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    [–] In Private Letters, Benedict Rebukes Critics of Pope Francis kjdtkd 8 points ago in Catholicism

    As a Christian, you have the greatest obligation imaginable to love the Pope.

    [–] Catholicism and polytheism kjdtkd 7 points ago in Catholicism

    The best way that I've found of describing the Trinity is found in the Athanasian creed, found here.

    [–] Do you think that theory of Big Bang and evolution are true? If so, are they compatible with Church doctrine? kjdtkd 53 points ago in Catholicism

    Well, seeing as the theory of the Big Bang were formulated by a Catholic priest, I'd say it's probably compatible with Catholicism...

    As for Evolution, certain evolutionary theories may be compatible, but there are certainly certain theories that are 100% contradictory and incompatible with Catholicism. Human polygenism, for one, is right out, but certain monogenism theories are perfectly compatible.

    [–] Why do you believe that Catholicism is the one true religion? How do you know that Hinduism Islam ect isn’t the right religion kjdtkd 14 points ago in Catholicism

    It's not an argument. Its a statement. If someone said "prove this to me", my answer would be different. It would probably involve the 4 causes and the 5 ways, the consistency of scripture and the authority of Tradition. When someone asks me "Why are you a Christian?" My answer is "because I believe".

    [–] Generalplan West and the Papal Bulls kjdtkd 1 points ago in Catholicism

    Which Bull do you have an issue with exactly?

    [–] Orthodox Catholic vs Roman Catholic? kjdtkd 5 points ago in Catholicism

    To the extent of my knowledge, Matt Fradd is a devout Catholic. Are you sure he doesn't attend an Eastern Catholic Church?

    along with my personal opinion that priests should be able to marry

    This has nothing to do with the East West schism. There are plenty of Married Catholic Priests.

    Anyway, schism from the Chair of Peter was and is a grave sin, and is not something you should consider. That the Church is facing a crisis right now is without question, but don't look at the Eastern Churches as some safe haven from the world. It has its own issue, some unique but many familiar.

    [–] Reminder: Bishop Barron is doing an AMA TODAY at 11 a.m. on /r/iama kjdtkd 3 points ago in Catholicism

    Not to start a thread where one isn’t warranted, but you do have to realize that “disagreement from the social sciences”. Is pretty much like saying “disagreement from Muslims”. They start from premises that contradict ours and as such get answers that contradict ours.

    [–] I recently switched employers, is rolling my 401k into a Roth IRA the right move? kjdtkd 6 points ago in personalfinance

    Correct, if you were to convert all 100k to a Roth now, you would be taxed at 200k of earned income, putting half of your 401k contributions into the 32% tax bracket. That's a pretty damn bad rate. Your best bet, in my opinion, is to leave it in a traditional and wait it out till full retirement age.

    [–] I recently switched employers, is rolling my 401k into a Roth IRA the right move? kjdtkd 3 points ago in personalfinance

    Assuming you are working full time, most likely not. Anything you rolled over during this year would be taxed at your marginal rate for the year. How much do you project to make for the year?

    [–] Max employee 401k up to 18500? kjdtkd 3 points ago in personalfinance

    That's not what they're asking. An IRA (either Traditional or Roth) is entirely separate from a 401k (either Traditional or Roth).

    [–] Just opened a Fidelity Roth IRA and a bit lost on how to invest. 21yo and $2250 to start - here's what I'm looking at. kjdtkd 1 points ago in personalfinance

    He means 4400%. if your investment grows at 10% a year, then your growth table is

    • year 0 - 100%
    • year 1 - 110%
    • year 2 - 121%
    • year 3 - 133%
    • year 4 - 146%
    • year 5 - 161%
    • year 6 - 177%
    • year 7 - 195%
    • year 8 - 214% (Your initial investment has doubled)
    • year 9 - 236%
    • year 10 - 259%
    • year 11 - 285%
    • year 12 - 314%
    • year 13 - 345%
    • year 14 - 380%
    • year 15 - 418%
    • year 16 - 459%
    • year 17 - 505%
    • year 18 - 556%
    • year 19 - 612%
    • year 20 - 673%
    • year 21 - 740%
    • year 22 - 814%
    • year 23 - 895%
    • year 24 - 984%
    • year 25 - 1083% (at this point your gain is greater than your initial investment)
    • year 26 - 1192%
    • year 27 - 1311%
    • year 28 - 1442%
    • year 29 - 1586%
    • year 30 - 1745%
    • year 31 - 1920%
    • year 32 - 2111%
    • year 33 - 2323%
    • year 34 - 2555%
    • year 35 - 2810%
    • year 36 - 3091%
    • year 37 - 3401%
    • year 38 - 3741%
    • year 39 - 4115%
    • year 40 - 4526%

    [–] Incredibly lost I just dont know what to do kjdtkd 5 points ago in personalfinance

    Because sometimes people do nice things for other people?

    [–] Please give me reason(s) why I shouldn’t convert to Eastern Orthodoxy kjdtkd 18 points ago in Catholicism

    Which Eastern Orthodox Autocephalous Church would you join? Where do you stand on the looming possibility of schism, with the Russian Patriarch or with the Constantinopolitan Patriarch?

    [–] If you retired in 1987 with $750,000 in savings... kjdtkd 26 points ago in personalfinance

    Yep, 50k (inflation adjusted) regardless of how the market is doing at that time. Now if you showed a little forethought and cut back during the hard times, you would have done even better.

    [–] Eating into savings to Max out 401ks kjdtkd 2 points ago in personalfinance

    I said your effective federal tax rate hit 20% at around $184000, not your marginal rate. I also said that this was in a situation with only earned income. You're right that the numbers are off, as I didn't account for FICA taxes, but that's a different issue that I promised an edit for (haven't decided whether or not I want to include employer contribution into the math).