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    [–] What's the WORST book you've ever read? kvothe5688 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Oh man that's the only book I will never finish. I read 15 pages and then gifted it to total stranger right away in bus because he seemed interested. Good riddance.

    That example of nude lady poster in bedroom was so fucking stupid.

    [–] What's the WORST book you've ever read? kvothe5688 1 points ago in AskReddit

    The Secret

    Couldn't get past 15 pages. It's the only book I didn't finish after reading.

    [–] Xbox E3 conference is 2hrs long kvothe5688 -3 points ago in xboxone

    Hah no man's sky would be perfect title for Xbox then

    [–] [Poetry] How To Rap if Kendrick Lamar Invites You On Stage kvothe5688 19 points ago in youtubehaiku

    This is so stupid. What's wrong with singing a established lyrics.? This shit is similar to stupid as cultural appropriation.

    [–] How Many Redditors Sleep With An Electric Fan On? kvothe5688 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    I do because it 43 degree celcius in day and 30 degree celcius at night here

    [–] Last night was amazing kvothe5688 1 points ago in OopsDidntMeanTo

    May be he was playing they are billions

    [–] Space Walks - Why has this not been discussed!? kvothe5688 1 points ago in NoMansSkyTheGame

    Hopefully it will come with long awaited asteroid mining

    [–] Many of our current accessories are already fully rendered and in-game, worn by Artemis. kvothe5688 26 points ago in NoMansSkyTheGame

    Don't forget object history. Like history of plants and rocks. Really hope that HG improve or create a gameplay around that features. Like some plants have features like emitting poisonous gases then player should get damage if he is staying too far in the patch of those plants. Or Thorny plants. They should give damage if you touch them. Really hope they provide the emergent gameplay.

    [–] Catnip is one hell of a drug. kvothe5688 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in holdmycatnip

    Is it bad that I want to be a cat sometimes.

    [–] Procedural Planet Rings. kvothe5688 13 points ago in NoMansSkyTheGame

    Really good job. Also people criticising it should know that this is really big thing considering what is available to tinker with in mod files. He is not a NMS developer, stop expecting elite dangerous level details from a concept.

    [–] Procedural Planet Rings. kvothe5688 10 points ago in NoMansSkyTheGame

    First of all he is not a NMS developer . He is a modder and this is pretty big thing considering what is available to tinker with in game files. He did a good job.

    [–] Sharing the milk kvothe5688 2 points ago in likeus

    Wait a minute. I am pulling out my pitchfork

    [–] 'The Expanse' In Talks To Be Revived for Season 4 at Amazon kvothe5688 -1 points ago in television

    I am signing up for Amazon prime if this is true. But I am from India so how does it work. I already have Netflix.