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    [–] [SPOILERS] We've waited 8 years for this conversation kivalo 3 points ago in gameofthrones

    We've been watching Bran's story. He's been there the whole time except for season 5... We literally don't need to be retold what happened. Seeing Tyrion's reaction to finding out Bran was pushed out of the tower would have been nice, but really not necessary. What makes a better watch from the viewer's standpoint, is not knowing exactly what he knows, until it's time for us (the viewer) to find out.

    [–] TH3D Firmware + BL Touch problem kivalo 2 points ago in CR10

    flip the black and white wires that connect to the z-stop on the board

    edit: and for the love of god test the probe with your hand before it has time to slam into the bed and break something.

    [–] Gun safe reinforcement kivalo 2 points ago in homedefense

    Sounds like insurance might be a better and cheaper option. Unless there's a glaring deficiency in the safe, your run of the mill home burglar isn't going to take the time or have the know how on how to quickly get into the safe. If you feel like you're being targeted by someone specifically because of your safe and the contents inside, that's a different story, and if that's the case, you have bigger issues.

    [–] I’m Sold! (Dexcom G6) kivalo 8 points ago in diabetes

    Absolutely. The G6 requires 0 finger pricks. First day of a new sensor is a bit rough, but after that it’s pretty balls on accurate.

    [–] CR-10 S5 500x500 Heat Bed Suggestions kivalo 1 points ago in CR10

    I ordered mine off ebay with the 15% off coupon on the evening of march 12 and received it march 19. And according to the DHL tracking, it wasn't even picked up in Singapore until the 17th.

    [–] Pete Buttigieg Officially Announces Run For President kivalo 4 points ago in politics

    I'm not going to get worked up over the dem contenders this early in the race, so haven't been following along too too closely with who's actually in the race and who's not. I honestly thought Buttigieg was already in the running with the amount of press he's been getting with going back and forth with Pence... And I somewhat assumed that he was going after Pence because he lacked the name recognition to be a contender this time around, and was angling for the VP slot.

    [–] Netflix confirms it killed AirPlay support, won’t let you beam shows to Apple TVs anymore kivalo 1 points ago in technology

    It takes a day or two to get, but if your have a little foresight maybe nextflix would work out for you.

    [–] Maybe I will just live barefoot. kivalo 5 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    Hmm... hotdog juice has a new meaning now.

    [–] weighing the possibility of a ridiculous commute for ridiculous money. kivalo 1 points ago in Connecticut

    Where abouts on Long Island? With Uber you might be able to take the train(s) from East Haven to wherever on Long Island to save some sanity, get a nap, catch up on reddit, etc. How old are your kids? How long is the job for?

    [–] weighing the possibility of a ridiculous commute for ridiculous money. kivalo 3 points ago in Connecticut

    Depends on traffic. I could make it from exit 50 off the LIE to Middletown in less than 2 hours... but that's leaving LI at midnight and basically no traffic. Getting stuck in traffic from exit ~36 on 495, traffic on the cross island parkway, traffic on the Throggs Neck, traffic on 95 alll the way up to New Haven, could easily add another 2 hours.

    [–] Best place to primitive camp in CT? kivalo 7 points ago in Connecticut

    What makes you want to go camping at the end of April and not wait another month, especially if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into? Overnight lows could still get down into the 30’s.

    [–] Feels kinda weird posting this on r/Arduino but my NodeMCU came after 3 months of waiting(shipping from China facts) kivalo 2 points ago in arduino

    Good luck. Ive received some items in 6 weeks and some packages in 6 business days. If you continue to keep track, what might be most useful is marking the seller’s location and seeing which areas get it the fastest.

    [–] I wish I knew at the beginning just how useful bed leveling sensors and baby-stepping were kivalo 1 points ago in CR10

    I’m in the process of hooking up the wiring for the BL Touch on my S5. At the same time I’m installing the Petsfang, an e3d v6, and a volcano. Hopefully I can finish up the wiring, flash the firmware, and get it going tomorrow.

    Honestly I don’t mind leveling my monoprice maker select manually on the fly, but the S5 is just too big to do that.

    [–] Cosmo graduated. He wasn’t a particularly good student. kivalo 8 points ago in aww

    they generally know whats up.

    That’s still quite debatable. But that’s like any profession. A rookie cop won’t have the same temperament experience as a veteran.

    [–] The Walking Dead S09E16 - The Storm - POST Episode Discussion kivalo 2 points ago in thewalkingdead

    Listen. I’m a casual viewer, and I honestly forgot about RJ. I also thought lil Ass kicker and Michonne were together. This was the best season by far in a while, but again, as a casual viewer, I was pretty lost with who ended up at each colony. Even after 16 episodes.

    [–] Bad day for our family, need some support. kivalo 7 points ago in Parenting

    I'm really dreading the constant finger pokes and insulin shots.

    It's absolutely going to be rough, especially at first. And not that there's a good time for a 3 year old to be diagnosed, but it's going to be tough as hell with a newborn. But you can do this. Get him on a Dexcom G6. Pay out of pocket if you have to. It will virtually eliminate fingerpricks. I don't think they will allow you to put him on a pump until you get normal injections and carb counting down, but do that next. I don't know what all the options for pumps are for a 3 year old, but I believe the Omnipod is a good solution. No tubing or anything. When he's 6 or 7 a new generation of pumps should be out that he could qualify for, which might include a closed loop system. Right now Tandem has has one that shuts off insulin if it predicts a low is about to happen, but it's only approved for kids 6+.

    [–] Marijuana Legalization Bill Approved in Connecticut kivalo 6 points ago in Connecticut

    Special interests are already deep in this legislation. It completely lacks being able to grow for personal use. If it even gets signed, by then the social equity provisions will be watered down.

    [–] It’s happened again , we now know these fires are intentional . kivalo 27 points ago in Connecticut

    A lot of it is just marshland where it’s really best that people keep off. The other side of it is that the local residents really don’t want out of towners invading “their” space.

    [–] Cover of Connecticut magazine for April! kivalo 6 points ago in Connecticut

    If it passes without being able to grow for personal use, there will never be that provision. Once the industry gets established, the lobbyists will absolutely do everything in their power to prevent it from ever passing.

    [–] Cover of Connecticut magazine for April! kivalo 10 points ago in Connecticut

    I feel like a lot of the steam was lost when they took out the provision of being able to grow your own.