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    [–] Finally lost all the baby weight and hit my goal weight! 87lbs lost in 13 months. I had a BIG pregnancy. kortiz46 2 points ago in beyondthebump

    Yes ugh I hate that these messages are perpetuated, I didn’t lose much more weight than my baby after birth and at 5 months out I’m just starting to see an improvement to my body

    [–] You do you girl. kortiz46 66 points ago in BabyBumps

    I think it’s good to remind people that babies don’t need nurseries and a creating a nursery that you want is for YOU and not necessarily the baby. Online communities can be a crazy and overwhelming space for pregnant women and new moms because there’s a bombardment of products you MUST have, books on parenting styles, sleep training etc. It seems like as new moms we spent all this time talking about how guilty we feel for letting the baby sleep on us for one night or whatever “bad mom” thing we decided to beat ourselves up for. I would never judge anyone for creating a beautiful, nice, nursery but I think women out there who are struggling need more reminders it’s ok to not be perfect and it’s ok if your house is a mess.

    [–] Need help with baby registry! kortiz46 3 points ago in Parenting

    Be careful with clothes and even swaddles because you don’t know what size your baby will be coming out and how quickly they will grow. I ended up needing preemie sizes for a bit and I know some ladies whose babies didn’t even fit into newborn and had to size up when they were born. Your baby will develop a preference for things and you won’t be able to predict that, so don’t go all in on one brand of things. I would recommend checking out any source of used baby items like Craigslist, consignment or Facebook marketplace. We got our bassinet and diaper pail for much cheaper than retail price because of that, and you can find other things like bath items, high chairs, etc on consignment for a fraction of the price. For instance, we found an angel care bath on consignment for 4$ when brand new on amazon that is 15-20$.

    Things that I’m grateful for were a rock n play, you can get various levels of automation for this but we got a cheapo one that just vibrated. A white noise machine to help with sleep. A plastic changing pad so we just wipe down, I have a bumbo. Zip up swaddles were great for not having the ability to free her arms. Ours only took avent brand pacifiers so the other ones we bought were a waste. Besides the rock n play I never really used a swing and it took a long time before she cared much about the activity mat and toys but it was good for tummy time. I also love the grass bottle drying rack that pops up on a lot of registry pages. A nice diaper bag that you are happy with is also key and in retrospect I wish I got a backpack adaptable one because we are always carrying a million things. I love my used diaper genie

    I found the wipe warmer to be a big waste because it only took a few weeks for her to get used to the cold wipes and she didn’t care about temp anymore and it mostly just dried up the moisture. We never needed a bottle warmer either and if you do formula we skipped out on the baby brezza maker and just got a doc brown formula pitcher.

    I could go on forever about all the over priced crap they push on new moms so if you have any more questions feel free to pm me, mine is 5 months old now

    [–] How Do My Husband And I Tell Our Daughter He Isn't Her Biological Dad? kortiz46 7 points ago in Parenting

    Agreed. I am another adoptee that doesn’t remember being “told” I was adopted. You grow up with it being normal.

    It is hard enough going through life trying to discover, understand, and forge your identity and it makes it so much harder if you were laboring under the impression you were related to someone genetically when it isn’t true. As someone who has NEVER seen another human that looks like or acts like me until I had my daughter please understand how important it is for her to know who she is.

    [–] Google > Medical School kortiz46 8 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    Vaccines are a risk-reduction measure for health insurance. If you don’t have recommended vaccines you are a lot more likely to be hospitalized which is $$ for insurance to pay out. I work with geriatrics and things like shingles, pneumococcal, and flu shots are all flags for reducing likelihood of hospitalization l. As a health care provider if I don’t educate patients on the benefits of these vaccines and encourage their compliance I will get dinged.

    [–] Opinions on Maisie Louise? kortiz46 5 points ago in namenerds

    My daughter is named Maisie so I'm glad to hear you enjoy your name as an adult :)

    [–] Ooh, maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones who don't get stretch marks.... kortiz46 1 points ago in BabyBumps

    I didn’t get any on my stomach at all but my butt is littered with tiger marks 😱🤣

    [–] AB: Steelernation thank you for big 9 years!!! Time to move on and forward..... ✌🏽#NewDemands kortiz46 3 points ago in steelers

    Does anyone else see James Harrison as a big potential instigator? He pulled the original “trade me now” and the organization let him out so he could lose the Super Bowl with the pats. Then he is talking to Bell who pulls out. Now he’s been associating with AB during the recent drama and promising bs exclusive interviews and now AB is requesting to trade,

    [–] [Antonio Brown] SteelerNation thank you for big 9 years!!! Time to move on and forward....... ✌🏽 #NewDemands kortiz46 1 points ago in nfl

    At least he told us he wants to be gone instead of staying and causing more drama and more problems like Bell. Why try to play host to someone who doesn’t want to be there...again

    [–] A quick guide to being healthy kortiz46 7 points ago in funny

    I do this with garlic salt and it makes it taste even better

    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex kortiz46 294 points ago in legaladvice

    Yes in my state my boyfriend and I had to get a notarized acknowledgment of paternity where we both signed in front of a notary and sent in a request to have him added to the birth certificate. If you are unmarried they will not list a father.

    [–] Measles Explained - Vaccinate or Not? By Kurzgesagt kortiz46 3 points ago in videos

    When you have a baby the hospital or doctor you are working with mandates you watch an educational video on shaken baby syndrome (I’m not sure if that’s just state specific or not) and I think it would be wonderful to have vaccination educational videos as required viewing after birth the same way shaken baby video is showing how it works and long term consequences of having the infection

    [–] Boyfriend think I’m fat and is not attracted to me while I’m pregnant. kortiz46 8 points ago in Parenting

    I’m sure you’re strong enough to get through it, my point is that he doesn’t sound like a supportive partner who will help you with one of the hardest things you will do in your life. It’s not as simple as getting out of shape. Your vagina could tear or you might need a csection and the time of recovery to have sex or clean the house could be 8-12 weeks after birth. If he can’t be ok with 3-4 lbs of weight gain how is he going to handle any of the grittier stuff? Can he step up for your whole household if you get put on bed rest? Can he go 3/4 months without sex?

    [–] Boyfriend think I’m fat and is not attracted to me while I’m pregnant. kortiz46 8 points ago in Parenting

    I said the same thing to myself but I gained 38 pounds while just being my normal active self while pregnant and I’m still about 15-20 lbs above my starting weight. Your body might bounce back but it is often times hard ass work and your newborns needs will come before your own. You won’t be getting any sleep, if you are breastfeeding you will be starving and awake every 2 hours or so for weeks at a time and won’t be able to leave the baby alone for a long time unless you have bottles and formula to feed her/him. Will you feel like going to the gym after getting no continuous sleep for months? Will you have the support in your bf and family to take care of the baby while you get “fit” again? Will he have the patience to be forgiving and kind if it takes you longer than you think to lose the weight? What if your body never gets back to what it was before? My hips and rib cage have permanently expanded and I’ve been working out since 12 days after I gave birth (usually they recommend waiting at least 6-8 weeks after) Just some things to think about. Life changes after a baby and you need your partner to be flexible and commitment to you no matter what comes your way

    [–] On the same date every year my ex and I meet up to go camping and every time it ends up with the best sex of my life. The date is coming up. (Very long). kortiz46 25 points ago in confessions

    Yeah how is nobody picking up on the fact that if she’s rumored to be getting married she’s clearly engaged or in a committed long term relationship? Both these people are scum, there’s nothing romantic about having no strings attached sex in the woods once a year. Just because he’s good at writing and making it sound flowery doesn’t change the fact she’s sending nudes to a her ex while in a relationship

    [–] My [23F] partner [23M] of 2 years admitted to me he slept with other people at the start of our relationship. kortiz46 5 points ago in relationships

    What would you tell a friend who said, my SO cheated on me weekly with two different people while pretending to be exclusive with me and now our trust is eroded? Would you be like yeah this person sounds great for you, better work it out?

    [–] My [23F] partner [23M] of 2 years admitted to me he slept with other people at the start of our relationship. kortiz46 6 points ago in relationships

    You are way too young to be falling for the sunk cost fallacy. I’m a 29 year old woman here to tell you that you are much better off spending your twenties finding a mature, compatible, and respectful partner rather than forcing a relationship with someone who has proven his ability to lie and deceive you for his own gain. Is it so bad to be thinking about “starting over” in the dating world at 23 and all the possibilities ahead of you or wait until you’ve wasted another 2-3 years of your life on a guy who is not the right person for you?

    [–] *Sweet Home Alabama Plays* kortiz46 4 points ago in trashy

    In the medical world “well nourished” is always code for overweight

    [–] Weekly - Ask parents everything - January 22, 2019 kortiz46 2 points ago in Parenting

    Don’t worry that’s normal and the baby is still having trouble adjusting from being inside the womb, it took us about 4-8 weeks to consistently sleep off of us and we actually used a rock n play. Disclaimer that isn’t approved for safe sleep but we did what we had to do to get sleep and made it as safe as possible

    [–] Redditors with toddlers, what’s the most recent illogical breakdown they’ve had? kortiz46 37 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah my mom continues this on through adulthood too and tells me if I didn’t have a college education they would have furniture in their house