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    [–] Just filled up my pool with fresh water ksjintheusa 1 points ago in swimmingpools

    Check out the blog intheswim. Lot's of useful information and tips. I would ask the moderator your question. He seems to know it all when it comes to pools.

    [–] Old Collection. ksjintheusa 1 points ago in archiecomics

    Have you researched the value for any of them?

    [–] 1994 Aston Martin Virage Saloon ksjintheusa 5 points ago in AstonMartin

    I would love to see a modernised version of this

    [–] Hello, LinkedIn...are you there? ksjintheusa 1 points ago in linkedin

    Hi there, i appreciate your help and your efforts however I am not about to throw our LI Rep under the bus.

    I am interested in hearing from others in the same boat.

    Stay safe and healthy!

    [–] Into the fire ksjintheusa 4 points ago in AskingAlexandria

    Wanna really get blown away? Check out Wage War - Gravity

    [–] What are your views on lying in the hiring process? ksjintheusa 2 points ago in recruiting

    If you have to lie, you're doing it wrong. Try anything else. Perhaps you should go after your dreams and not take no for an answer, no matter what sheeple say/do to stop you.

    You don't need to lie to anyone including yourself.

    Change your thought process and stop lying to yourself. All of your negative energy will dissipate.

    Or lie and end up as a Recruiter 😁

    [–] How to break into recruiting? ksjintheusa 1 points ago in recruiting

    Where are you located? I'd like to speak with you about a 1099 commission only Recruiter position at our Executive Recruitment firm. We've been around since 1991, can train you properly and have the newest technologies in place to ramp you up quickly, even on a part-time basis.

    [–] I’m less than 2 weeks into my first job out of college and I absolutely hate it ksjintheusa 3 points ago in recruiting

    If you are located in NYC, my agency is hiring. Although small, great training, amazing people and cutting edge technology make it an awesome place to learn the skills necessary to become a successful recruiter. Feel free to direct message me for more information.

    [–] Did Curaleaf lower the price of ground flower? I could have sworn it was $55 for 3.5/700mg a few days ago. Now $45? ksjintheusa 1 points ago in NYCtrees

    The new referral discount is good through the year:

    For a limited-time only, bring new patients to Curaleaf New York and you’ll both receive $75 off your purchases of $150 or more. You must both be present and purchase at the same time, mentioning code: Refer75.

    At least one of the recipients must be a new Curaleaf patient. A patient is considered new if they are purchasing for the first time at a Curaleaf New York dispensary. This offer is not redeemable for cash, nor is it valid toward previous purchases. Offer valid for in-stock items only. After discounts, each purchase must equal $150 or more. Must use full balance at time of purchase; any remaining balance is forfeited. Other restrictions may apply. No cash value.

    Valid through December 31, 2020 for in dispensary purchases only.

    [–] Help me identify this Shinedown song ksjintheusa 1 points ago in Shinedown

    Based on your description I'm pretty sure it's "Call Me". Please update this thread when you've uncovered the correct tune.

    [–] Daily life of a recruiter? ksjintheusa 3 points ago in recruiting

    Perhaps you missed your calling.

    [–] Question about vaping inside. ksjintheusa 1 points ago in vaporents

    If you have one, turn on exhaust fan above your stove top and smoke under it.

    [–] LPT Need to find out your IP address? ksjintheusa 1 points ago in LifeProTips

    I didn't know this until I spoke with my ISP

    [–] Asking Alexandria Announces ‘Like A House On Fire’ Tour ksjintheusa 1 points ago in AskingAlexandria

    Purchased our tickets for the show at the Paramount today.

    AA and Wage War, two of the best bands I've ever seen live on the same tour. Today marks the day that 2020 sucks a little less!

    [–] Switching jobs after only 4 months. ksjintheusa 1 points ago in recruiting

    If you can commute to NJ, we should talk.

    [–] 2 hrs ago I had my first ABV edible ksjintheusa 1 points ago in abv

    Does the Dynovap smell when its away in your pocket/wooden carrying case after use? My Pax 3 can get smelly. I ended up buying a smell proof case for it. It helps but not great, especially in the office.

    [–] 2 hrs ago I had my first ABV edible ksjintheusa 2 points ago in abv

    I'm looking at the Dynavaps website now. Do you use them to burn flower or oil?