just started, and it started on a bad note because of her. Don't let your future be impacted by this, you have time to fix what she already has done. If her life and your relationship with her go down the shitter just because you take your car back, it's her own fault for putting you in that position. She's the adult, she should know better. If she hasn't helped herself by now, you can't help her, and it's not your responsibility to.

    Have you driven your car recently or had it inspected? I ask because there could be damage you can't see that won't be apparent until you drive it, which could be dangerous. If there's a lot of damage, it might be cheaper to just sign the car over to her and get a used car for yourself. If you can afford to fix things though, definitely take it with you.

    In the future, don't trust anyone to drive a car that's in your name. No matter who is driving, it's your responsibility to keep registration up to date, to maintain it, and to make sure there's no tickets on it. Don't trust anyone else to do these things. If a person fucks up in your car, it's on you (as you probably have already learned). Also now that you're an adult, you need keep tabs on your credit score. That score will open and close doors for you when buying cars, getting an apartment, buying a house, etc. Don't let it be impacted by someone else's decisions, because you will be the one to pay for it. That's not fair to you, but it's your responsibility now to make sure you have good credit and report any activity that wasn't from you.

    I'm very sorry your mother has put you in this position. You shouldn't be dealing with this. It's hard to confront people you love, but you can't risk your credit and driving record for her. Good luck.

    [–] My(F19) Mother(F40) use of my car has turned into a nightmare and I don't know what to do. kittylover1075 26 points ago in relationships

    I feel very sad too. A 19 year old shouldn't be worried about helping a 40 year old get her life on track. She should be focused on her own life and future. And her mother could very well make her future harder by decreasing her credit and making OP have a bunch of driving violations.

    [–] I will 100% ignore your child, lady kittylover1075 101 points ago in childfree

    Most of the people that ignore her children probably have lives and don't even realize they're ignoring her and won't even read her damn article. Her entire identity is built around being a mother. Seems sad.

    [–] "You'll throw out your pets when you have babies!" kittylover1075 103 points ago in childfree

    Yeah, I've never heard of this expression. I totally thought she was literally throwing things and was surprised at how calm OP was.

    [–] Probably the most immature response to a bingo I've ever done. kittylover1075 112 points ago in childfree

    I find it ironic that he thinks farts are so disgusting to the point of complaining about you farting to his wife, but was trying to talk you into childbirth. Farts are nothing compared to birth!

    [–] My Therapist Brought her Child to Work... kittylover1075 110 points ago in childfree

    Going to a final session would be a waste of time, money, and breath. If she was going to understand what she did wrong, she would have understood when it was brought up at the end of the appointment. Instead, she made it OP's issue by saying they need to talk about the dislike of children. ANYONE, childfree or not, would think that's unprofessional. A final session would probably just be the therapist making it seem like OP's problem instead of hers.

    [–] Just saw a post on facebook: "I'm a single mom of 7." kittylover1075 327 points ago in childfree

    "lol I'm making my child's life so much harder so I can have time to complain on Facebook! How funny!"

    What a disgusting human.

    [–] Last day at work and felt petty kittylover1075 960 points ago in childfree

    I hate it when people say stuff like "I hope you have children so you realize how hard it is!"

    Oh dear, if only there were steps I could take to prevent myself from having kids!

    [–] "I'm saying this because I care about you." kittylover1075 134 points ago in childfree

    I think a lot of people my age (21) are making a huge mistake by keeping pregnancies. I would never fucking say that to them though. That would be rude and it's not my place to say anything.

    I also think that making a mistake by drastically altering your life (having a child) is way worse than making a mistake by keeping your life the same by not having kids. I'd rather be full of regret without kids than full of regret with kids.

    [–] What common sob stories do you have no sympathy for? kittylover1075 238 points ago in AskReddit

    Oh they can afford it, they just put their wants before the needs of the children.

    [–] My baby will be cuter anyway kittylover1075 98 points ago in childfree

    Plus puppies/kittens stay cute when they grow up!

    [–] TIFU by spilling my urine all over an airport terminal. kittylover1075 384 points ago in tifu

    "I'm uncomfortable waking people up to pee, but I'm fine trying to hide my dick while I pee right next to them!"

    How the fuck is that not way more uncomfortable than inconveniencing some strangers for a few seconds?

    [–] Childbirth Isn’t a Compromise kittylover1075 151 points ago in childfree

    How nice it must be to want kids and order your incubator to do all the work so you can have kodak moments when you feel like it.

    [–] [OC] I won't tolerate intolerance about my lactose intolerance. kittylover1075 37 points ago in comics

    I'm not vegan, but I was vegetarian and had a vegan friend. Our diets would just come up in conversation, usually someone asked about it first. They would just notice my friend not eating anything and she'd tell them she was vegan. So many conversations would go something like:

    "Oh you're vegan? People can't survive on a vegan diet, it's not enough protein!"

    "Well I've been vegan for years and my doctor says I'm healthy. I'm obviously surviving. There are a lot of alternatives to protein besides meat. There are even vegan bodybuilders."


    Don't comment on a diet you don't understand if you don't want to learn more about it.

    [–] What r/Askreddit questions need to be retired? kittylover1075 107 points ago in AskReddit

    Yes! There was one where it was asking "Women, what thing do men do that they're unaware is creepy?" And a lot of replies to answers were just "but it's not creepy, I've done it and it worked great!" You have a woman saying this thing is creepy, it has a lot of upvotes which usually means a lot of people agree it's creepy, but you still don't think so? Okay bro.

    And then half the top comments in threads like that are guys saying "I'm taking notes". I mean it's a funny comment, but why is that a top answer in a thread asking women a question?