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    [–] Found this on Amazon under hourglass reviews kjm1123490 0 points ago in funny

    I hate it when i loosen up my job

    My wife was already loose.

    Sorry that mistake like angle and Angel really grinds my gears.

    [–] 🔥 A King cobra emerging from its shell 🔥 kjm1123490 1 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    I don't think a baby is knowledgeable enough to make that judgement call

    Some animals imprint atter north, maybe snakes do the same. How does it know its not one of us...

    [–] 🔥 A King cobra emerging from its shell 🔥 kjm1123490 1 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    I have no idea if youre right. But if you link the source ill spread your info instead

    [–] 🔥 A King cobra emerging from its shell 🔥 kjm1123490 2 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    Eh its too many words

    Danger noodles is just so much more elegant

    [–] Types of Swastikas kjm1123490 1 points ago in coolguides

    Dude do you grast what hrs saying?

    If your daughter may be raped in that neighborhood (due to a high stat % of late night post clubbing assault rape) for wearing a short skirt you don't think its in her best interest not to?

    [–] 23andMe kjm1123490 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    No thats way to accomdating. How much we give them a greased pole and some rope they can try and wrap around the pole to use a lever to climb with. The grease gives them the added difficulty that adds character.

    Thats fair

    [–] 23andMe kjm1123490 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    You mean you can't think of any middle ground?

    Like, give it a whirl and get back to us. Heres the premise to the thought experiment.

    What exists as an option between detaining families and isolated children in cages, and complete and utter freedom to act as they please in our country?

    [–] 23andMe kjm1123490 2 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Hey im a Miami native and half cuban. Loved in little Havana most my life. It blows my mind how many support Trump, when his base would have them move back to their island if they could.

    And its so true. They think wet-foot dry-foot nakes their immigration so much more legitimate... My motherfucking grandparents were sent here to get the riff raff out of Cuba... Like abuelo its notvlike the USA wanted you for your brains. Youre literally exactly what kind of immigrant trumps camp is afraid of.

    [–] 23andMe kjm1123490 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Lol its so true. Dude, texas/Arizona and California were mexico long before it was america.

    [–] 23andMe kjm1123490 3 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Thats because to them theyre down on their luck. Others are just lazy and take advantage. And although the stats do say a decent chunk do abuse them; we should all be fine with it as long as it lets those 90% who really are in need feed themselves and their damn kids.

    The benefit so far outweighs the negative. Those kids will perform better at school, be less likely to act out or commit crimes, more likely attend college and add to our countries brain pool. All that shit alone outweighs some bad eggs (who usually are just hopeless people who need help, you dont get much for selling your food stamps-- unless you're in the Super minority who are rich and just collect them because fuck poor people getting more than them) selling their cards for drugs.

    I really cant stand the crowd who thinks helping those in need is anti American and bad for the economy and such. Its so short siighted. And if that's america, i want nothing to do with it.

    Sorry /end rant

    [–] Rc cola savage kjm1123490 4 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    Id be so proud of my son if he learned how to make momey like this.

    [–] When your parents tell you something, you should listen kjm1123490 5 points ago in nosleep

    Its illegal to do that. You need windows. Building code.

    [–] When your parents tell you something, you should listen kjm1123490 6 points ago in nosleep

    Pretty sure that's against all fire codes and highly illegal. Windows are mandatory.

    Just make them opaque and it should be fine, but they have to open legally.

    [–] When your parents tell you something, you should listen kjm1123490 14 points ago in nosleep

    Most likely a birth order thing.

    First born or most recent born.

    [–] 'The Boys' is Already One of Amazon's Most-Watched Shows kjm1123490 8 points ago in television

    Youre being downvoted but youre 100% right. I grew mushrooms for years and have tripped with many people. None of them heard direct conversation hallucinations regardlessn of the dose

    Theyve heard semi audible "maybe voices" in the distance. But never direct, 100% voices from anything other than a tv, person or speaker which was actually making the sounds.

    The auditory hallucinations are more like when you think you hear the tv in the living room, but when you check its off. Same way you wont see an elephant thats not there. Just an odd visual manipulation of an object that really is there, like swearing the chair in the kitchen with a jacket draped on it is a person until you go check it out.

    It can trigger schizofrenia in someone predisposed to it, maybe OP should get checked out.

    [–] I used "deep fakes" to fix the Lion King kjm1123490 5 points ago in videos

    Disney releases original IP often, as well. And while they're nearly infinitely loaded, our economic system is stupid and broken and if youre not growing - no matter how large- youre failing.

    So these remakes guarantee quarterly growth which keeps then pretty for investors and with the extra they take their risks.

    Until the way we value companies changes, which it won't any time soon, its gonna be the same.

    Consistent cool new ideas will come from blumhouse and a24(not sure if that's right) and the like until then. Blame the system not the company, theyre playing the game they need to to survive

    [–] I used "deep fakes" to fix the Lion King kjm1123490 2 points ago in videos

    Man now i want to see it.

    How can we drum up interest for an American release

    [–] I used "deep fakes" to fix the Lion King kjm1123490 43 points ago in videos

    And experience.

    For movies you really want to see nothing compsres to the theater. Unless youre wealthy enough to own a legitimate home theater.

    But endgame or avater, for example, are movies that must be seen in theaters for a full experience.

    Anchorman 2 or Watson and holmes, not so much. And i love will's movies

    [–] I used "deep fakes" to fix the Lion King kjm1123490 2 points ago in videos

    Yeah the incredible speed of data transfering will keep that number increasing for decades to come

    [–] Still relevant today kjm1123490 18 points ago in pics

    Yeah the op we responded to doesnt seem to know much about Hitler's actual politics. Saying hes socialist is like saying north korea is a democracy.

    [–] Still relevant today kjm1123490 14 points ago * (lasted edited 17 days ago) in pics

    Dude hitler was 100% elitist

    He was anti socialist. Just because socialist was in the name doesnt mean his policies reflected that. At all. Just like the democratic republic of korea...

    Second off he absolutely helped the companies that supportef Nazi getmany get away with tax cuts, often times through loopholes, he took money from wealthy undesirables and opponants but not those in his corner.

    Lastly, he was populist only in the sense that his speeches were about the everyday german. His actual behavior was the exact opposite. He gave 0 shits about bread baker hans.

    Not sure where you get your info from. Hitler was the prototype modern day politican. He was a damn good one at that, but his technique for the take over of germany is pretty much the template of the modern day politician. Thats not calling modern day politicians evil but they lie through their teeth to develop a bade while bashing the ubiquitous "bad people" and nearly always step away from what they preach with actual policy.

    Now adays they just commit genocide

    [–] Still relevant today kjm1123490 1 points ago * (lasted edited 17 days ago) in pics

    Look at it as a plus and minus thing.

    His plusses outweigh his minuses, mind you if he really wanted to ultimately create the most good he wouldnt do that. But with his work sometimes a jet is the only way. But it doesnt take away from the awareness/movements and direct actions taken by him and his $$.

    Ultimately until we can hold large companies liable for their emissions and pollution anything us individuals do does virtually nothing.

    If every private citizen did everything to minimize our footprint it wouldnt even be remotely enough to help the future. The companies that own the world need to take action or we are 100% guaranteed to be assfucked.

    And who can do that? No one as of now... Sorry.

    [–] Still relevant today kjm1123490 1 points ago in pics

    That's a great movie but orders of magnitude less money stolen. He was much cooler in catch me if you can, but wolf of wallstreet he really ran people dry. Stole billions of innocent peoples savings.