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    [–] Whom do you pick? ksg_aoty 7 points ago in marvelstudios

    captain marvel, thor, doctor strange, scarlet witch

    [–] M.I.A. Confirmed On Travis Scott's New Single "FRANCHISE" Coming This Friday ksg_aoty 3 points ago in hiphopheads

    definitely is! but i feel like alot of people call her antivax bc of the tweet you linked, but no one really cared about the tweet clarifying it yk?

    [–] M.I.A. Confirmed On Travis Scott's New Single "FRANCHISE" Coming This Friday ksg_aoty 22 points ago in hiphopheads

    no, shes not. she tweeted this a few days after that tweet.

    I'm not against vaccines. I'm against companies who care more for profit then humans. I care for better track record that proves this. I care that African countries are not always the testing ground. I don't want it coming from banks / tech /hedge fund sector and I want a choice.

    [–] 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 ksg_aoty 1 points ago in WestSubEver

    Imagine if twitter let celebrities be above the policies, there would be 0 integrity

    [–] 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 ksg_aoty 20 points ago in WestSubEver

    He needs to investigate:

    • why kanye got locked out in the first place
    • how it happened (reports or automated or what)
    • tell his team to disable it

    Jack is the boss, but hes not customer service that handles these things, im sure he never even uses the software used to manage accounts lol

    [–] Official Discussion - The Devil All the Time [SPOILERS] ksg_aoty 5 points ago in movies

    Sadly no. Last we heard was in 2019 sources saying Netflix was interested

    [–] Official Discussion - The Devil All the Time [SPOILERS] ksg_aoty 95 points ago in movies


    • GREAT peformances, tom holland showed hes more than spiderman (and i hope cherry will just confirm that even more) and bill showed hes more than pennywise
    • i liked how it made me feel like shit bc everyone is trash
    • showed how to do disturbing in a good way
    • winter soldier vs spiderman
    • spiderman vs batman


    • think the biggest problem with this movie is its editting, especially because it switches back and forth between 1950 and 1957 every 10 minutes in the beginning
    • i also feel like this couldve been better if it was longer, if we spent more time with each of the characters
    • besides that there are some scenes where the narrator tells u whats happening or what a character is feeling, that was very unnecessary, overall the narrating was ok but the movie wouldve been better without it.
    • it also showed some references to other things that were already shown in the movie like 'look this references this that u saw 30 mins ago!' that was also very unnecessary

    i however was never bored throughout the movie, liked it ALOT, but couldve been an absolute classic imo

    [–] Reports/Observations from Kanye’s Contracts ksg_aoty 20 points ago in WestSubEver

    because u need like 7 screens for the experience

    [–] Jonathan Majors Lands Lead Role in ‘Ant-Man 3,’ Marvel Universe ksg_aoty 22 points ago in movies

    i dont think they meant that the actors didnt do their best, but that the actors deserved better characters which i have to agree on. Alot of the actors they named played some forgettable characters IMO

    [–] Album release: September 18 or October ksg_aoty 10 points ago in WestSubEver

    Last 2 sentences of ur post have been repeated on this subreddit since july.

    [–] 'Mulan' (2020) - Review Thread ksg_aoty 54 points ago in movies

    thats pretty good

    [–] Upgrading from a MSI GTX 1080 to RTX 3080 ksg_aoty 1 points ago in nvidia

    Thank you. So in the adapter ill be able to add 8 and 4 pin and it turns into 12? But i can only put in the 8 part?