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    [–] Is there a jay-kwellin here? krstyan 7 points ago in funny

    More like Key and Peele fans

    [–] Why doesn’t AirPlay work between iPhone and Mac? krstyan 4 points ago in iphone

    I’m talking about streaming music switching between devices. It works from an iPhone or Mac to Apple TV, HomePod, wireless speakers, but not between the iPhone and Mac.

    [–] IOS 13 Concept krstyan 1 points ago in iphone

    I guess everybody has a preference. I like Face ID better, because with Touch ID no matter what you're going to get something on the button and you have to clean it or type in password. As I said for me Face ID only fails when it's too close to my face or too far, so I've put a long and hard password since I never have to type it in, which wouldn't be possible with Touch ID.

    [–] IOS 13 Concept krstyan 2 points ago in iphone

    If Face ID fails frequently you should just set it up again. The way Face ID is made is when you fail to unlock and try again and unlock after that, it will compare the fail attempt to the succesful and realise it was you so it learns you better and unlocks in the future in situations it didn’t at first. If you haven’t set it up good enough it might not be working properly.

    Mine unlocks in pitch black, early in the morning in bed, side ways (which didn’t use to, but learned), from my desk without being picked up and pointed at my face and so on. Only time it fails is when my face is either too far from the phone or too close to it. And when it fails you just swipe right on the bottom and it tries again. It’s waaay better than Touch ID.

    [–] New to macbook, I have a few questions krstyan 1 points ago in macbookpro

    Non touch. It’s too expensive and during my research before buying came to mix thoughts about its usefulness. Didn’t felt I need it. Would’ve loved Touch ID tho

    [–] New to macbook, I have a few questions krstyan 1 points ago in macbookpro

    Very helpful. Tho it looks like you haven’t learnt much or you deleted part of your comment

    [–] What happened to Apple? krstyan 1 points ago in apple

    I had an iPhone and recently bought Macbook. 5 years ago having and iPhone + Macbook was describe like heaven which no one else offers. Today this still exists, but it's harder to achieve. Wasn't complaining, just looking for a discussion and thoughts on the matter. No need to attack me, I mentioned the hubs as well - I know.

    [–] New to macbook and have a few questions krstyan 2 points ago in macbook

    All laptop heat when are being heavily used. I'm not saying it heats enough for something to melt, I was asking if it's possible. I mean the Mac isn't made for gaming so when running dota 2 it heated up. Since it's so thin I got a little worried.

    Any idea what temperature is the maximum I should be letting it heat up to?

    [–] Danvers to Marvel krstyan 1 points ago in marvelstudios

    I’m not familiar with the comics, but IMDb credits Jude Law as Walter Lawson/Mar-Vell

    [–] If the rising rumors are true, I’d love to see how Goose does all this damage. krstyan 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in marvelstudios

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like this idea? Seems too casual for something that important.

    [–] When will the avengers 4 trailer come out?!??!??! krstyan 3 points ago in marvelstudios

    It can’t be on May 3rd, though. Spreading rumors here.


    [–] Don't you think it will be close to impossible to get a cool A4 trailer that doesn't spoil anything about the movie? krstyan 2 points ago in marvelstudios

    Anything about any movie you don’t know about could be considered a spoiler.

    I do belive they can make a trailer without spoilers in the classic meaning of the word spoiler.