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    [–] Spider on duty krispyKRAKEN 1 points ago in funny

    Leaving the window open without a screen?

    [–] I see your roommates bathroom. Had to kick mine out because of this, those are bottles of piss. Lesson learned, don’t rent to your friends. krispyKRAKEN 2 points ago * (lasted edited 18 hours ago) in trashy

    I havent recieved a single full security deposit back despite leaving every place the same way I found it. Last place I was determined to get it back, I spent probably 6 hours cleaning the entire place after moving all of my furniture out and STILL got slightly less than half back.

    Most landlords are just straight up pieces of shit. Every security deposit I pay now I just assume I'm not going to see again.

    Oh also, with the last place that I cleaned for hours. I moved in and there was a giant hole in the wall. I signed the lease on the condition that it be fixed within the first 3 months that I lived there. The hole was still there the day I moved out 12 months later.

    That landlord was by far the worst one I've ever had. She wanted to show the apartment while furnished because "it helps sell the place when people can see how much stuff it can fit". More like "It helps cover up the giant hole in the wall like how I did when you saw the unit so that I never actually have to fix it."... Needless to say I moved my stuff out of there early so that everyone who came through couldnt be tricked.

    [–] Tom Holland performs Rihanna's "Umbrella" krispyKRAKEN 1 points ago in videos

    Ive seen his talents. Have you heard his trainings though?

    [–] God save the Queen! krispyKRAKEN 9 points ago in funny


    I have no idea which stance this comment is taking

    [–] It was probably Kanye West. krispyKRAKEN 2 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    I'm not the guy you replied to but I'm pretty sure that guy is correct. The towel didn't go over the guys head. It lands short of him and to the right.

    The angle makes it look almost like it goes over him but it doesn't

    [–] Damn krispyKRAKEN 19 points ago in gaming

    People turn 12 every day

    [–] How bartenders serve drinks krispyKRAKEN 2 points ago in blackpeoplegifs

    True but the guy he replied to was talking specifically about beer

    [–] How bartenders serve drinks krispyKRAKEN 16 points ago in blackpeoplegifs

    Wait why are you putting ice in a beer?

    [–] I painted Trump trying to drink water. krispyKRAKEN 1 points ago in pics

    When you blow on your bottled water because it's too spicy.

    haha so relatable... when will this nightmare end?

    [–] VERO: Zack confirms that originally Batman did operate a parademon anti-aircraft cannon krispyKRAKEN 24 points ago in DC_Cinematic

    Im a pretty big critic of BvS but one thing Ive said since the day I walked out of the theater was that it was visually impressive. So many shots look like they could come straight off the pages of a dark comic book.

    [–] Please stop blocking the box krispyKRAKEN 4 points ago in Columbus

    This. so fucking much. every. god. damn. day.

    People don't know how to merge around here period. Every single fucking day on my way home from work I have to deal with an on-ramp clusterfuck because people are stopping to merge immediately instead of continuing down the lane and merging where there is space. It backs up the entire highway and probably adds around 10 minutes onto my commute.

    It is SO much easier to speed UP to merge and use the extra lane you are given but these people insist on fucking blocking the entire ramp because they never learned how to drive.

    [–] But is it good? krispyKRAKEN 2 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Almost... Too bad we'll never know for sure. Now can we continue our arguement about shitty pizza with strangers on the internet? /s

    [–] EA and screwing up, name a better duo krispyKRAKEN 1 points ago in funny

    I'm just sitting here waiting for Square Enix's Avengers game to come out. I am way more excited for that than anything EA will ever release. I really wish Disney would choose another studio or group of studios to make their Star Wars games.

    [–] Makes sense krispyKRAKEN 1 points ago in gaming

    Checks battery gauge

    10% remaining

    [–] Civil war 2 : battle of Peters krispyKRAKEN 37 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in funny

    Okay so this thread made me curious if there were humans anywhere else in the MCU Galaxy. My first thought was immediately the Nova Corps because they all looked human... A little research and I found this comment on scifi.stackexchange from user Omegacron, all credit to that dude [bracket notes by me]:

    TL;DR - Humans are not limited to Terra, but one from Terra is called a "Terran". [The Nova Corps (I think, or maybe the collector) call Quill a Terran in Guardians 1, and refer to Earth as Terra]

    Even within the comics, Humans are not limited to Earth - variations of the race are scattered throughout the universe. The Homo Sapiens race was originally created by the Celestials, a space-faring race easily comparable to gods.

    We know that Celestials exist in the MCU, as Knowhere was still shown to be the skull of a Celestial (even though the race wasn't named as such on-screen). Therefore, it stands to reason that the Celestials may still be the creators of the human race, and could have spread their experiment throughout the galaxy. In fact, The Collector himself is one of the oldest beings known to exist and appears very similar to a human in appearance. We know he isn't one due to his nearly-immortal lifespan, but it's quite feasible to theorize that both races have the same origins. [See: Guardians 2, this comment was made before the 2nd movie because that movie deals with a lot of this, Peter's dad, what he is, etc, but the main point is humans could already be or may have been created all over the Galaxy by the Celestials]

    Also, the fact that Peter Jason Quill is stated to be half-human indicates that humans share enough DNA with other races to produce viable offspring. This is further substantiated by the fact that Nova Corps officer Dey is shown to have a half-human daughter with his Xandarian wife.

    [So I guess yeah, Peter has never met a human from Earth, or in other words, another Terran, but its not entirely out of the realm of possibility for him to run into other humans or at least half-humans while out adventuring.]


    [–] Go Hasselhoff krispyKRAKEN 3 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    Well... Hasselhoff does exist in the MCU lol

    [–] All cats love to play no matter the size krispyKRAKEN 3 points ago in aww

    Yeah but also I’ve heard Tigers fully sheath their claws/are more aware of how deadly their claws are so they do a better job not engaging them unless they are trying to fuck shit up.

    [–] The Face of a Man Who’s Just Been Cleared of a 17 Years Long False Conviction for Murder krispyKRAKEN 6 points ago in pics

    While I don't think it's wrong to be pissed at Scarcella, it makes me more angry/afraid that we have a system in place that enables people like him to put innocents in jail for decades.