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    [–] Best game EVER! ksjintheusa 2 points ago in memes

    The smartest person on Reddit boys and girls...Literally!

    [–] Sonos beam ksjintheusa 1 points ago in sonos

    Yes, just got mine. Soooo impressed with the sound that I haven't set up the sub yet. I do agree that a sub will compliment the great sound so eventually I'll get off my arse and do it.

    [–] First concert, AA, any advice? ksjintheusa 2 points ago in AskingAlexandria

    Amazing concert! I saw Asking Alexandria last year in North Carolina with Shinedown and Godsmack. They put on an intense show! My advice is simple.

    1. Listen to the music before you go and know the lyrics to the songs. This way you can scream/sing along and get lost in the music (both Asking Alexandria - Asking Alexandria and Shinedown - Attention Attention are amazing albums)
    2. Don't care or even think about what anyone else thinks. Dance bad, cry, scream, or laugh like a lunatic because it doesn't matter. Honestly I cry at most concerts because the music moves me so much. The best part of going to a concert is the amazing energy created from the music, lights, people and atmosphere. Remember, you will probably never see your fellow concert-goers again so let loose and get lost in the amazing energy
    3. Become friends with the people next to you. Yes, I know what I said in #2 however chances are the people next to you are amazing people out for an unforgettable experience. You're energy will rub off on everyone around you and the experience will be enhanced for everyone.

    Hope this advice is helpful. Honestly, going to a great rock concert is one of the best experiences ever!!! Be smart, have fun and rock hard!

    [–] Help with 24 month Lease ksjintheusa 3 points ago in askcarsales

    Agreed, never put money down on a lease and roll everything into the payment. I lost a car to Hurricane Sandy two months after leasing it. The money I put down on that vehicle including the tax was the only money i wasnt able to recoup through insurance. Haven't put any money down on a vehicle since.

    [–] Have a Migraine? ksjintheusa 0 points ago in lifehacks

    I'm sorry it didn't work for you.

    [–] SHUT UP ksjintheusa 2 points ago in terriblefacebookmemes