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    [–] Is there anywhere where I can find english subtitles for the TV Show "Гранд"/"Grand"? krstyan 1 points ago in russian

    Actually my native language is bulgarian which is pretty close to russian. I know a lot of russian, but not enough to watch the show.

    Also, I didn’t know this was a sub for learning russian.

    [–] Wanna see a magic trick? How is that not fixed yet? krstyan 5 points ago in iphone

    That’s exactly what happens - I close an app click where the app card use to be and the app reappears.

    [–] Your salty tears are delicious krstyan 9 points ago in freefolk

    When they did it in the beginning it made sense. Now it’s kind of random.

    Bran told Sansa that he can’t be lord of anything, because he’s not Bran anymore, but now he says “why do you think I came all this way”.

    And who even believes after the South announces independence the rest of the Kingdoms wouldn’t want one? Especially the Iron Islands.

    And why would the rest of the Kingdoms agree Bran Stark to be King of the Six Kingdoms and Sansa Stark Queen of the independent South?

    Just to name a few questions that arise. And they arise, because of the world thay GoT has set.

    [–] Your salty tears are delicious krstyan 14 points ago in freefolk

    First of all, saying because of all our complaints we deserved that final means you don’t think it’s good either. But anyway.

    Not us, but

    the series deserved better. Many characters deserved better. The actors deserved better.

    Many people compare TV shows finals to real life. You watch TV shows and specially fantasy TV show to escape real life. And things happen in TV shows for a reason. In real life some random soldier could’ve stabbed the Night King, but if you see that in the show you would be like “The fuck?!”.

    There’s a reason certain characters follow certain storylines and that story pays off later in storyline related way.

    Of course everybody is entitled to their opinion and you can like the final episode.

    [–] Bobby B watches season 8. krstyan 2 points ago in freefolk

    Is it accurate, Bobby B?

    [–] You haven’t payed attention krstyan 2 points ago in freefolk

    Yes, because she killed some people. Which deserved it. And made sense. Yes. Yes.

    [–] Just a daily reminder krstyan 2 points ago in marvelstudios

    Actually me too. My point with that line “I don’t hate you” is that maybe they don’t realise it. Or don’t believe it. Or don’t know how to express it.

    I mean reading it you can’t see it, but that was what I was thinking. Cap wouldn’t know how to tell him. If this was actually the scene the conversation between them would go deeper and we’d see it come out.

    Although I do realise why they can’t be the ones to go to Vormir. If they were to fight like Hawkeye and Black Widow, the nanotech suit would probably be too much for Cap. Also there wouldn’t be a need to fight, Tony could just fly over him and then drop down.