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    [–] What’s a low risk, easy project I can take on as someone who has basically 0 home improvement or “handy” experience? kivalo 11 points ago in HomeImprovement

    I heard that Home Depot got rid of all their experienced employees in favor of cheaper workers many years ago. It's possible that since then, newly retired professionals have gone to Home Depot to a lesser rate than the older pros were making.

    [–] In Open Letter to CT residents, Governor Lamont Proposes Making Election Day a State Holiday kivalo 1 points ago in Connecticut

    I honestly don't see how it would make a difference. Are there a lot of state employees that get refused the time off from work to vote, or can't go before/after work?

    The ones who struggle now to vote are going to be the ones that struggle when it's a holiday. White collar workers, the ones that will get the entire day off, don't really have a problem getting to the polls. It's the groups that have to work 2 or 3 jobs in order to make ends meat that can't make it to vote. And it's not like restaurants and retail are going to be closing. It'll just be another day for marketing a sale for them.

    I'm all for getting 100% participation rates, but I just don't see a holiday being the answer.

    [–] Defence against forced entry attacks kivalo 7 points ago in homedefense

    The risks of a cloud based system include internet outages and cloud server outages. The last thing you want is a machete chop to your phone or cable connections to your house. You should also put everything that lets the camera access the cloud on battery backup in case of local power failures. That includes your modem, router, wireless access point, doorbell power supply, and any additional network switches you might have. Of course this battery backup is the same regardless of local or cloud storage.

    Another risk is that whoever owns your cloud based system could eventually abandon it completely. I honestly don’t think that would be a problem with Ring, but you never know.

    And finally, security. There are basic steps you can take to secure your cloud devices, but you really never know what kind of backdoors are built in and what security vulnerabilities there are.

    [–] How low do you have to go to pass out? kivalo 1 points ago in diabetes

    Might have something to do as you age compounded with other health issues.

    [–] Two sweet potatoes yesterday, bolused perfectly, no issues. Two sweet potatoes today, bolused and timed EXACTLY as yesterday and then I get this. Fuck diabetes. kivalo 1 points ago in diabetes

    Have you tried adding more cinnamon?

    Seriously though, it's probably an absorption issue with the pump site. Were you nearing the end of the pod? If you get pain during a bolus the site could be going bad. This is the one thing I liked about MDIs: you could move each injection around and split large dosages up to different areas as well.

    Or maybe you had bigger potatoes the second day

    [–] My uncle visiting from the Philippines has never seen snow. This is what happened today. kivalo 1484 points ago in pics

    You can take the flip flops out of the Philipino, but you can’t take the Philipino out of the flip flops.

    [–] This channel has 3000+ solutions to mechanical problems. It might be good inspiration for your next functional print! kivalo 7 points ago in 3Dprinting

    Great channel! I think he takes requests too. A couple years ago I asked him to model the mechanism for the Jurassic Park night vision goggles and he came up with this video

    [–] Is Lorex really that much worse than Dahoa/Blue Iris? kivalo 2 points ago in homedefense

    Get some night time comparison pictures of the 4K cameras and see if it can pick up plates.

    [–] My first CGM, so happy! kivalo 11 points ago in diabetes

    I remember starting on the Dexcom 7. Life changing, but by golly you're 100% correct about the G6 being a Ferrari versus the 7 Pinto.

    [–] Crying in my room kivalo 25 points ago in Parenting

    I'm not a child psychologist so take what I say with a grain of salt.

    Do you know what happened in the class room to lead up to her cursing at the teacher? 13 is a fun age where hormones are still swinging, there's tons of stress from school, friends, adults, and who knows what else. If this is a sudden change in her usual behavior it's possible there's a specific event that triggered it. I won't even try to guess what that event would have been for her, but it's possible that she's dealing with something that you don't know about, and possibly doesn't want to share with you.

    Without knowing more, I think the best bet is to try to equip her with the right tools to deal with whatever it is that caused the attitude change, be it counseling or something else. If you try to force information out of an unwilling teenager, it won't end well.

    [–] My mom is in the process of picking out an insulin pump. She’s choosing between then Omnipod, the T Slim and the Medtronic MiniMed 670G. Any suggestions on what the best option is? kivalo 6 points ago in diabetes

    t:slim x2. I've been using it for about 3 weeks now. I was an Animas user for 8 years and so far loving the t:slim now more than I ever liked the Ping or Vibe.

    I tried the Omnipod last year and it wasn't for me. The cliff notes of why I didn't like it are:

    • It doesn't show exactly how much insulin is left in the reservoir over 50 units. Even when it does say there's less than 50 units left, I don't think it's accurate. I went to bed at 11:30 pm with 14 units left, and at 12:30 AM an alarm on either the POD or PDM was going off demanding I change the pod. It was a constant tone, and woke my wife up.
    • The sticky pad is huge, and after only 2-3 days, still has a ton of staying power. It hurts and causes irritation on every removal. Could be a pro in summer with a lot of sweat or going in the pool, but right now it's a pain.
    • It is what it is, but I feel like the motor that injects the insulin is more audible. Not sure what the mechanism is, but it clicks a lot, whereas the Animas had a slow spin like a stepper motor.
    • The PDM is larger than it needs to be. I use OneTouch strips, and have no interest in changing.
    • There's always a possibility of me losing the PDM, or forgetting it at home.
    • The pods are large. I'm enjoying having it on the back of my arms, but it sticks out and if not careful, my shirt gets caught on it. It sticks out more than the dexcom transmitter, which also gets caught on things from time to time.
    • There is no way to clear an occlusion without replacing the pod. Guess what noise it makes if an occlusion happens? A high pitched squeal that seems like it's impossible to silence.

    [–] $850,000 a dose! kivalo 8 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    As The Simpsons once did it:

    And you, start over. I want everything in one bag. But I don't want the bag to be heavy

    [–] Best way to defend a home that you’re just renting? kivalo 14 points ago in homedefense

    Make sure you have renters insurance. It’s super cheap.

    [–] building a new house. ADT vs Home Telecom? kivalo 8 points ago in homedefense

    Is your wife fully and completely on board? Is she ready to arm it all the time while at home and disarm and rearm every time the 85 lb dog needs to go outside to become an 80 lb dog?

    [–] Anyone need Animas Supplies? kivalo 1 points ago in diabetes

    I can send you everything I have if you want, or I can split it up and just send you a box if that's all you need to hold you over until the new insurance kicks in.