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    [–] Teamwork makes the dream work kvothe5688 1 points ago in AnimalsBeingBros

    I could watch this all day.

    [–] Amateurs kvothe5688 0 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    In 2010 when it was baby. someone pulled a 50 percent attack or what?

    [–] Animated login avatar kvothe5688 3 points ago * (lasted edited 12 hours ago) in web_design

    These are becoming common. metamask plug-in has been doing this for a while now with fox instead of bear

    [–] Animated login avatar kvothe5688 1 points ago in web_design

    Metamask does the same with fox

    [–] Medieval game in mobile starter pack kvothe5688 2 points ago in starterpacks

    Clash of clans fucking killed gaming on mobile

    [–] To control the situation kvothe5688 2 points ago in therewasanattempt

    Most probably tranquilizer dart gun.

    [–] Anyone els holding 0 BTC? kvothe5688 30 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    Adoption and technology doesn't always go hand in hand. Bitcoin has a wider audience. Even if lightning is inferior to other coins if it works people will use bitcoin.

    [–] Good news: Prime Minister of India embracing blockchain technology kvothe5688 1 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    This is statement by prime minister office of India. This is official statement.

    [–] How fast is the lightning network? Too fast. kvothe5688 3 points ago in Bitcoin

    This brings IOT devices closer to bitcoin.this is huge

    [–] Reddit being Reddit kvothe5688 6 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    This captures reddit perfectly. Nice work op or a reporter, nice work.

    [–] [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] Source physics at its finest kvothe5688 0 points ago in GamePhysics

    It's rare. In my 300 hrs of gameplay I haven't encountered any major glitches

    [–] ZOOM OUT - Ignore today's FUD kvothe5688 3 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    It's back where it was 24 hrs ago