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    [–] Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE. krustyarmor 1 points ago in CityPorn

    It has a distinctive look from above, but this is actually a clever design for what they want for this neighborhood. With the palm frond layout, every single property is beachfront and it can all be fed by a single trunk highway. The outer ring creates a "natural" breakwall to protect the inner fronds from storms and keep the waters calm for recreation. It's also really hard to make massive parking lots blend in with the landscape and the planned symmetry here fixes that.

    Don't get me wrong. The whole thing is gaudy, sinking, and environmentally egregious. But the overhead aesthetic is probably not what drove the shape. Rather, it was probably the city planner's taking a set of needs v. capabilities and molding it into something recognizable. It didn't have to be a palm frond per se, but that is what emerged from the underlying schematic.

    [–] Largest Ancestry Groups in the United States by County krustyarmor 3 points ago in MapPorn

    But sub-Saharan Africa is no more its own continent than North Africa is.

    [–] Largest Ancestry Groups in the United States by County krustyarmor 5 points ago in MapPorn

    Who is "they"? Your middle school social studies teachers? I think your "they" and my "they" weren't teaching from the same textbook.

    [–] Largest Ancestry Groups in the United States by County krustyarmor 19 points ago in MapPorn

    Out of which 7 are Arabic, not African.

    The rest of Africa isn't African either. It is hundreds of different ethnic groups from dozens of ethnic group families, none of which are called "African."

    [–] Largest Ancestry Groups in the United States by County krustyarmor 7 points ago in MapPorn

    Yes, everyone got that part. The problem is that he's simultaneously implying that Arabs in Africa are somehow different from real Africans, (i.e., black Africans).

    [–] BFASDS - If BFR ever needs to land on a drone ship, and assuming the drone ship needs scale proportionally to the increase between Falcon 9 and BFR, it will have a bigger landing deck area than the world's largest aircraft carrier. krustyarmor 5 points ago in SpaceXLounge

    Assuming they can keep it from capsizing completely from being too top heavy (a deep, weighted keel might help with that), I think a large robotic arm that reaches up and grips the top of the rocket/core is a reasonable idea. I haven't read into the details, but I'm assuming the core that fell over the other day did a bit of wobbling before it finally toppled overboard.

    [–] I got suspended for dual booting my school chrome book krustyarmor 10 points ago in linuxmasterrace

    I mean, you were kind of asking for it. That's like carrying around a small bag of baking soda at your D.A.R.E. class and being surprised when the police liaison officer detains you. Yeah, it's fake, but whipping it out in public is deliberately provocative.

    [–] Bill Weld: I’m Running Against Trump in the Republican Primary krustyarmor 130 points ago in politics

    These 22 states have open primaries. That means that even if you are NOT a registered Republican, you may still be able to vote in the Republican primaries to influence who becomes the candidate in the general election. We can make 2020 a Trump-free election, but not if we ignore the primaries.

    [–] BFR on Mars - 1 Hour photoshop challenge krustyarmor 22 points ago in SpaceXLounge

    I imagine an inhabitable rocket would be retired as a rocket long before it became unfit for habitation.

    [–] It’s payback time? Russia slaps Facebook with… $47 fine krustyarmor 8 points ago in privacy

    And Facebook's lawyers will fight this fine on principle... for $1000/hour.

    [–] The indoctrination begins. krustyarmor 27 points ago in linuxmasterrace

    [email protected]:~$ man growing-up

    No manual entry for growing-up

    [–] SpaceX successfully lands center core for first time krustyarmor 14 points ago in space

    Does mission control have an observation room? I want to watch in person as everybody does their secret handshakes during the post-landing celebration.

    [–] Religiously.. krustyarmor 1 points ago in funny


    [–] Astronomers capture first image of a black hole | NSF krustyarmor 5 points ago in pbsspacetime

    Today's news inspired me to listen to the PBSST playlist on Black Holes while I worked today. Seems perfectly appropriate to me.

    [–] Police officers who fined stalking victim before she was murdered face disciplinary action krustyarmor 22 points ago in news

    Oh my poor spring child. They don't care about a little ole' disturbing the peace when they're already planning to pin a big fat assaulting an officer on you.

    [–] Linux Porn krustyarmor 4 points ago in linuxmasterrace

    I'd think this same public tender process would inspire more contribution to Wine development from business-oriented *nix companies like Red Hat. Do you know if it does?

    [–] SpaceX roof krustyarmor 1 points ago in SpaceXLounge

    X marks the spot. But so does a pale blue drop pin icon.

    [–] House Judiciary Committee calls on Robert Mueller to testify krustyarmor 0 points ago in politics

    If your state allows unregistered voters in the primaries, consider voting in the GOP primaries even if you plan to vote straight blue on the final ballot. That way you can influence who the blue goes up against. Imagine if Jeb had become President instead of Donald. It's like the difference between a car crash at 5mph versus a car crash at 90mph. Sure, it's still a car crash but one is objectively less frightening.

    [–] House Judiciary Committee calls on Robert Mueller to testify krustyarmor 18 points ago in politics

    My elderly mother did the opposite but for the same reason. A diehard lifelong independent who voted Green in 2000, she recently registered Republican so she could vote for the least scary candidate in the GOP primaries.

    [–] This lamb dancing with her vet krustyarmor 19 points ago in aww

    Some variation of "quit with the slowmo crap" is the most common comment I see in this sub. Someone should start r/fullspeedgifs, where slowmo is explicitly disallowed.